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I don't know how to phrase this, but you know how in the files of a game. There is that one file that you click on, that has special artwork or whatever, and then the game starts. Well how do I add that onto the desktop so I can easily click on it and play the game? I've tried to do it to dwarf fortress, and a few games that I have gotten that I have downloaded within the app, yet it always says it's missing some file. If I put the file that it's missing it will say it's missing another file, which I will not add anymore as it will just clutter up my desktop, and basically put me in the same situation I was in before. Any way to do this? Or will I be stuck with having to go into the file itself/open up the app and press play, which kinda makes me not play the game, because I do not see it on the desktop so I just don't play it.

Okay... The problem turned out to be my graphics card.

I can't find crash_log, is it in the starting folder when you click on the extracted file? Also it is in downloads, so no there should be no problem with permissions. Maybe it has something to do with my graphics card? I bought a refurbished dell optiplex 755 which has decent specs but an abismal graphics card and I am unable to play some games due to it, I have obtained a new graphics card that should work for my computer and will tell you if anything changes.

Can't play... Just a clear screen that I can't do anything with.......................

I did both, Still nothing... Unless you have to do some special process for the .NET Framework or something.

Game won't start... At all, not a black screen or anything, it just won't start.