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Not exactly sure if its a bug or something you intended to have, but i've noticed that new immigrants are only going towards my first settlement

Immigrants are attracted to the settlement with the highest Wealth Per Capita value.

My first settlement has the least welth per captia value of 5 compared to my other 2 which are 7 and 11

What version are you on? Prior to 1.2.5 I think there was a bug where the priority was backwards.

Version 1.2.7

I had that problem too with a wealth of 32 and a wealth of 11 and they choose the 11 wealth settlement although those settlements were founded at a later date and the 32 wealth one was the second.

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Curious, I'll take another look at the logic.

Edit: Do all of the settlements have 0% homelessness? Immigrants will only travel to settlements with sufficient housing. Or sufficient housing under construction.

Yes it did. It had enough for around 70-100 people I built the whole settlement with the starting 17 people.

I even send in a second migrant wave from the capital after a few Years and started importing food from other settlements because the 17/34 people couldn't support all the houses I had built. It took 3-4 Years for the first real migrants to show up.

You should actually still have the save with that settlement it was the last I uploaded the settlement between the 2 mountain areas. Btw. you said you wanted to use it for performance test. Were you able to fix some of the crashes happening every few minutes?

I do have the save, so I'll take a look. I just started the performance profiling, and I'll make sure to quash any crashes I see in the process.