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Great Entry!

The music and sound effects fit the game really well, the story was interesting, and I can kind of feel it has some hidden commentary about idle and clicker games :)

The art is nice, it's a shame that the backgrounds are a bit blurry.

I don't know if it was intentional, but I felt there is some humor in the dialogs and I enjoyed it, giving a bit of a high-low dynamic with some unexpected dialog, then increasing the tension is great!


The superb audio and sounds were all thanks to AdamAudio! Can't recommend his work enough :)

You mean cumbersome as in it costs health? It was the last addition to the game and I didn't want to introduce and balance out a new resource so used an already existing resource (health) as currency. That might get a rework by adding more healing options to the player, or having a positive/negative effect going on with perks.

A minimap would be a nice addition, thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks for playing the game! 

I'm going to play and rate Clicker V first thing tomorrow morning (in ~10 hours, had a LOOONG day), it looks super interesting, I'm looking forward to it :)


I agree, a combat tutorial would be one of the first things to add,, if I'll continue this project. Right after a major combat rework :)

That's unfortunate.

This may be a longshot, but I'd love to see a collaboration between you and :)

Very nice game, really enjoyed the puzzles!

Short and sweet!

Unfortunately, didn't read any of the messages, because I wanted to "nope the F" out of there ASAP, so... A+ for atmosphere!


Yeah, the environment has a long way to go, I was planning to add cars and walls and signs, but didn't have the energy by the end of the jam, unfortunately.

Thanks! Parasite Eve was the whole starting point!

Oh, I see! Sorry about that! :D

Nice typing game.

Sorry, I don't get it?

An absolute gem of a game, not just in the context of the jam, but in general!

Only issue I had was the walk speed, but the story was interesting enough to not be a huge problem.

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Great game overall!

Lovely visuals, nice sound, and the atmosphere is spot on!


Atmosphere is there, controls are smooth, the character is rigged and animated very well, and I got scared at the end! Almost forgot about the sounds and music! They were great too!

The only minor thing I can say that bugged me, is that the ground textures specular is a bit high, and the the game could be way more dark (as in lighting). Also, maybe some hints on where to go, like different type of bushes on the critical path, or even some foot (hoof?) prints.

Great experience, unique art style!


I doubt anyone will get that far, but the number of monsters increase with every floor :) 2 is easy, 3 is manageable, 3+ is pretty tough, but with the right perks, it shouldn't be a problem!



Was planning a bit more variety on the floors - signboards on pillars with different background colors, numbers and letters on it, that would also help in navigation (the levels are grid based, so having an ex.: A 02 sign would help a lot, i think) - and was also planning on dynamic level events, like replacing a fuse, or having a path that loops infinitely until you go a certain pattern.

Totally agree with the tutorial, never had time for it. Changed the game concept around the halfway point of the jam, so yeah... :D

If I do work on it post jam, I already have a plan to overhaul the combats action point system, and make it way more flexible!

Nice game, really good buildup! The sound and music were on point and the models and textures were nice and consistent quality!

The interaction prompt were quite hard to use, especially the doors and windows, and some of the animations felt a bit stiff, but great work nonetheless!

I was just curious, didn't meant it as a complaint!

The hit detection was good, so didn't really miss the up or down attack directions.

Nice little top down adventure! Last boss was a bit tedious, so didn't finish the game :(

Nice. Got spooked a few times, but I made it to the house, or got killed... don't really now!

ambience and sfx were nice!

Stuck on Loading Horror for the first time...

Cute! Very pleasing art direction and some light hearted fun.

Well put together and fun, but gets repetitive fairly quick.

Great amount of polish and details, 2D lights and shadows, dust particles when the player moves, different step sounds for different terrains, all very nice!

Is there a reason why you can't attack up or down?

Cool game! Nice buildup.

Was not expecting that! Pleasantly surprised, great entry!

Nice game. Claymation style looks great!

Hey! No worries, I totally understand, I have the same problem. That's why I'm doing only jams till the end of the year, and hope somethings sticks that I like enough to expand!

Best of luck, and hope you find a project you enjoy working on long term!

Very cool game!

I found it very "busy" both on the audio and visual side of things, unfortunately.

Incrementing the difficulty over time or score could have helped ease the player into the game a bit more, I think.

If your planning to continue developing this, maybe you could have a 3, 2, 1, GO countdown before a battle, that the player could skip by pressing a button. That way if it's a new enemy the player can get accustomed to the BPM, and if it's only for grinding, they can skip it!

Truly unique and amazing game! I would love to play this as fully fleshed out game!

The overworld move speed is a bit slow for me, and some battles have too long of a wait time till the inputs start flowing.

What a Puntastic game!

Love the whole concept, and the small details like the brightness lowering when you're in a darker spot!

One little thing is that the camera smoothing speed could be faster.

The graphics and palette are gorgeous, the setting is interesting.

I hope this progresses beyond the jam, and would really like to see more of it in the future!

Very cool game!

Can't really say anything other than everything looks, sounds and controls how a great GameBoy game should!

Top notch!

Hey there, thanks for the suggestion on the menu! It's obvious now that you said it, that if there is a save game, it should focus on the continue option by default.

On the subject of arrows, you need to get the shield first so you can block the arrows. When you press and hold the shield button, your facing is locked, so you can strafe through the arrow safely, though it's not explained or hinted anywhere... sorry about that!

Very cool concept!

Nice variety of enemies that challenge you in different ways, and good sound effects.

The music got a bit repetitive after a while, but not in an annoying way.

I missed having visual feedback from the enemies when they take damage, especially the boss! I didn't know if it was taking damage or is there some gimmick with the exploding drones that I should be doing.

It took me a while to get used to the controls, I got confused about movement directions every time I teleported, but I think that's just me being me.

Super fun game that is really authentic and hard as nails!

The music and sound effects are top notch and controls are smooth!

The only minor negative I can really say is that I'd prefer the enemies to have some visual feedback towards the player before they take actions ex.: the balls that shoots a 4 shot volley then rush you got me every time, if they blinked or flashed before rushing you, I'd might have had a better chance at avoiding them (or as another valid possibility, I suck at the game :D)

Super wholesome game, nice work!

Super charming AND funny!