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Nikolay Ushakov

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Thank you! 

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Thank you for great example translation of art media into games media!

Also can you maybe help me out with one question: how did you make effect of rising hills on left and right borders while moving at x-axis? Parallax?

Wow, thanks for checking the game out!
Sorry for weird bug at the end, this wasn't really intended :D

I haven't, but I will definitely check it out!


Thanks for  feedback!

I will do similar things in future, they will be mostly about Cities

Thank you)



Thanks for your feedback! Got a subscriber)

Thank you, will add these features to my future games)

Neat sounds, but you need to balance gameplay. Otherwise you can just run around enemies that can't deal any damage to you.

Pretty game 

I had troubles with control though. Jumping on arrows is hard.

Oh wow
I couldn't survive them even that I tried many times :D

Thanks for super detailed feedback!
Also you have to press LCM and check out what happens

Thank you for good criticism!
Also to get through the goblin you need to dash. Try it out if you have time playing the game again.

10 out of 10 audio

10 out of 10 audio

Man, the game was a bit too basic for me.

Thanks for your feedback, man!

I didn't know about AZERTY type of keyboards so I will try make controls suit for every keyboard next time.
As well as trying to make color palette more user-friendly.

I like how you used a theme for a game. Also I hope to see more games from you in the future.

I have a bit of nitpicks also: 
Being able to know what each ability does would have made life easier.
Text is a bit too small to read.
Audio would have produced a great feedback for player.

Unstable mechanics that lie to the player

Amazing execution of typical sniper game

Thanks, Man!
What would you like to see if it was bigger? 

Like the concept

Hey man! 
Here is our short game:
Give us feedback if you can - we want to improve :)

Hey man! 
Here is our short game:
Give us feedback if you can - we want to improve :)

Good idea

But I think it would be better to make a starting point more wide and safe. It was weird to play first two times because of that.

Superb idea and implementation.

Great idea

I love the idea 
Reminds me of Brothers: Tale of Two Sons

Design is fantastic!
Really like your work

Nice short fun game!

I like the idea very much. Fun game!
But why just not make firing by left button only without right clicking to aim?

Good call, there should be more mechanics

I like your idea immensely! Thanks for feedback