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I love the hyperspace jump. Great art and nice feel to it. Got all the core elements to be expanded on.

Thank you. I think the scale I chose are a bit smaller than what GB studio can discern. I tried making the collisions on the sprites smaller in the editor but I couldn’t get it to work. Something to learn for future projects. Thanks for the feedback.

Nice, very cute, love the introduction and the story intro.

Great work, very inspiring for it’s unique flavour, Yum!

I love this, congratulations. It has game mechanics that come together in a unique way. Lovely art and overall design. I like the sound being in the ship.

This is great. If I could winge a bit :) I found the jumping a tiny bit too hard and the monsters a tiny bit too easy. I think I get more frustrated at not getting where I want to than being monstered. But I am crap at Mario so perhaps thats my trauma! Congratulations though, this is great.

I love it. Nice animations, sprite work and background. Music and sounds very good too! One bit of constructive feedback, you can use a gun or do a “Kirby”. To make it less like Kirby why not focus on the game loop being the gun and ammo acquisition? Or give more of a penalty when the mouth is full like not being able to jump as high/far? Anyway, it’s a fun game and I would love to see it a full version!

Thank you!

Good tip, thanks. I changed it and it looks better.

And now I play it again, I notice your text that says as much! 🙄

Yeah, that’s the one! Awesome.

Nice, same mechanics as a GB game from the day, I forget the name. Ninja something. Your interpretation is good though. I enjoyed playing it!

I am dough and my friends the crust.

Thanks, keep playing and I’ll develop it up.

Brandon James Greer is a pixel artist and makes pretty neat, inspiring and technical videos. This one will help you understand what this Jam is technically looking for from your art. 160px x 144px which works out as 20 by 18 8px square tiles. To play on the ROM it needs to repeat tiles so there are 192 tiles or less.

That sounds interesting TT (Table top right?). I think there is a lot of possibility with Graffiti to base a game on. Find me on discord if you want to chat. (My Portuguese is not great but I should practice!) .bad_dad

Nice little idea. I would only recommend making the sprite for Enviro. It will transmit more charm.

I think this is a great start, but due to bugs, it gets a bit difficult to progress.

technically brilliant and full of charm! Congratulations.

Nice, fun mechanic, it’s quite original.

Thanks for playing it.

Great fun, congratulations.

Thanks Ruben, it was completed in like, 4 hours, with Friday at work spent daydreaming the possibilities.

This is an interesting game which I need to spend a bit more time with. It’s nice to see a point and click.

I agree with GamechangeMods. Great work.

Cute platformer, it introduces new elements in just the right pacing at the start. I always feel I know where I am in relation to other things. Brilliant. Love to see more.

It’s taken me a while to get my head round this. I missed the note order instruction on the bottom right of the level start screen. Once I saw that, it came together better for me.

This is a very interesting game and a great approach to an RPG. I will give this another go. I got the map and found 2 soldiers but left when I was at the cross on the map. I liked the summary of steps and how many I had helped. The soldiers/characters were very well realised. Great work. I would love to see this developed further.

Great interpretation of the theme. I enjoyed the animations and mechanics, sound and music great stuff. Congratulations. For a bit of polish, I found when I messed up, there could have been a level restart.

I liked the joke/surprise ending. Fun game.

There’s something about how the dog moves and digs very satisfying. I found the jumping could do with a bit of polish. It was interesting to read in the comments that the levels are procedurally generated.

I enjoyed playing this, the challenge was balanced and I enjoyed seeing the score pop up from the collected eggs. The roots making a maze was cool. Just needs some sound effects and music to polish this up.

I liked the sprites, the clowns head with hair made me laugh. The game maps were a bit tricky to negotiate in places, though I liked the art style.

Congratulations, this is a gem of a game.

Yes, and the matrix is embedded in a matrix, which itself is embedded in a matrix!

Nicely done, love the tiny sprites of the pirates. As mentioned in another comment, the roaming ghost makes the whole thing come together in a nice platformer challenge.

#ArtCart for sure.

Thank you Raj, those are very generous words.

I love the look and style of the game. The puzzle is beating me at the moment, but I want to master this.

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Many thanks. It’s how my brain works I suppose.