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HI :)

Its hard to get in the first moment but than its pretty straight forward! Nice job :D

Thanks for the feedback and for playing :) 
Such a nice sound track :D Is it yours?

Had a quite fun playing your game! Game feels good to play, the mechanics are really fun and intuitive to learn. Remembers Meat boy a lot, which I love :) I really liked the way you played with the level upsidedown, that was pretty interesting! Sounds add a lot of juiciness to the gameplay. Well Done !!!! :) 

Uooyoooyooo Dr Iton!

Thank you for playing and the feedback :) Yep actually we have some couple ideas to improve the game progression,  (add countdowns, leaderboard, or maybe pickups) we might try out some stuff when the jam is over ;D

So lovely!!!! I loved the art and the game feel of your game! It feels polished and has a lot of small details that brings player attention and engagement like the level complete heart animation. Its easy to learn/hard to master (excellent). The way you worked with the mechanics using only one input worked very well! Its very responsive and really easy to get going! I added to my cool games collection :D its definitively a good game reference. 

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback :)  glad you enjoyed, we had some other couple ideas to improve the game progression but time was short, so we kept with the simplicity for this one hehehe. Thanks for playing :D

Happy to see a game made with UE4 here finally :D  Liked the concept. The intro seems polished and gives a good first impression for the game.  Imo very well executed specially in Unreal that sometimes it can be not so friendly for 2d games. Well done :)

ps. submited 9 minutes before the deadline ( I can imagine your pain on that moment hehe)

Thanks for the feedback. We will definitely add sounds to the game later on, I think it will add good vibes for the game feel :)

I remember your posts in the progress channel :) Its a really cool game, simple and clever! Played for 1 hour strait here hehehe. Remembers me Two Dots puzzle vibes mixed with three match. Nice job!

I liked, good flow and movements. I just wish I could increase my combo hits more than 3 times.

Duuude! This was the best I've played so far. Super liked! The game design is very clever, liked the soundtrack and sfx as well :D Very well done brow! Impressed on how much you did it in such a small time. I hope you get featured :) Good luck!

Cool concept! I liked the thing about using the inputs only once :) Nice job!

Kanaletaputa ;)

Loved the art, sounds and playability! It's super fun! rated 5stars ;D

ps. If you jump high in the walls the character get stuck in the bottom of the lvl :)

Very clever and original, well done :D. It's hard in the beginning but after 2/3 times you start to get the controllers, very nice. I liked! ps: One sprite, one input! you nailed it!

I love this kind of game, very clever, liked the concept and enjoyed playing  it :D! Remembers me the cultist simulator. I got stuck in love, fun, obssesion hehe.  Nice job :)

Yayy thanks Maya!!

Lovely song, character is super nice! Some polishing in the controllers, specially jump when starts to get fast would improve gameplay a lot ;)

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The controls seemed to be quite hard (I played on my laptop touch). I think you could maybe reduce the slippery a bit, but if you put some time on it can be a fun game!! 

Great art, animations and music ;) 

A penalty system for spamming clicks around might be a good improvement :)

rated :D

Yep, we actually did it on Sunday so the time was really really short. But we might polish it more over the weeks :)
Thanks for playing! Will give a shot on yours later tonight :)

Thanks :) I gonna play yours later tonight :D