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Oh the red arrow is a good idea! Along with some sort of count maybe if I went the "+1 turn" pickup route. If I continued this game I think I'd like to continue layering mechanics on like the screen wrap, and a pickup would be a good way to add complexity. 

Thanks for the feedback! 

I really like the concept, and how hectic it felt.

If you wanted to expand this concept, I think the hectic aspect could be expanded by having an "endless mode" with randomly generated levels and a certain number of lives. Obviously, it would be pretty complicated to make a random level generator which is also balanced, but it'd solve the problem of having set levels (since currently you can just look at the level, die a couple times, and figure out exactly where you need to shoot, which takes away the "twitch shooter" aspect).

There's also the problem with physics where bullets can ricochet directly back at the player when they shouldn't but that's already been mentioned in the comments.

Overall though it's still a really cool concept, and the presentation is also great.

I really like the "only one shot" applied to a puzzle game, I haven't seen many of those!

This looks like it has a lot of potential, I especially like the push blocks and using them to block other things.

I really liked this, it reminded me of a puzzle box.

The audio really added to it, it made it feel nice and whimsical.

Really neat concept, I could see this being extended in a lot of cool ways, like using a door to get through a wall within a single room, maybe using a door as a platform?


I really like the mechanic, it's sort of like the gravity change mechanic from VVVVVV but with a twist that requires a bit more awareness to predict where you'll end up, and I think that meshes really well with the speed.

Also I think the music may have made me go insane if I listened to it any longer.

Yeah, funnily enough the only sound in the game (the clacking sound when landing) was something I recorded by hitting some blocks together and it was done pretty last minute. At that point I had absolutely no idea what to do for music since I had never made music before lol. But yeah music is definitely something I would have liked to have added.

Great to hear you like the levels!

I really like the concept of "single use screen wrapping".

I want to eat hamborgar.

This is really creative and fun! I could see this being expanded in a lot of cool ways (decisions like in Slay the Spire, boss fights, etc). Maybe I'm too slow of a reader but I had to die a few times just so I had enough time to read the descriptions for each encounter type, maybe some sort of more formalized tutorial/glossary type thing?

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Yeah sorry about the physics problems, I wasn't able to figure out the issue before submitting.

Awesome to hear you liked the concept though! :D

It's a neat concept! Maybe I'm just bad but I'll often get overwhelmed pretty quickly, but I like how frantic it is. Maybe the spawns could ramp up a bit slower?