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wait wat?... thats all? ok then i guess it was an intresting game/spacebarpressingthing but... what is the purpose of this game? ( the statues looked/acted like wheeping angels from Doctor Who :D  )


What is the purpose of a poem? What is the difference between our interior and exterior lives?  Who believes propaganda more: the propagandist or its audience? Is there a point at which that suspension of disbelief is broken? And when it is, does the propagandist dig in deeper? Has he had time, between conceptions, to actually observe? Or do his subjects appear frozen because he is too focused on his own model of them? Yet they advance.


OKOKOK I GET IT!!!!....its a did you come up with that poemy stuff tho? from wiki? or you have some poem power?


idk i just closed my eyes, breathing heavily, and when I opened them it was there, though i hadn't expected it

....o...k...that works too i guess...


i agree with you. what is the purpose?


What is the purpose of anything?