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I have gotten many of bundles from various places and this pops up a lot. That's how you know it's a good one and it is! 

I quite liked this! The jumpscares were almost too loud, but overall, effective in the good way. The dude flipping me off, was a little silly,out of place. I definitely would like a full game!

I couldn't finish the game. I watched several people play and one of the keys I need, is not there for me.

The guy on the radio is a  dick

The cursor doesn't show up and I can't do anything other than esc to the menue

Definitely a serious comment! That makes so much sense.

Thank you for telling me to wear headphones with loud sound and not just blasting me with jumpscares.

I eventually figured that out and played both!

There's two versions and they are both included in the black lives matter bundle. What's the differences though?

This is one of the best games, I have played, in quite sometime and it's not even finished! I am so looking forward to the final game.

Restarting the game, did work for me, when my sound wasn't working.

What am I to do? Nothing is going on at all.

Thank you for more items! 

I'm sorry, I only speak dumb American

What is the purpose of anything?

I finally figured that out! haha

I'm sorry, I can't get the game to work or do anything at all.

I'm sorry. I only speak English and the game just would not run on my computer.

How do I get that to go away, while I am playing games? The next/previous game list to the left.

What a heavy trip. This was fantastically done. The subject matter was shown respectively and really well done. Depression does suck!

They like birds


I can't play on computer

Wow. It was me.

It won't go fullscreen

I am here from Markiplier. 

I can appreciate the kids in wheelchairs not being left out of the carnage.

That cat is too cute. Dead.

Came here from Markiplier. Amazing!