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Thanks! He's not supposed to float, It probbally has something to do with him being 3X the tile size, so I didn't test some of the cases.

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My Best Time is 3:37, 

I think sub 3 is possible.

I want to, 

It depends on how busy I am next week when it starts. I wanted to do it last year but missed it because I was doing other things.

Yeah, I think every game should do that.

There are four levels.

The game might break and not load the next level sometimes.

Fun game, I like the wall jump and the motion trails. Art is really good too. 

I got 6:04 with no game over.

Really good Game!

I got 1:19. Theres things I like about this game but it's kinda boring.

I think I was just being lazy since deaths and resets kinda did the same thing, I just used the same code. And I should have reset the timer.

It's on the bear screen kinda of two the left, Things are hard to see with the color palette

I got 1:11, I had pretty good movement but the last level could been faster. 

I got 1:16. 

But It could be decent amount faster.

Thank you!

The jungle was supposed to be covered in leaves as it gimmick.

I agree the enemies shoot a little too fast. I needed to playtest more.

I think I screwed up the key bonus points. They should have been lower. The idea was that the treasure behind locked areas would give much more points than the keys.

I was making this game for adventure jam but I wasn't liking how it was turning out so I just finished it up real quick and posted it with out fine tuning the details.

Thanks, I appreciate the detailed breakdown.

Thank you! I was playing and thought the game was too easy so I made level 3 but I should have put it towards the end.

Thanks! I agree that it would be fun just to collect the flowers. I'm terrible with music and really want to get better because it would add so much to my games.

Really Fun and well designed. I love the art.




Sorry, The only thing I can recommend is to make sure to click on the game screen before clicking inputs and to use a chrome based browser. 

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My Best Time is 3:00 even

Really good game.

Cool game, really detailed even with the Nokia limitations.

My Best Time is 4:28 with 2910 Points and 2 deaths.

Thanks, getting sound design right is still one of my biggest issues even 2 years later.

I remember I didn't want to start the timer till the first bounce but I probbly should have just vertically laid out the first gems so it wouldn't be random before the timer started. There could also be some tech in jump canceling to bounce faster at the expense of combos, but I think combos are the way to go for max points.

I got 2:35. I kept dying on the last level. I remember I didn't spend much time refining this one but I like the enemy sprites.

Thats really impressive, I never thought 100 would even be possible with such a short time limit.

I might make a real sequel to it someday when I have time. I missed the last Nokia jam which sucks.

I got 51 in a couple attempts just now. I'm pretty sure I got a low 70 at some point when I first made this.

Fun game and cool concept.

Yeah, I ran into that to. It does feel a bit unsatisfying to just barely miss the 1 tile block at the end. I wanted the player to have some wiggle room to get used to the game on the first playthrough, so I opted for the extra block. You can press down to cancel mid bounce and fall faster so you can reduce the blocks at a faster rate, but most players won't know this. The final 1 tile block actually just re positions itself each bounce so the player will always have a platform at the end until the time runs out. I'm going to update this, so it starts 1 block smaller.  

Awesome game, I like the concept and music. This is a really well done game.

Cool game, I like the color change to attack function.

Awesome game, would love to buy a switch version in the future.

Cool game, I really like the overall style and the music is really good.

Sorry, I also made Z shoot but I forgot to list the shoot controls on the title screen.