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nice, very fun, I enjoyed this. Congratulations!

Great fun game. The music is very good.

Just released, check it out. A portfolio of images.

So cool. Reminds me of a picocad game for some reason, I think it’s the simple but expressive player sprite. The puzzles are nicely graded to get harder.

Very sweet game, loved it. Congratulations. The art is great and the clock fixing is enagaging. This could definately be developed into something larger.

Thank you!

Good idea, I think I have enough tiles left to do something with that.

Nice, I enjoyed this, very fun. I have included it in my art carts portfolio. Silly, I know, but like you said; Brilliant!

Really fun, I added it to my platform collection! The animation, music and details really make it shine. Congratulations!

Nice! Great demo.

I love the glass on the table, what a great image using the GB limitations but being able to produce light refraction in a fine art way!

Very nice. I will include it in my Art cart.

Nice, I like the feel of this. I have seen other OS ROMS for the GB but this feels more polished. Congratulations.

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Check out my latest article on Gb Studio Central. It features an interview with Ars Ludicra creator C.A.Knight.

Hi Adrian Can I interview you for GB Studio Central? I’m on instagram. @bad_dad_art_n_games.

Nice work, fast and frenetic, great pixel work.

Thanks for the reply Eric, it’s really interesting to hear your experiances and thoughts on your creative choices. It’s strange about the bug isn’t it? I did resolve it exactly as you described. I included this game in my “Platformers” collection.

Great work, I love the art and cut scenes. I enjoyed playing it and watching the cut scenes. Nicely paced. Level 2 seems a bit buggy. I got to the ladders on the second level and the camera didn’t scroll up. Perhaps the player sprite from side view could have thinner arms and more expression (Just a small thing).

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Here is Robert Doman’s interesting video discussing what you GB studio project could be as an Art Cart!

Please read my article on GB Studio Central. I put a spotlight on things other than games.

I wrote about your work as part of the idea of “Art carts”,

Great intro, but I feel like I’m randomly turning on and off lights, I got down to one light, but I have not got past the first level.

I enjoyed this, I have included it in a collection I am making of what I call “Art Carts”. Basically GB ROMS that are not games. I love your exploration of space ships and the ability to control a little guy to scale is great, love the little feature of being able to open the airlocks. Nice!

Bounty 3 and 4 coming soon.

Thanks, happy you liked it. See my Art Cart collection on my profile page to discover other unusual carts!

Nice tunes!

Great, thanks for the tips. I sent you an Instagram message too, by-the-way. Best wishes!

Brilliant, I just viewed them on my IPS screen GBA. Marvelous. Pixel perfect! I love the kiosk with the underwater scene. Did you put it together using GB-studio or some other method?

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I’m exploring the potential for storytelling, interactive art on the game boy, something other than an obvious game. This is brilliant. I added it to my #ArtCart collection. Check it out. Be in touch.

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Great work, really visually interesting and engaging.

Great work, I look forward to the finished thing. The Game boy as a vehicle for visual art is something I am interested in too. I am thinking about creating a Jam for pixel artists and GB Camera photographers. Do you have any thoughts on the idea, or is it something that interests you? Love your real world paintings, by-the-way. Best wishes.

Thanks for the review, I’m happy the simple game has an application too! 😆😆

Very sweet art, the run cycle of Mr Arrowman is great. Love the idle breathing too. Nice details.

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Very nice, I was playing SMB2 just yesterday on my Anbernic. I’m impressed at the layout of the first level. You nailed it. Be great to see it populated and playable, even if it’s only L1.