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Hey @BlancoKix, you made my day! Thank you so much for recording and sharing this   amazing gameplay, also for the well structured mentioning and  YouTube description.

Thanks to your gameplay we have detected that maybe at the beggining of our experience   it is not well indicated that you can actually tattoo the real sailorman forearm :)  

Thank you! We invite everybody to share their art in the comments! Yohohoi :)

Lovely game!

It is a little bit complex, but, with a couple of tutorials integrated, will work very well. 

I liked the end a lot!

Hilarious, I liked the narrative a lot 

Many thanks, matey!

We definitely have to do that  🏴‍☠️⚓🌊

I be cherishin' yer outlook on this grand voyage called life. Fair winds on yer journey, matey! 🏴‍☠️

Aye ho ho ho. Arrr, is there a limit to this contraption they call AI's ? Have a good sailing 🏴‍☠️

Thank you very much, Echerryart!

Ahoy there, Tim!   I spy with my one good eye that you're a seasoned tattoo artist, skilled as the wind be blowin' 'cross the open seas.

 Yo ho ho, thank you kindly for playing  in this merry game and sharin' yer talents with all who dare to listen, your art looks amazing. 

 May the winds of fortune ever fill yer sails, and may your ink never run dry! 

Thank you Haunted :)

Thank you Duke! I played your game and feels amazing :)

Love the atmosphere. More games with this please!

Does the gameplay have a good ending? I couldn't reach the destination, I was always drowning.

I jump scared so hard when I saw the monster fish fin 

pd: Is it Danny Glover at the intro? Haha

At the moment is the funniest and the most exciting game I have every player on this jam.  I didn't find the theme "light and dark", furthermore the overall is good. 

My high score 1800. I almost killed the hexagon :)

Nice shader and mechanics. It has a huge potential for a big game project. Congratulations. What a pity, the technical problem in webGL. 

Interesting concept and good gameplay. It's great that you have included a tutorial, furthermore I didn't understand some concepts, for example, what does the flag do after discovering a mine? 

Also, I would appreciate knowing the power of the monsters and its combinations (for example, after mixing two monsters, a panel reveals what they will become and its stats, and you can keep this info, so you will remember for the next time, :) I felt like a noob dying every time against the first knight.  Maybe the difficulty is a little bit high (or I didn't understand everything). 

Good job developing this game, I loved the way you merged different types of game in once. Keep rocking.

I love the presentation you did. The menus, buttons, art, and atmosphere are unique. You made a nice job with the voice and the subtitles.  5/5 on this.

It is a pity that I got lost trying to move the boat and discover what was going on. I saw that you integrated a tutorial within the voice of the Captain Pines, this is awesome, I wish Pine had explained to me what that lever was on the roof and what the other controllers were doing.

I forgot to give you feedback about the tutorial. In my opinion is a must having a tutorial, even if this is explicit as yours.   Good job.

Hey! I love the way you broke the 4th dimension, talking to the player in the narrative. 

On the other hand, what a pity not having audio.

Keep learning Unity, I swear you won't regret it. 

I liked the mechanic to swap dimensions + locks, it has a great potential on puzzle development 

What browser did you play the game with? Thanks for the feedback! It is useful!

Thanks! Let us solve this bugs and improve the quality of the gameplay on a post-jam release :) 

Thaaaaaaanky you! We are working on a post-jam relesae to make the game work.

Thank you very much! The truth is that we had many unexpected during the week and we could not finish it... but we are eager to work a relsease post-jam!!


I can see the ilusion and motivation that you invested in this project :) 

Amazing game, rr

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will take it into account as much as possible in our future versions of this game.

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Cool jump introduction!!!! After reading the description I now understand the core energy mechanics. The final boss killed me :(

Simple and Addictive, this is a 5 stars overall

I really liked the atmosphere, also I enjoyed de puzzle design going more and more deep and mindblowing through the levels

I loved the Beat Detection and the narrative. Good Job gente

Thanks a lot Esosek!!!

Oh okey I see...

Nice art and concept of the limitation.

But... how can I unlock the last badge pls I almost finished!!!

Cool! Maybe, if the color of the enemy bullets were different from yours and the background effect, te experience would be more greatfull 

I will use the game to get more aim with my mouse :3

Thank you for the feedback!