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wow that was really cool

heh...ok...the next day ( today ) i wanted to send you a screenshot of the error and the game is working again (dont know for how long)...the error was very similar to the one that eyalonsky had...maybe even the same one. I will send a screenshot if it does the error again but for now it works

also i think it might be because of the skirmishers because my previous world i didnt build skirmisher barracks and the game didnt crash or bug with the boats

OK!!! I think this time i have a bug! after a while of playing my trade/transport ships started to have a ghost unit taking up space ( after a normaly functional first naval invasion it started to do this ) and later they stoped even unloading units they float up to land but dont unload units ( after a reload it worked again but left a ghost unit behind...usually a skirmisher) after like 20 mins of this happening my save game i cant reload the world...

ok thanks...i thought they stoped working for a sec...

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OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHhhhh...ok let me have a look....yeah somehow im low in wood :D... and how exactly do lumbermills work? do you place them directly on a tree tile or next to? i know it says to place it on a tree tile but does another one have to be next to it for it to work? do they run out eventually?

ssoooo....traders, battleboats, chariots ( so far thats all i found ) dont ''recruit'' new units after the first ones die...and even if you rebuild the buildings the buildings just say ''not operational'' and it says the same thing when you build it in another city/village therefore making it impossible to continue traiding after an trader ambush...and theres no way to destroy towers...or order them to attack it making it impossible to destroy your enemy and continuing to endlessly kill eachothers traders ( well after he destroys my trader then it goes one way but before that ) and units...

....o...k...that works too i guess...

OKOKOK I GET IT!!!!....its a did you come up with that poemy stuff tho? from wiki? or you have some poem power?

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this game needs MP :D

wait wat?... thats all? ok then i guess it was an intresting game/spacebarpressingthing but... what is the purpose of this game? ( the statues looked/acted like wheeping angels from Doctor Who :D  )

The FIRST VN that I have read! And now im definitely gonna read more!!

DAAAAAMNN!!! thats a bummer..... :(

could you ( dev. ) pls add manual control? example:  you control the muscles to move the creature by clicking or binding keys to the muscles or anything similar to that....