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Fowl Ignition [Mini Jam 52]View game page

Reach the summit of the tower to get your hat back!
Submitted by sralbertooo (@sralbertooo) — 1 minute, 25 seconds before the deadline
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Fowl Ignition [Mini Jam 52]'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#34.5004.500

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
sralbertooo, AYD

Software used
Game Maker Studio 2

Cookies eaten

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The game was really fun, I played it for a while. Sadly I didn't reach the boss, but I reached 86%. The game looks really really nice, you did a really good job on that. The idea of the game is really ingenious!

For the presentation, initially I didn't know that I had to press the up arrow to start the game, and I was wondering why can I only get to 1%. You should try to avoid long walls of text and try to make them a little more presentable.

For the audio, the birds sound was a little annoying, and some music could have really helped on the background.

Overall, it is a really solid submission! Very well done on the art and on the gameplay!


Lol this game is great! The movement is actually so crisp and responsive, it feels really nice to use and polished. I found it really entertaining just spamming the explosions but the game was heaps of fun altogether. Amazing entry, I'll remember this one for sure.


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed this one! :D


It seems nice, but I couldn't get past 26%...
This is a game that definitely requires practice. Lots, and lots, of practice. Great game though!


Yea it does take some getting use to before you can actually master the mechanics. I had a tester that had a similar issue but got to the top after some practicing. Thanks for playing!


Nice game, and particle feel. But I don't understand the blue bar :(


Thanks! The blue bar is Howard's magic, it will begin to go down once it's getting really close to low. So if it's still filled there is a lot of magic to use. Once it goes down, magic is getting low which will require Howard to wreck some birds. I understand why it's confusing, it is a bug that I could not iron out in time so having the bar work like this was the only option at the time.


Idea is awesome! Having a mechanic that is both for movement and attacking is really smart!

I couldn't get that high, though... haha!


Thank you and thanks for playing! :D