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Haha, that’s true, old man, bad dad.

I enjoyed this. The flying and shooting is kinda heavy and slow which suits the character of the old witch. It made me feel old.

Fun game, your arcade looks interesting, nice sculpture, love the relationship between the sculpture and the pixel art. Nice job.

I enjoyed reading your devlog too!

I enjoyed this, the sound is satisfying when you help a crab.

Very nice game play mechanics and art, love the voice sampling. Great job.

Great art, love the intro. player sprite disappeared in the first room. Sort out the bug and I look forward to playing again!

Nice work. Love the graphics. Nice puzzles.

IF you ever need help, give me a shout.

I enjoyed this, very fun.

Really cute bitsy star wars summary! Music is great.

Very nice, joy to play, finish it, finish it!

This is quite original, in my experience of Game Boy games. Love the mechanics and menu system.

Nice first game in GB Studio! I got 900 points.

good luck! (pray).

River - yes, there is an economy of luck, you can gain points by praying at the shrine. This will increase your chances of crossing the river. The egg adds to your food inventory. The path doesn’t lead anywhere. Thanks for playing!

What a nice comment to find at the end of a hard day of work! Thanks Mosthumble09. Yes I like to recycle my assets, especially when one doesn’t need to reinvent “The wheel” as it were. I am really happy you enjoyed Bounty Land. I am working on a polished version which will be available soon.

Nice game, love the graphics. Levels are cute, as are the sprites.I would like to see a finished version.

Nice, I saw your post on insta and realised I had to celebrate. I came to listen and sing happy birthday!

I discovered it through my Ambernic, great game. Yes the “combine items” is a cool idea. I think your system has more polish than even stranded kids. I found stranded kids difficult at first, lots of trial and error over combinations. I think I had to look for online help! I love the visual ques you’ve put into your system.

Where you inspired by “Stranded Kids”? Do you know that game?

Hey Fizzlymike, I’m loving this. Reminds me of my Off-Grid, but better! :) You’ve inspired me to review it and give it some polish.

Great fun, I found all the secrets. Nicely done. Music and graphics set this up nicely.

This is great. Inspired by “The Last Stand” I assume. Very well done, I played it to the end and really enjoyed it. Worth expanding on.

I find this very a very interesting project.

Great work, Love the interface.

Great work, nice animation.

I love the head movements, really cool.

Nice, looks like lots of technical stuff going on. Very fun.

Fun, nice polish. I like the cute style. Congratulations. Bit tough in places.

Great fun, love the vibe conveyed by the art and music. Congratulations. I’m inspired!

When you leave the house, your avatar tells you what the weather is like as it affects the growth of the corn. You need a surplus of food to buy cotton and leather at the shop, then make them into boots and a satchel, respectively. Then when you have boots and a satchel, you can open up the mini adventures up the mountain. Hope that helps.

Thanks fizzlymike, I hope you found the game fun too. It was my first ambitious project.

Great art, love the eye icon that helps the player know if you can interact. I noticed the pop up text related to an item sticks to the button when you press again. It only disappears when another object is interacted with. (no big problem, it’s just that the rest comes across as so polished. The art is great, you have inspired me to try some things!

Get a physical release of the cart here with insidegadgets

Great work, I love the firing/health mechanic. Feels very intuitive. Strafing is great too.

I enjoyed this, I didn’t succeed yet, but I’ll keep trying. Love the 1 bit art.

Great fun, nice feel to the car turning.

Thanks for participating, I hope you enjoy the ROM with your work included.

I like the aggressive inmates.