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Use one path to reach many points
Submitted by encypruon, ColdIV (@ColdIV_) — 1 hour, 31 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#10413.5003.500

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That's very interesting idea and the game is really hard! I like how good the simple graphic looks


It's challenging and I had some "aha" moments, which makes me to love this puzzle game! And let's me think of birdsnake and jelly no puzzle (which was recently recommend to me).

Though, it feels like some levels where not at the right position in the game. I know this is might be subjective but, some levels which where easy came after some more challenging ones. Also some few levels are a bit repetitive. I mean levels in later game, which don't add some new idea, understanding or view of the mechanics to the game.

But, besides that it's great! 


Really enjoyed it so far, haven't finished it yet but definitely will. Controversly, I enjoy the fact that the level difficulty doesn't follow a curve like puzzle games usually have it because most puzzle games tend to be boring for the first 10-20 levels and when it starts getting interesting most of them are already over. With this one you have challenging levels right from the beginning mixed with some very relaxing ones that help you to not feel like a stupid looser. 

The only thing that I find lackluster is the description. The clone didn't behave the way I expected it to from just reading the description. "Your clone will perform all moves you make starting with your first." This should be changed to "Your clone will repeat all moves you have made in this level, starting with your first." - Present perfect instead of simple present tense, since it does in fact not start with a present action but instead with a past action :)

tldr: Great game! Reminds me of school days spent on kongregate.


Good point! The description should be more accurate now.


I feel like we wound up with similar concepts for our titles, but I think we each explored the core idea of "clones who repeat your motions" in a different way.  You can find my game at if you'd like to check it out.  Either way, though, this was a fun puzzle game!  I would likely greatly enjoy (and perhaps even pay for) a version of this game with a better difficulty curve.


It is kind of similar, yes! I like your game, although I couldn't finish it...
The levels were hand-selected in a hurry so I agree, they could've been better.

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)


A very well made puzzle game. I really enjoyed this one, even is it was hard at times.


Good game! Some really hard and intelligent puzzles! Really had to think before I moved! 


Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it :)


So uh, i went quite far but i didn't finished all level, some are really difficult and i only solved them with luck, some are quite simple, but the main mechanic is intersting, though i feel like it rapidly become really hard, and that there's no a lot to learn to progress, different tricks to do certain type of alignement, but it's about it.

It makes a good puzzle game though, one of the only entries i didn't finished.

The graphic style is simple but effective and gives room to them complexity of the moves you gotta do.

I don't really have a lot to say except that you made real hard levels here


Thanks for your feedback! I agree with your view on level quality/difficulty/progression. Before we started working on the game itself we made a level generator that generates levels of wildly varying quality and complexity. When we started hand-picking levels to put into the game we were in quite a rush and that really shows.


That's on me I guess...

I can say though, I managed to solve them all by myself! ;)

But I agree, I guess I kind of went with interesting looking levels and that wasn't really the best choice.

Developer (2 edits) (+2)

We couldn't figure out how to put instructions on this page so I'm pasting them as a comment:

Move using arrow keys.

Press space to create a clone at your location. Your clone will repeat all moves you have made in the current level, starting with your first.
When you've filled all pink circles, you can progress to the next level.

R - Reset the level.

Backspace - Undo

Return - Next level (if solved)

If you're on Linux or Mac you'll need Löve2D 11.x to open the file "".

This game was made by and me.