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Thank you. It was a shame that I couldn't get it to work in time for the jam, but I do plan on spending a little bit of time polishing and fixing it in the future.

I'm glad that you liked the idea. It's a shame I was unable to get it to work properly in time. 

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Unfortunately I was unable to get this game to work properly in the time provided. As a result it is barely playable in its current state and you will probably run into some bugs while playing. More info on how to play can be found on the projects page.

Id like to thank everyone who rated and/or left a comment for taking the time to do so.

I really like this games core mechanic. It is well executed and polished.

I really liked the concept behind this game and it was well executed. 

I really liked this it has a good concept that has a lot of potential. 

A very good concept. I would love to see this expanded upon in the future.

I found this entry to be quite nice. The explosive barrels felt fun to use and overall I spent a good few minutes messing around with them.

I really like the concept of everything being made of 1s. You did a good job at making this entry.

I really liked this one. It took me a little while to figure out how things worked, but once I did it was really fun.

A very neat idea. I really liked this one.

This a a well put together game with a good concept. I would love to see this expanded upon in the future.

This is really well made and I really enjoyed playing this one. 

The idea is nice and I can see it being expanded upon in the future. That being said I found it a little hard at first to figure out what I was meant to be doing.

I really liked this entry. It was well put together and I could see the concept being expanded upon in the future.

A very well made puzzle game. I really enjoyed this one, even is it was hard at times.

I really enjoyed this game. It is well designed and very polished.

I have to say this is one of the best entries I have played so far. It is really enjoyable and well put together.

It's a nice game with a good concept. Just needs a bit of polish, such as notices for when you lose and win.

The game plays well. My only complaints are that it's hard to tell when a new enemy will appear on screen and that in the second area moving off screen at any elevation will always put you on the bottom platform.

I really enjoyed this one and found the concept to be good. However I found that the replays would behave slightly differently each time you restarted causing a bit of unpredictability in what would happen in each attempt.

As others have said the concept is good, but it lacks polish. Adding the ability to skip dialogue and increasing the starting move speed slightly would also improve the pacing a lot.

It's not bad. With a little bit more polish I could easily see this as the sort of thing that people would play on their phones while waiting for something.

As others have pointed out the sound design does a good job at contributing games overall feel.

Thank you for your feedback. The ideas you suggested sound good and I will be sure to take them into account if I expand on this game in the future.

A very good concept. I liked how you had to position the enemy next to barrels in order to kill them. My only complaint is that some of the UI at the start of the game scaled incorrectly. But apart from that well done. :)

This is a very good foundation for a game. Well done. 

I'm glad you liked it.  I will let you know if I add more content in the future. :)

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Thank you for the feedback. Originally the plan was to make the game longer, but unfortunately I ran out of time during the game jam in order to do so. That being said I will probably add some more content in the future. :)

I'm glad you liked it. I will be sure to try out your game when I have some time. :)

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed it. :)