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Guys™ is perhaps the greatest Guys™-type game.

No other game really makes you feel like a Guys™ like Guys™.

A fun concept with good presentation, but I never found the levels particularly challenging.

A fun concept, but somewhat lacking in execution.  Don't give up!

Good to know! Thank you for the heads-up.

Are there any plans to make physical copies of Lancer available?  I've heard they were available at one point, if only as surplus from the Kickstarter campaign, but I haven't been able to find any other info about them.

Are the lizard dudes gonna get voice acting later?

This is super cute - thanks!

I feel like we wound up with similar concepts for our titles, but I think we each explored the core idea of "clones who repeat your motions" in a different way.  You can find my game at if you'd like to check it out.  Either way, though, this was a fun puzzle game!  I would likely greatly enjoy (and perhaps even pay for) a version of this game with a better difficulty curve.

Might as well throw my hat in the ring!

personally, I considered it more as "you cannot spend any action not completing a task" while i was playing through the game itself...  w/e i guess

I feel like my game is mechanically interesting, but the art in it is flat-out terrible.  I have no excuse for this.

Your art might honestly be something of an improvement on the in-game stuff :P

I think I reached level 9...?  Don't remember the time.

Holy cow, this is one of the funnest games i've played in this entire jam!  There's something about the dichotomy between the empowerment you get firing off your bullet to deal loads of damage, and the "ohshitohshitohshit" of attempting to dodge and weave between enemies to retrieve your only means of self-defense.

My game can be found here:

This is a fun game, but it's not entirely obvious how it directly plays off the theme, aside from the idea of "you only have one ability"...

I feel like this is actually an incredibly interesting/fun game!  I'm not sure if it fits into the theme very well, but I'm glad you made it and generally think you did a pretty good job with the concept.

This was a really fun concept!  I just kinda feel like the way the lights flickered outside of the player's control made it harder to play.  It definitely seems like a deliberate asthetic choice, but when you suddenly can't see the platform you're trying to land on, it is not a very fun time!

This game is pretty small and simple, but it's quite fun nevertheless.  I like how you made the controls simple enough to intuit, even just from messing around for only a few seconds.

Thanks for the feedback!  Admittedly, the lack of a decent tutorial is probably one of this game's biggest weaknesses currently.  If I ever take the time to polish it up, finding a way to even out the difficulty curve will probably be my first goal.

It's an interesting and fun concept, but the controls are a bit confusing... I kinda wish you could just automatically pick up weapons, instead of having to click the mouse.

This was a fun idea, but the power-switching mechanics were a bit frustrating to use the way they were implemented...

I found it difficult to understand the controls and what they did, but since I don't actually have another person with me to properly test the game, I'm not sure whether I should actually leave a rating...

A short, fun game!  I'd like to see this be expanded upon further.

fun, but a bit too unforgiving for my tastes

Fun game overall.  I feel like binding the torch to the mouse makes for some interesting risk/reward mechanics about wanting to keep the skeletons far away/learn the level layout more, vs avoiding the spikes that might be right in front of you

Thanks for all the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback!  Sorry about some of the game's glitchiness, I'm not sure how I missed that bit with the smile level being broken...

A fun game, but it's not very obvious how this is supposed to tie into the theme of "only one"