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Understand how this abstract world made of only 6 colors works to make your own way to the end!
Submitted by Eustak, GerardClotet, Sebi-Lopez, Nadine_044, JaumeMontagut (@Jaume_Montagut) — 16 hours, 6 minutes before the deadline
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Just amazing. Good work!!


I got stuck in the boxes a lot, and ended up just punching everything until the door would open :)


As I said below, great visuals.

Thematically it's a stretch.

Puzzle design is interesting but many of the earlier puzzles are very easy; you just need to start at the "root" nodes and go from there.

You should have introduced moving the boxes way way earlier. They bring a much needed layer of planning. 


True, we were more inspired by the limitation of 'color palette' (not only on the visuals, but also on the mechanics) than the theme of 'another world'.

I can agree with some levels being very easy at the begging. We've seen some players do them at random and later get stuck at the more difficult levels because they didn't understand how the game worked. Finding a right difficulty progression is something we definitely need to work on.

I really appreciate the honest feedback, it helps us improve a ton!


I really liked the atmosphere, also I enjoyed de puzzle design going more and more deep and mindblowing through the levels


The way the new levels spawn out of space is great.


Great visuals! I'm stuck on the puzzle with the big door. I think it's bugged? The middle cube is not being updated always


Thanks! We've been able to reproduce the bug but it seems a bit tricky to solve. I'm sorry I can't give you a better solution but for the moment you can press R on any level to restart it.

I hope you had fun playing our game ^·^.

Jam Host(+3)

I'm honestly blown away by this. The level of polish and how well the mechanics work. This with some more content could easily be a game on Steam in the ranks of Monster's Expedition, Pipe Push Paradise or Stephen's Sausage Roll. Incredible detail, polish and care, especially for the time you worked with. Can't even begin to parse how fast you built so many grid-based levels with decorations included and transitioned seamlessly between them.

Damn, incredible work, really :O Who are you? Do you work in games?


Wow! Thanks for the incredible comment.

We're a group of 5 students on our last year of the Videogame Design and Development Degree. We don't work in games yet, but we're studying so we can get there :).

Jam Host(+1)

You're doing amazing then IMO :D I wanna buy the full-game version of this.