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Thanks for the comment! Since we were only using music which I made myself, we knew the BPM of each track ahead of time and the devs didn’t have to worry about scanning waveforms for beat detection. Instead we just do a little bit of math to fire signals on each beat, and maintain a “BeatOffset” value each frame.

You can check out the code here if you’re interested in the specifics:

Thanks for the feedback! If you played on web I find that sometimes the timing can be off due to it being a bit laggier/less precise.

Thanks for the feedback :D

Thanks :D really appreciate. I’ll definitely up the overworld speed next time. I wasn’t sure if the wait time before the inputs was good or not, so thanks for letting me know. Was worried that it would be overwhelming if things started too soon lol.

Super cool game, very atmospheric :D I also found the northwest arrow room pretty hard, but I really enjoyed the combat + puzzles. Awesome work :3

Really cool idea executed like a real gb game :D Took be a bit to get used to but was really fun once I got what I was doing. Only minor complaint was that the game felt a bit slow at times, particularly how long it can take to switch direction or rise up.

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! Sorry about the lack of direction. In case it wasn’t clear, you can block attacks by hitting A/B (Z/X) at the right time (the same way you attack), but it might still be hard to beat Ky’rak right away since the jump in difficulty is a bit steep.

I love puzzle games like this :D super cute music too.

Super cool concept + great art. Had a couple crashes (same issue as below w/ some arrangements of worm + blob) but I enjoyed playing it.

One bug I noticed is that touching the ceiling seems to reset your jump, so you can beat the second synthesize room just by spamming jump against the ceiling without spawning a monster.

Thanks for playing :D Your feedback is really helpful, esp. about the controls and overworld so ty for that as well. Since A/B are used to block, maybe I should have placed that column over a shield or something held by the player instead.

thanks for the feedback! wasn’t sure if the overworld was a bit slow/boring, didn’t end up having time to add much to it

Thanks for the feedback! Good point about more feedback when pressing buttons, I think more audio/visual cues would be helpful.

Omg this filled me with nostalgia, I loved it. Really impressive game. Shots occasionally looked like they hit but then missed (particularly vs the asteroids?) but it wasn’t a big issue, and tbh I’m just kind of bad at aiming. Loved it overall.

This was super cute, very relaxing game. I especially loved all the portraits, great job :D

Really solid clicker, I had a lot of fun playing this :3 I liked the variety of upgrades/workers and the art+sound were both nice.

Thanks for all the feedback :D Sprites are definitely my weak point, I’ll have to put some extra practice into getting better at that so thanks for pointing it out!

Glad you enjoyed playing it, thanks :D

Thanks for playing! It was hard to balance the difficulty, I think because the game is too short to really get used to the mechanics. I tried to just compensate for the difficulty by making the HP pretty forgiving lol.

This was a really neat puzzle/arcade game :3

Super fun game,the under water mechanic was a nice twist. I think the early levels coulda been a bit easier just to let us get used to the mechanics, but I enjoyed the challenge overall!

I love this game so much, the art/atmosphere/humor are fantastic :D starting off with the map woulda been nice though, I got super lost pretty early on lol

put it back, here ya go!

it’s still hidden from my profile ‘cause i only really made it as a small mechanical POC, but if you feel like playing it that’s awesome :D

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ahhhh thanks for pointing that out, I’ve edited the description with a warning at the start.

edit: I’ve updated, the final boss no longer flashes

fun game, and i really love the art/sound.

tbh though i set there with a weapon so strong it was filling half the screen for about 20 minutes wondering where the hell the boss fight was, before i finally found the ending by giving up and letting the bugs past me lmao.

thanks for the thoughtful comment! I think both an indicator as to whether each output is “valid” would help, as well as visualizing the output some way (like showing the player shooting in the UI as you mentioned) would go a long way towards making the player feel less in the dark as they go about crafting. thanks for the suggestions!

Thanks for playing and leaving feedback! I definitely should have worded the “RETURN TO THE THING” message in a way that made it clear you can explore as long as you want.

Just me! Coding is my day-job and I’ve been producing music for a long time, so I’m mainly trying to get better at game design and pixel art rn.

I really enjoyed playing this and thought it was a unique take on the theme. The enemy “AI” actually felt quite good which I think is impressive for a jam game. I think the sweet spot was at 1-3 parallel selves.

Thanks for playing, glad you liked it :D

Super nice art, and the gameplay was fun once I understood how all the mechanics fit together. Would have loved a scoring system but I see below that you ran out of time, which is understandable.

thanks, and good point i have no idea why i didn’t do that lol

yeeeeeeeeeah i realized when i finally got everything working that it was gonna be too much for people to take in during a jam, especially without time to introduce the mechanics properly. it is what it is i guess lol. thanks for trying it out anyway ^^’

really cute/polished visuals, and the puzzle mechanic felt novel which is great since a lot of gamejam puzzles tend to be pretty samey. great job ~

thanks for playing and leaving feedback! totally agree about the execution; refining and implementing the concept took me so long that i didn’t have time to get the execution right.

Glad you got it, thanks so much for sticking it out!! I really appreciate it.

I liked the mix of platforming and puzzles a lot, and I thought the puzzles were really well designed. Solid tutorial too :D

I personally would prefer tighter controls for this sort of game tho (higher friction and faster acceleration), since the platforming and puzzles are already fun without the added challenge of sliding around. It was a fun game regardless though!

I think the game was well-designed visually too, the colour-coding of the barriers and enemies made everything very clear. Plus I prefer the minimal blocky style to asset packs.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll check out your game right away :D

Totally get that the game’s confusing; I hoped I’d have time to work on tutorials/explanations but unfortunately that didn’t end up happening. I almost considered not submitting because of this but I’m happy to explain to those of you who are trying it out :D

Here’s a bit of a tutorial:

First of all, grab the chests to get “cards”. Once you grab the initial 3 chests you can break out of the start area. I’d recommend just running away from the creeps until you find at least 3 extra chests since the initial weapon is really weak (bad design, sorry). You can hold space to shoot while running away, to take out a few creeps as you run around the map.

First, here’s an image showing the UI basics.

You click the + sign to add a card. You can drag the top of a card to move it. Note that if you place a card without moving it the cards end up stuck on top of eachother and you have to close them (sorry :C).

Here’s how to connect the cards; the red circles are “outputs” and the empty ones are “inputs”.

This is how the first 3 cards should be connected. Your chain should always end with an “OSC” connected to an “OUT”.

Here is another example:

You never want to MIX osc or output nodes; but anything else (RED, BLUE, MIS) can be mixed as shown. You can also have one chain per OUT node, as you can see in that image. This will let you fire multiple projectiles.

The OUT nodes are “outputs”, meaning they output the contents of your chain.

The OSC nodes are “oscillators”, meaning they move at a certain frequency which determines your firing speed.

The other nodes (RED, BLUE, MIS) are bullet types, which you can combine in a MIX node to make strong bullets.

I hope that helps, and thanks for the feedback! If I end up making a full game I’ll definitely introduce the mechanics much slower and make sure it’s a lot easier to understand the mechanics, lol.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m definitely interested in trying to refine this idea and making a larger game out of it at some point. I like the idea of just having a toggle for shooting, holding space constantly does feel kinda pointless.

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Thanks for giving it a second chance! I updated the page to mention that you have to hold the spacebar since that’s kinda weird. tbh my game needs a full instruction manual to make sense lol