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thanks, saw it on twitter, watched it and collected valuable feedback from your playthrough.

good job playing through everyone's game. takes determination to do this

nice idea. i must try it some day

7zip is now my fav program to open any zipped files i find on the internet (minus one proprietary format by china)

thanks, i ll try to squeeze time to finish what i started

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Super fun mechanics. each character has a very irreplaceable mechanic involved.

I just wish the characters can interact with each other, rather than them being a universal response to a single obstacle.

I need to add though, it is quite fun having to think about whether i can get up with a particular character or i have to find ways to kill it

Edit: i reached the top. It is indeed a fun little puzzle

Totally understand your pain, real life can be a challenge too

10/10 nice one-screen treasure hunt

although solutions are kind of repetitive

If you are relatively new to 2d platformer programmer i ll be very impressed though

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Very interesting idea, but implementation can be better.

I think it will be better if you can switch to the ship's system just by using it, i.e.

  • press WASD to start moving, but while moving, cannot start another system
  • press space to start shielding
  • press shift to recharge
  • hold mouse button to shoot

and while holding any of the above buttons, disallow pressing any other buttons.

This can eliminate the use of number buttons, and still creates the dilemmas i am facing 

A very well executed tower defense with only one tower!

Great graphics and 8bit sfx and control feels smooth

The challenge of managing only one tower can be tough, but simple enough to know the consequences.

The boss fight is super fun! I realized that i could  utilize the down time to hit the boss!

Speaking about down time, i really like having something to do while my tower shoots, and collectingg gems fills just the role! I have to optimize between picking gems or moving my tower. Subtle but powerful!

Really hope to see a post-jam version of this idea


how many roles does that one door fulfill?

shield, projectile, 

more importantly, it is also a real door

it fulfills all of our expectations that a door can do

(oh wait... can you surf on the door?)

sweet assets

Looks fun. 


Thanks for sharing your playthrough and featuring my game. 

I see lots of opportunities to improve it

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Time is really limited especially with a day job. I ll spend my time on Arrow-Toolkit until Extra Credit Jam comes.

Hope you will understand

Thx. I ll try to squeeze time.

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Nice idea, but too random to get used to. 

I suggest making the start of game much easier to let new players like me learn the controls

Nice graphics, sound, and very smooth platforming.

Oh man, the platforming is fun! (Except a few blind jumps into the pit)

Fun enemy designs, each add a new challenge to the combat.

Unfortunately, i skipped half of all of them, and only chose to fight some that i feel like to fight

Ha ha, i feel especially smart dodging them with my deep understanding of the game's mechanics.

Please keep it like this
(or add extremely difficult path to award my discovery with more challenges)

Please tell me if this is intended. 
If so, you are a god.



does it have any gameplay, or is it really a chat engine?

Interesting, but why the timer? I wish to explore it more

i definitely want an inevitable demise last wave thing, coz i don't have enough content to rntertain the player (at least in this version)

Will definitely ramp the late game up exponentially, and players will naturally get crushed around that time, but will have a way to fight back too.

Sorry the skill ceiling is too low in this version, coz i did not change spawn rate at all. Only the spawn cap is changed.

So that means you are killing them quicker than i can spawn

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

oh and yes, although the final wave removes the spawn limit (to just 200 or so), the spawn rate is always the same, with random variations. i ll put that back next release

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Let's collect all the similar games here, so players who want more know where to go:

Thanks for rating and such a detailed reply.

um… i am at the cross road with so many dilemmas right now.

if you go ahead and play the post-jam version i actually further reduced the difficulty. (wont post a link here until jam really finishes)

I reduced the difficulty for 2 reasons:

  1. Just met a total beginner who doesn't even know WASD. I want to give these people some more time picking up
  2. I added laser sight. When testing it i find myself shifting too much attention to lining up the perfect shot, and the zombies were already at my nose.

But you are right. I need to set a better skill ceiling. Unskilled players should still start easy (like my latest update) and skilled players can rush past this by doing exponential score with combos.

I prepare to let new comers stick around for 1 minites in average (again dictated by performance), and then turn on the rollercoaster. Going to add a war flag zombie leader that somehow increases your score multiplier, but also increases all zombie speed by percentage (stack vs no stack? they are still one hit kills so i better have multiple alive. no wait, if i have a constant spawner but at large intervals then the players can choose to let them stick around for even higher score, but killing them do not slow existing zombies because it respawns rightaway)

Let me test it to find the right balance, after playing your game!

Thanks but it is lacking some game feel.

I ll try hard on adding the challenge but i am not optimistic about it

More parts available for the tree if you comment enough!

glad to see you having fun in it (and in your own unique ways too)


captures the "here, take some of this" kind of swag features of the game

shooting zombies without looking at them is one of my favourite ways, and you recreated this in your drawings.

are you sure you did your best to make this fan art bad? coz it is wonderful.

This is a very innovative start of an idea. If put in a real multiplayer game, it will be dope AF.

However, at the heart it is still carrying and throwing a cargo to a hoop.

I suggest adding simple deterministic AI to P2, and then this puzzle may get back some of its depth.

That said, i should look at its intention and picture it happening right in the middle of a multiplayer game, then the mood is really here. I really want to pick up that one disconnected guy and throw'im out of the window, or, at the red goal.

Cute graphic and nice collection of sprites. Especially liked P1 lifting its tiny arms. The box manipulation mechanics and the throwing mechanics are very well implemented and very smooth. Well done

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Running out of ammo? Have some of mine:

It is a puzzle-shooter focusing more on the shooter side. 

When you have only one Arrow, maximize its value by bouncing it to cover more ground!

Check out this combo-building shooter game where you have to survive zombies, while charging your arrow, while planning the perfect chain reaction!

And what are you talking about? Of course i am rating your game with a long feedback!

the colors are too bright. consider using Color.HSVtoRGB() to tune down the saturation (that is the red-white axis), and ever so slightly reduce the overall value (reduce the maximum value for the block-white axis)

also please add seizure warning, for some people out there

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And hey it's you again, i remember your extra credit jam game


i had A/B testing to test out whether to make it more like survival shooter(this one), or much simpler combo frenzy (the AB version)

Cute graphics! Did the tail just come off? Can't wait to start playing this but i have to sleep...

"I Was Hacked" was clunky  with all cells activating on-mouse-down

This game accepts click-swipe, which makes the gameplay much more fluid

Control seems to be right-click to aim, left-click to throw

But i can't control myself (perhaps i am drunk?)

The characters are hilarious though. Let's see if it evolves after the jam