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Kinda hate it, but it has a cute kitten in it, so it's impossible to insult the kitten. Genuinely though I find this inspiring. [Mild Spoiler Warning] I lost because I forgot to yell. 


omg hi joel!! thank you!

i loved it! level 21 was a doozy but very satisfying to solve. as a collector of acorns, i approve

a lovely little puzzle game. as a lover of match games and sokobans, the mechanic was great, and some really clever setups came out of it. a cute place to be while i bump around and figure things out, and the level win animation is adorable. looking forward to trying out more from yall :)

this would be really perfect for mobile. get those thumbs goin :P 

I win! Definitely a cute and fun concept that i'd be pumped to see developed further :) 

stumped on the first box puzzle! will definitely be coming back once I have some more brain juice though :)

this was a lovely spot to wander in for a while. i had a nice evening finding everything and helping everyone out! 

I'm very fond of this. First of all, digital jigsaw puzzle UX is hard to get right in my experience, and this really went out of its way to make it feel good. Never frustrating, lots of quality of life polish. And the autosave is something i'd like to see in a lot more p8 carts in general. the fact that we can also drag in our own pngs means this system was worth the work, as it can now extend infinitely beyond the original four puzzles, something well deserved as it's so comfortable. but even the four that came with it feel generous enough. and cute to boot. i really enjoyed putting them together. the music was stuck in my head for two whole days and never got on my nerves. on the contrary, it did a fair bit of work ungrinching me. i've been extremely grumpy for very understandable reasons, but when outside of direct grump-inducing scenarios, it is difficult to maintain that mood with such a pleasant and bouncy and cheerful song stuck in your head. much as i might have liked to scowl, i instead found myself bobbing and whistling. that's my only complaint :P but seriously this was a pleasant and soothing little gift. i may be extra emotionally-inclined here because my family has a tradition of putting together puzzles during the holidays, and (for grump-inducing reasons) we cannot do that this year, so this filled a nostalgic role. i'll be sending it their way. i think, with its ease of use, even my less technologically capable family members will be able to enjoy it. so anyway, thanks <3 this is a good cart.

idk, i have no memory of saying this lol

This was so much fun, and the ending was super cute as well <3

Frustrating fun, and I mean that in the best way!

thank you max!! 💙💙 the bird loves you back

This was really good! Just had a lovely rainy afternoon with it. Also I cracked up at the "Watch out for ghouls." sign, but then I kept running into them anyway and saying to myself "watch out for ghouls!" Beautiful environments, the size and detail of the guardians was stark and wonderous, pleasant music... a good place to get lost for a while :)

it's even worse on mine ;n; i wonder why!! well i mean my laptop is pretty bad i guess but most other lowpoly stuff works okay

SO GOOD AND CUTE also yes i read all the trashcan text

I'm employee of the month! impressive work here :)

I'd love to see a collection of sources for public domain art and fonts! I recall seeing a couple a while back but have since lost them!

Also I think I'm most interested in layout guides for various programs, as that's what intimidates me the most. 

Here's Dee Pennyway's tweet-based guide on creating layouts with Google Docs:


Oh! I'm sorry I missed this comment! The lullaby was made on BeepBox so you should be able to check it out here:

💕💕💕 this is lovely, thank you for playing and documenting your experience! Ms. Blorkensmol gives you an A+

I love your colors and geometry!

i really liked this, what a strong mood!


Beautiful, sensuous writing. I look forward to cheating the limitations of Zoe's technology by playing through again.

E> (that's a robot heart)

onion this is so beautiful. thank you

This game is gorgeous and I can't believe it's your first game (but obviously not your first time animating)! I love that it's about cheering up friends. Most of the puzzles felt good, though on a couple I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, so i clicked around a bunch and solved it without knowing how. Abstract puzzle design communication is HARD though and you've done a great job with it. This is a strong start and I look forward to seeing more!

I hope you do! This is really interesting for pico 8 and i'd love to see more in this direction

ooh, this one has controls!

Well I just dove down the rabbit hole of your arduino console. That is fascinating and I want to try it but it's far too late at night to read that much code :P

A charming little puzzle adventure :) The curse mechanic was cleverly used later on and I am always down for some gay ghost stories. I did feel a bit at odds with the player tho -- I would never help a real estate developer destroy a museum. Of course they're working with the cops

I love this concept and I think it could be really fun with a bit more polish!

I appreciated several things and now I would like to appreciate more :3 

Sometimes when I am depressed I make myself go on a walk and I turn it into a scavenger hunt to find Five Things I Like. It usually ends up being flowers and bugs, or sometimes little quirky objects that seem to tell a human story. This reminds me of that experience and I hope it encourages others to go on such walks. 

A good first! I would play more. I can see this concept getting devilishly difficult 

Same thing happened to me! I'm not sure why but coming back just now it seemed much easier. I think I was making it more complicated in my head than it actually was

A solid little platformer :)  Satisfying movement, consistent style, and good progression. Simple but polished. I had a good time here! Cute graphics and music made the "i'm stuck" moments less frustrating. 

Lovely lil platformer with some great room layouts and clever connectivity. Good music by an old favorite of mine as well!

I'm loving the atmosphere here and I can't wait to explore more of this world <3 

How much for the ad-free version?