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I really like the mechanics and I expect having to slash multiple targets and stuff. Character pixel art is a bit blurry when fullscreen (or maybe always). When bouncing with the ground I expected using the opposite direction and it was a bit hard to learn how to jump the first obstacle.  I would love to have some controls when on air, to fix my mistakes, maybe not all of them but some. 

Love the character, the palette, particles, the slash, etc.

Thanks for reporting it!

Haha, yeah, sword is buggy and unbalanced, but I am one of those who prefer playing with the sword, it gives me more fun when using it right with dash ability.

Thanks for that review and for playing the game. We hope to have some time to fix those bugs you mention for a better experience..

I will add downloadable version (win, mac and linux) after the jam voting finishes (can't do it right now)

Hi! I meant I was expecting a 160x144 resolution window (or bigger but with that aspect ratio) since that was the gb resolution but your game window doesn't look like that in the game page.

Super cool game manual xD, the first one I see. The game is cute, and it has nice dialogues but also felt very linear (at least the lamb island), like I am just walking in order room by room to find the lamb, didn't feel I did any decision. It has good graphics and sfx.

I like the idea and the music.  Would love to automatically go upstaris once I complete a maze and not have to go by myself xD. I like the equip spells + combat type.

Jumped over the car expecting that was the idea xD.  You can be a bit more pro player, I jumped between two cars and lost even though I didn't touch it :P. The game font looks a bit strange, like the resolution picked in the browser wasn't the proper one? I was expecting cars from different direction, or cars with different speed. Also, I don't have a visual highscore while playing nor my best previous highscore, something I would always want in a game like this.  

I like the idea and the mix of games with cards and spaceships. Didn't hear any sfx nor music, but I was hearing the other games so I suppose you don't have sfx. Didn't complete understand the timing to fire laser when the other is doging, and didn't understand how to select a different path in the mini map. The idea of the game was really great.

Controls were hard inside the hole, like they have acceleration or something, was super difficult to jump over small platforms. The story/idea of the game is not bad but it felt in some way like too much extra work for playing the levels.

The cover mechanic is too much useful in my opinion, like, each time I see an enemy, I press down and voilá. Might be more interesting if I have to press it at the right time or I have a cooldown or something to not be so powerful. The moving platforms were hard but managed to jump over them and the level design was ok. Maybe too much changes of terrains in a short period of time and the night bg is a bit hard to look. I lost in the night level and started in the previous one, not sure if intentional.

I like the dodge animation, wasn't expecting dodge with double movement but it can be used. sometimes the attack becomes stuck and can't control the character for a while but then it starts working again. I also like the camera movement + shake and the "slowmo" when attacking.  It is not so clear graphically when you kill an enemy, would've been better maybe to make them disappear or fall.  It is a great entry.

You are using unity, I recommend uploading a webgl version. Also, fix the resolution so the players can experience the game pixel perfect windowed (if the want to). Would love to press a to speed up dialogues but not close them (and then close them on second press).

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Lovely! a classic game with great gameboy style and a lot of levels based on a great level design. Solid entry! My only advice is to upload a web version if you can, you will reach more players :)

Pretty awesome, and hardcore but with an easy mode for people like me xD. I like you can chose different paths through the game to provide different experiences each time and all different kind of enemies and puzzles between the level design and each kind of enemy.

Super gb like, great music and graphics. Loved the different kind of enemies.

Awesome work, a bit too hard for me, I believe it is almost impossible to avoid some bullet attacks, like the ship is bigger than the normal space between bullets. But I liked it in general, great sound effects and graphics.

Loved the idea, it was super hard to play, I mean, my brain couldn't manage it, I suppose if I play more I could do it but I want to play as much games as possible right now. Even though, the game was great.

First time I played, I became stuck in the first screen, the character was flipping constantly, had to restart the game. The second time managed to complete some rooms, attack detection was a bit strange. Didn't know if enemies fly or were falling slow (the character falls with gravity or something but not the enemies). It has almost no sfx, it surprised me when I heard the first one since I expected no sound effect from the beginning. Wasn't bad but felt like there was a lot of things to be improved.

It took me some time to understand a bit how the controls/game worked but couldn't master it. I was expecting to lose at some point but the game keeps running forever but input is blocked, not sure if I have to restart the page to restart playing.

Can't attack in some directions. Sometimes it moves faster dunno why. Would've been great some directions or blocking some paths. I was walking a lot and found a dead end and it wasn't great. Not sure if it is only me but the game is not running pixel perfect and some assets look a bit blurry, doesn't happen in the screenshots you took for the page, so probably the runtime resolution or something like that. I played some time and couldn't find anything to do. And, there is no sound effects nor music.

The game has a great sfx and music and transmits a great gb experience. Loved the globe fish enemy. I was expecting to have more tools like killing enemies from above or something, felt a bit in disadvantage and managed to complete levels by quickly escaping from enemies (taking almost no coin). There was too much text before the first experience of the game imho. 

BTW, I used gimp + export_layers plugin to export stuff, renamed each layer to the name to export and voilá (I obviously expect to have it ready to export/use in the future but couldn't wait to try the assets)

Already playing with the assets in Unity :)

Bought it, loved the animations, want to start a game prototype already with the asset pack :)

Can you add contributors but not admins? I want to add people that worked with us in a game but they are not necessary admins.

Looks and feels as a Gameboy game, awesome work.  Great audio also but no music during the game (not sure if it is a bug or I pressed something).


I implemented the hold to move but then I had to disable it while implementing other stuff and never had the chance to integrate all together :(

Awesome game, lovely theme and music.

Thanks, we're glad you like it! we probably have lots of bugs :(, didn't have enough time to polish it. Hope to have more time for next gbjam :) (or try to make an easier game)

Hi guys, we just want to share our Ludum Dare #44 Jam Entry: Bankin'Bacon.

LD theme was "Your life is currency", so in our game you are a Piggy Banks fighting with each other for coins but to win you have to throw coins to the them so you have to find the right balance to overcome your opponents.

We hope you like it!

Play it here

Players: 2 to 4
Controls: Gamepad (Tested with Xbox 360 controllers)

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Aim
Left Shoulder: Dash
Right Shoulder: Fire

Some screenshots: