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BTW, I used gimp + export_layers plugin to export stuff, renamed each layer to the name to export and voilá (I obviously expect to have it ready to export/use in the future but couldn't wait to try the assets)

Already playing with the assets in Unity :)

Bought it, loved the animations, want to start a game prototype already with the asset pack :)

Can you add contributors but not admins? I want to add people that worked with us in a game but they are not necessary admins.

Looks and feels as a Gameboy game, awesome work.  Great audio also but no music during the game (not sure if it is a bug or I pressed something).


I implemented the hold to move but then I had to disable it while implementing other stuff and never had the chance to integrate all together :(

Awesome game, lovely theme and music.

Thanks, we're glad you like it! we probably have lots of bugs :(, didn't have enough time to polish it. Hope to have more time for next gbjam :) (or try to make an easier game)

Hi guys, we just want to share our Ludum Dare #44 Jam Entry: Bankin'Bacon.

LD theme was "Your life is currency", so in our game you are a Piggy Banks fighting with each other for coins but to win you have to throw coins to the them so you have to find the right balance to overcome your opponents.

We hope you like it!

Play it here

Players: 2 to 4
Controls: Gamepad (Tested with Xbox 360 controllers)

Left Stick: Move
Right Stick: Aim
Left Shoulder: Dash
Right Shoulder: Fire

Some screenshots: