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Thanks for trying out! the feedback form is updated with dual language:

Yea I have planned this game to be a touch-screen game, but the fat finger blocking the screen makes me settle for the mouse. It is best on PC with a mouse right now.

As for precision levels, yes by the power of level design i can easily do that as optional challenges.

Very fun RTS resource management game.

Just a little note on controls: As a long-tested RTS control, it is better to use the right click too.

Old C&C uses right click to cancel selection.

Modern RTS games only use left click to select, right click to issue orders.

and for the game pacing, you can add some bonus score if the player is doing really well, so that they can skip early game and progress in the game faster if it is the 2nd or 3rd time they play

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btw i am stuck at level 7 right now :)

gotta use my brain harder

feature request:

as a player,
i want to know the level id of the current level
so that i can refer to it when discussing about it.

Really great as a game. I am really "lost" and then i "found" the solution. (although you can say the same thing to practically every puzzles lolz)

Puzzle elements very simple but provides lots of potential as elements for puzzles.

yay i've got a speedrunner!

by the end of december i will add some new objectives to the game, and perhaps change the map a little bit. stay tuned!

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Simple poll:

I only have resources to do one of the following things in 10 hours. Which one interests you more?

a. smoke should come out of the fire

b. i should be able to resume the game after refreshing the browser

poll ends Sept12 2:00am UTC

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Did you... update your game? Looks super polished. Congratulations!

Guess what? your game has inspired my GMTK jam 2020 Game!

(I d rather not put my links here but you can find it easily)

i agree some sounds would be nice.

oh i totally forgot to handle this case lmao

take care of this fire by adding fuel and maintaining it

Um… so the car getting into space can be one of the side quest, to make it seem intentional...

btw the programming reason is that i try to make it easy to flip the car back by adding an upward thrust while smashing buttons. apparently if all 4 players smash buttons together, you get enough thrust to send it to space.

Anyways, glad to see you guys let the back seat be the drivers

Thank you so much for making a video of my game. Hope you enjoyed

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clarification with the rules:

when you "build", do you build from plans in your hand, or plans from the row?

in other words, can i discard some materials from my tableau and then take a card from the row to my score pile?

Game Over with 2:11 left, cleared 7 rooms.

Not bad, a very solid dungeon game.

I can see a lot of systems went into this game, including player and enemy's health systems, stun, invincibility timers, and very solid graphics and such.

One improvement is that sometimes i cannot attack while some other times i can.

I think you have disabled attacking when player is damaged? I don't mind it, but it would be nice to have communicated it better, for example, by hiding the weapon when being hit, and only show the weapon when the player is allowed to attack.

The difficulty curve is also ok. There are enough health pickups to feel challenging. The weapon swing is fair to play, with enough penalty if swung aimlessly, but wide enough to actually hit things.

Very nice diversity of enemies. Each are very distinguishable. 

Overall, very nice game with a little bit of "The Binding of Isaac" vibe. Keep on.

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Nice and tight levels.

Starting from the wall jump, the timer is extremely tight.

(Spoilers ahead: discussing the levels)

After a few fails, i noticed that Jerry-on-fire actually continuously run forward!I then relied on this fact to not have to worry about controlling wall-kick direction,
and focused on wall-kick timing.

(Dunno if this was intended and if it was, it was genius.)

For the last level, you placed an extremely tight trap at the landing zone of the wall jump. Again i had a hard time lining up my jumps. And then i decided to surrender, not "i am done" surrender, but surrender my thinking to the level design...

And then...

I succeeded.

(Spoilers? ahead)

(Spoilers to the final level ahead)

(Spoilers to the final level ahead)

The level was designed so that every time it was an immediate full jump and Jerry bumps into the ceiling and magically land on the tight landing spot.

That left me speechless for quite some time, but i managed to type this out for you.

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Thanks. I spent so much time tuning for the sense of control (in this theme about being out of control) since my ultimate goal is to make a party game that appeals to a wide audience base. 

Thank you for recognising my efforts and reassuring me about my choices and that it is an accessible game for how difficult it can become.

I especially coded a flip-over system to flip it back when the inevitable flip happens. I have even put it in higher priority than making more objectives, just to give players a meaningful way to "wriggle" and recover from errors.

Also players are allowed to just use 2 wheels so that it is much slower and give them time to react.

Of course the intended way to play is to go full throttle!


how did you find this? last time i spent a whole night but did not find something this specific

I always wanted to make a leaderboard service so that i can add them as i want without thinking about the coding everytime. do you think it is worth it?

u know, there are also grievers who just write a very big number to a leaderboard if such a leaderboard is left unmanaged

lv 10, hiscore 131

Fun little game. i had a grin hanging on my face the whole time when i m playing this

You shoot to move and attack with only-one button.

You have only-one bullet.

You can't control the direction of the ship directly, but you can also shoot to spin, so not all control is lost.

You can't aim, but aim isn't all of the game since you can still guide the missile.

Nice graphics etc, well made complete game.

Only wished the leaderboard is online

  1. What browser are you using?
  2. Did you try downloading the PC version (I assume yes from 'can't run on my laptop" but just in case)
  3. Try using another broswer?

So much Celeste vibe, but you people righteously living up to the expectation. 

The controls are good, but a bit too slippery (i am nitpicking. You guys do great)

Able to reduce project size to polish on a simple game idea.

Wish the very last level is not that complex. I don't even know if i cheesed it by giving up the spacebar to block the ceiling guns.

Please make more levels post-jam. i ll come back if you do

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Rebinding control is a common theme of this jam. The graphics is quite nice and that had me trying harder to play this game. Good work with the graphics.

UX-wise, that is not so well-done:

  1. The UI size is extremely small for a game that relies heavily on bindings. Should have made the words at least 4 times bigger. (Hint: I am playing with 1920x1080 screen with fullscreen enabled)
  2. Also with the text: use an easier-to-read font if you really want to keep the font-size small.
  3. As others have mentioned: need some feedback when control changes (and even better if we are allowed a few seconds to prepare for the change)
  4. Try not to bind to certain buttons, including all of the F1-F12 buttons, printscreen, and others. i did not encounter them all. Binding to these buttons makes it simply unplayable. I have to sit for a whole turn not being able to, for example, move left.
    1. Some comments have stated other difficulties with bindings.
      A good way to combat this is to just use lowercase alphabets, and maybe the numbers.
      It is already quite fun with fingers twisting in the wrong directions

When I get to higher portions of the stage, I am suddenly teleported to somewhere.
Is it the end of level?


420 !

1265 !!


ok i got the catch with backwards shot now.

Wow this game really punishes  spamming bullets!

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Highscore 195 :)

seems my bullets are a bit too fast? it is hard to set it up to shoot enemies from behind.

Let me try once more...

==== Edit after getting Highscore: 1265 ====

It's almost like playing god of war where the axe also hurts you.

Enemies who can block your shots, or worse, reflect the bullets to you... they are some nice challenges to the game.

Enemy spawn rate is stupid high but it also gets me moving all the time.

Infinite room space is good and bad.
good because i always have a way out,
bad because i can theoretically kite all the way to infinity score.

Really fun game well done

Nice little game. Loved the graphic style (and the hard work into drawing them).

Nice ui, letting you know which system is compromised by the AI.

I wish the AI can take over 2 systems at once, but i guess it will just be too difficult.

One time the AI took over the beeps and boops and when i take back control i punish it by spamming spacebar. have i gone mad?

Super nice addition of the chair. Let's say the chair is actually the center of the puzzle. When and where to put the chair is the key to the puzzle. Sometimes i need to reuse the chair (which is expected before encountering it) and it is a nice twist essential to a puzzle (to figure out the blind spot and experience the aha moment).

I ll get this out of the way first: you have got the chair saying "space" on top of it, so i expected some in-game tutorials for "direction + space" to put it further, but you just put bob at the entrance to die so many times. You Monster (jk). Luckily you have put enough text outside the game to make it still taught to us players.

Just a tiny UX improvement: you try to convey that hiding in the chair is safe by turning black-and-white into black-and-darkgray.  This greatly reduced the color contrast in the game. I would suggest black-and-midnightblue instead to maintain a higher contrast.

wonderful puzzle game. 20/20

Very simple idea, great execution.

Nice technical skills. you must have a few years experience with game maker to pull this off.

Nice communication with the gun constantly shooting (but in reality it is hit-scanning everyone in the room so it is a really blood-thirst gun! The gun is luring you into believing it is innocent, but programming says it all !!!!! ahem.

didn't know the game could control stuff out of the game. i guess you can call it literally out of control :)

don't worry, i guess they don't share memories of getting killed

Very good execution, Fun little puzzle-like action game. 

Thought it would be some generic platformer puzzle game,
but this one has got some actual well-thought-out scenarios that challenge me to think about my actions.

Shooting my white magic removes some hassle needing to move my player over, while striking my wand gives some more precise controls. When you make puzzles you never want players to be actually out of control. I think you have done a good job in securing that bit of control.

Puzzle elements are added incrementally, and i got ample time getting familiar with their properties.

Did i mention that your game controls very smoothly? really nice little piece of game done.

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Fun little game,
can't go too fast or i ll die,
but go too slow and i can't stand being an actual observant bus driver.

Just. Great.

Perfect juggling burglar game.

Takes time to get used to.

Unfortunately i still have 30 games to rate so i ll come back to beat it just a bit later. 

Here, take the full-mark rating and wait a bit (no Mark puns intended).