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Solo Box HopperPlotView game page

A simple box-pushing puzzle game⁠—but with only one box! Read the description for more info
Submitted by Rakned — 17 hours, 14 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#13283.1583.158

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Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

I'm the other dev of the similar/overlapping game onepath.

I played both the game-jam version and the version with the fixed button-door-thing to their respective ends, but I'm rating the fixed version since what has been fixed is just a small and very technical bug. Insisting on using the jam-version seems like a petty thing to do.

Seeing such a different game centered around the same/similar main idea is a really weird but fun experience.

Some things that occured to me while playing this:

  • This game has a lot more moving parts than ours, allowing for a wider variety of levels at the cost of complexity.
  • The way you've used the rather abstract things in your level to build whimsical pictograms made me smile. Pretty clever how you made that fit with the mechanics in some places.
  • The difficulty curve seems good to me (în contrast to certain other games :D)
  • The last level (unreachable in the jam-version) feels slightly tedious/punishing because I have to repeat a lot of actions and then syncronise them precisely. If I make a mistake I have to start over. My attempts looked like this: 1. Oh, timing 2. Oops, box pushed too far 3. Messed up the timing 4. Oh, I die when I stand in a door that is being closed 5. Oh no, the timing again 6. Finally :)
  • I do like the idea of the last level, though. Maybe it could be reduced to less doors?

Maybe I'm biased, but this is easily one of my favorites! :)


Nice game!

It really has a similar concept as ours but it's still quite a different game!


I never finished Baba is You. Grid-based block-pushing games have always escaped me to some degree, making the "a-ha" moment all the more satisfying. I definitely felt that with this game! I felt like it was a bit difficult right out the gate, but once I figured out the mechanics I realized that the puzzles were well designed. Good stuff!


That was cool. The puzzles are complicated but I felt smart when I succeeded. I got stuck at the "block or push your clone" level.


Rating from v5 (the fixed version)...


Genuinely not mad at uploading a fixed version, as long as it fixes game-breaking bugs and doesn't add features.

Whoa, fun puzzles. The mechanic is so unique that you had to use text to explain it. Actually did the right thing though, or I believe I will pull my hair out.

Thought it was just an ordinary sokoban game, and was glad i played it. The hologram duplicate is fun to cocntrol, and coordinating with it is fun too. Glad you put the spacebar in, otherwise I will want to pull hair out trying to count the steps.

For the last puzzle, sorry i did pulled my hair out, but i got the catch. If i had been patient enough, i would seriously count all the steps out, but i have played 50+ games over these few days. Too tired.

However, I will stay tuned for more puzzles from you, and I'll put my hair back some day and come back for the last puzzle!

Not to mention the very crude graphics. Didn't affect gameplay for a single bit (just not intuitive in what they do. Trial and error helped understanding, and the R key helped me do this)


Good concept, get very tricky very fast, the hologram gets a bit capricious at times bit the mechanic is fresh. The barrier for entry is quite high, its really confusing and requires a lot of assumptions, if your game  is complex a tutorial is a must.

Theme, there is only one box and you have to find a way to take it to multiple places, fits pretty well and the game is built around it.

Originality, using clones of yourselves in a puzzle game tends to be a gimmick but this game took it and did a whole game about it so that gives it extra points.


Thanks for the feedback!  Admittedly, the lack of a decent tutorial is probably one of this game's biggest weaknesses currently.  If I ever take the time to polish it up, finding a way to even out the difficulty curve will probably be my first goal.


Some seriously challenging levels and a cool mechanic! Fun game! Would love to see this polished up into a full game!


Very cool concept, but since it's a rather complicated concept, I feel like a tutorial is needed, I spent 5 minutes on the first level confused, but after figuring it out it's really fun.


You've got a great core mechanic here; I could see you building a much larger game around it. Interacting with your own hologram opens up a whole world of puzzle possibilities, and there's so many secondary mechanics that can hang off of it. That being said, I felt the difficulty curve was a little rough here, especially when it came to learning new mechanics. It took me a bit to figure out what the hologram circle even did, and I didn't realize the red dot on the first level would open the exit. One or two extra levels to more gently introduce the player to the core mechanics of the game would help a lot.

Especially because, once it clicked? Hoooooo boy, was it satisfying to puzzle through these levels. Great stuff!


Thanks for all the feedback!


This is a pretty crazy concept! Does take a while to get the hang of it, and the puzzles are still very hard once you do! Definitely one of the more unique games ive played so far


This a pretty interesting game!, The record movement mechanic wasn't really clear at first. Once I got it felt super original. I'd love to see this explored a bit more! great job!


The holopad mechanic led to some interesting puzzle solutions. Having to plan your moves in advance for the hologram was pretty cool. I felt that pushing the hologram felt weird though. For example if the hologram was going to move on the space I was occupying and I issued a command to move onto the space the hologram was on we would pass through each other instead of me pushing the hologram. Lastly, I'm not sure how the big smile level is supposed to work. The right button didn't seem to do anything so even when I get the hologram to push the box onto the right button the exit is still blocked.


Thanks for the feedback!  Sorry about some of the game's glitchiness, I'm not sure how I missed that bit with the smile level being broken...