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How to get a game onto desktop when it's in the app?

A topic by gameslayer404 created Jun 09, 2020 Views: 56
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I don't know how to phrase this, but you know how in the files of a game. There is that one file that you click on, that has special artwork or whatever, and then the game starts. Well how do I add that onto the desktop so I can easily click on it and play the game? I've tried to do it to dwarf fortress, and a few games that I have gotten that I have downloaded within the app, yet it always says it's missing some file. If I put the file that it's missing it will say it's missing another file, which I will not add anymore as it will just clutter up my desktop, and basically put me in the same situation I was in before. Any way to do this? Or will I be stuck with having to go into the file itself/open up the app and press play, which kinda makes me not play the game, because I do not see it on the desktop so I just don't play it.

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