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Amazing for a jam game! The level design in quite good also for the given time. If I had one improvement to suggest is that maybe the mouvement could be faster.

Hi ! It's not a mouse game, you can click to switch colors but you can also do that with Space.

The core loop is simple but the attention put into the progression and amount of content in that game is amazing for a jam project. Well done !

So I put all the controls in the description.

It's really interesting that people that played the game before I added that note about controls for dimension's size, did not complain. But all the players after I put it did.

So if I should remember one thing: either I put ALL the controls, or NONE. Because as soon as you put some of it, players will think that there is nothing more. And of course it makes sense that they (and I would too) think that way. Thanks for the feedback !

Nice concept. Feels very polished ! I didn't wanna quit the game but it gave me no reason to stay. So that's the only critic I would give is that there is no long term motivation (a goal, something) to keep pushing. Really well done for that amount of time !

Really hard to be quick with this controls without hurting my hand but very very fun. The fact that dissatisfied customers destroy your terrain is smart and more interesting than just score penaltys etc. Good job !! 

Damn, I lost the place to sell fish, so I collected them for nothing... Cool art and it's always fun to have leaderboard games in game jams !

You can use the mouse left click, right click, space bar, X, B and Y on the gamepad. 

Except moving,  it's the same and only action you can do: switching colors.

My goal was to not explain anything directly, many jam games are simple enough to intuitively be played.

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Smart and really hard, I couldn't get pass 2 kills for now haha.  I must git gud.

That was cool. The puzzles are complicated but I felt smart when I succeeded. I got stuck at the "block or push your clone" level.

Yeah we all do that. That's why we are the worst playtesters xD

Really good idea and execution. + the music and art style is soothing as f!

I have to say, we made very similar looking games ! But you got a totally different take on the "One Dimension" theme. Well done.

That last level was really smart, it put me in a totally uncomfortable position but still with the possibility of succeeding. Good job.

I'll slow down the ennemis in my next build. That sort of difficulty spike is kinda unfair I agree. For the extending screen, it has no uses. The player can just make the game look how he wants.  Thanks a lot!

There is no use. I didn't want to "use" it because it wouldn't be much of a 1D game if I did. But I thought "you have a 2D space though, why not do something cosmetic with it", so I made it so the player can make the game look a bit like he wants.

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This is gold. Really. I had so much fun moving my light around like a paranoiac, sometime placing my light on a ghost and moving in the dark, fingers crossed. Great job. The art and animation is really a big +.

That goblin character was tricky. Good job overall.

Thanks a lot !

You are probably the first one to achieved that. Myself and a friend could not do it. GG

Believe me, I'm not so smart lol. I checked your game and it was a nice little text adventure ! "pat yourself on the back" x)

Thanks a lot ! I have so many more ideas I would like to implement, I could honestly add like 50 levels more haha.

Thank you.

I though about making it a one button game. But I already done one and this time I wanted the player to have real control.

In one button games generally you loose measure, dexterity, coordination and precision skills. It would basically leave only perception, timing, risk taking and reflexes for my game. That's a bit underwhelming I think.

So far the best game I played from the jam. Well done to you !

Great idea and the result is even greater ! I don't even know how this works, but I managed to finish it anyway.

Awesome ! I love the juice !

Great level design !

I love it ! Kudos man.

The only critic I could make is that the path becoming red, that's not the right color. Red means insinctivly "bad", it's when I read the description I understood that in contrary, that meant I could move. And maybe a little tiny grid would help remembering but that would change the way players thinks quite a bunch.

Again, the game is really cool !

Well done ! I really enjoyed it, the fact that you must think about your actions as future obstacles is smart. It makes it an action AND a puzzle game at the same time (which asks a lot of brain from the player).

I like the idea. I though the theme you chose was "one room" but indead, "one item slot" is the feature. It's a bit slow though I think.

Nice concept ! I'm gonna catch a friend to play it in multi because I figure the design is calibrated that way (damn you perfect AI!!).

It took a minute for me to get the hang of it but once I did I have to say it's really fun.

Really punishing but it have some clever level design ! And that little character is cute as hell (props for the gameboy art style).

Ok here is my game (Browser playable):

Note: You can change the size of the dimension with Up/Down arrows, W/S keys or Left stick.

Ok here is my game (Browser playable):

Note: You can change the size of the dimension with Up/Down arrows, W/S keys or Left stick.

Hey, really cool thing you are doing ! 

Here is my game:

Note: You can change the size of the dimension with Up/Down arrows, W/S keys or Left stick.



Forget 2D, 3D, 4D... 1D is the real deal ! This is a "plateformer" where height doesn't matter. If you like it let me know :D

I made this game within during the GMTK Game Jam 2019. Theme: "Only One".

Note: You can change the size of the dimension with Up/Down arrows, W/S keys or Left stick.

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I made a "plateformer" in 1D (playable in browser). Check it out:

ps: you can change the size of the dimension with Up/Down arrows, W/S keys or Left stick.