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Marc Gálvez

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What browser did you play the game with? Thanks for the feedback! It is useful!

Thanks! Let us solve this bugs and improve the quality of the gameplay on a post-jam release :) 

Thaaaaaaanky you! We are working on a post-jam relesae to make the game work.

Thank you very much! The truth is that we had many unexpected during the week and we could not finish it... but we are eager to work a relsease post-jam!!


I can see the ilusion and motivation that you invested in this project :) 

Amazing game, rr

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will take it into account as much as possible in our future versions of this game.

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Cool jump introduction!!!! After reading the description I now understand the core energy mechanics. The final boss killed me :(

Simple and Addictive, this is a 5 stars overall

I really liked the atmosphere, also I enjoyed de puzzle design going more and more deep and mindblowing through the levels

I loved the Beat Detection and the narrative. Good Job gente

Thanks a lot Esosek!!!

Oh okey I see...

Nice art and concept of the limitation.

But... how can I unlock the last badge pls I almost finished!!!

Cool! Maybe, if the color of the enemy bullets were different from yours and the background effect, te experience would be more greatfull 

I will use the game to get more aim with my mouse :3

Thank you for the feedback!

Clever game! Nice job

A love the end, just perfect! 

Good job!

I’ve laughed a lot with the voices. Nice experience

Good Idea! I know that the over powered speed of the key generator was bcs the music (maybe it's too fast(or maybe I am a noob typing keys)).

Very good job, simple and intense. The scene reminds me my 10 y.o childhood when, with my first game boy color, I was in the car playing WarioLand 3. This lampposts were the salvation for an instance. Epic!

Epic score! Thanks for the feedback

Thanks for the comment!

Oh, Tanks for the comment!. Here you can play our game.  

We uploaded a build 3 minutes before the folder closed. But due to some bugs we wanted to upload a "post game-jam", so we deleted the release to upload the newest one. 

But to our surprise (and unlike other jams) you can not upload anything after the deadline... The admins do not let us upload a build because according to them it is unfair to others (true). 

It would be nice if they let us upload a build without rank, so we could let others enjoy our game :)

Congrats guys, the best game i've played today :)

Amazing experience guys...

So funny. Hope you upload WebGL online game!

I enjoyed the art, the music and the narrative a lot! Maybe a bit confusing at the beginning. Thanks for the entrie.

Nice game, and particle feel. But I don't understand the blue bar :(

Oh :( Try now if you want I uploaded a new release without bugs. Btw thanks for the comment!

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You're right... BUT there's a new RELEASE that I uploaded just a few seconds, without bugs and a new mystrious narrative hehehe

Thanks buddy!

Your request will be fulfilled ;)