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plant daddy

grow plants in your sunny apartment! · By brady soglin

Share your plants here! Sticky

A topic by brady soglin created Feb 10, 2020 Views: 27,596 Replies: 773
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Developer (2 edits) (+13)

If you find a plant that's cool / beautiful, feel free to share it here! (You can use the camera to take a picture of your plant! If you use the Nursery to study your plant first, you can share its seed here so other people can grow it too)

I'll start us off: here's my favorite plant I've found. He's a forest sprig named Karl. He has one rare trait.

His seed is: 029 4576


here's my lord and savior, patrisha.

this doesnt have much to do with your plant but can you help me on how to make a post here?

Honestly I don't remember how to D: I just tried to do it again as an example but it wasn't working I'm so sorry ahh!!

oh its ok! thanks anyway


This is my forest spring named Harvestbell


May I have the seed for Harvest? they are soo cute!

(1 edit)

Sorry, It deleted my progress and I didn't have the plant nursery at that time, but I do have Mr. Sprigglesworth! 

This time I combined the words Sprig and Mr. Bigglesworth, the pet from world of warcraft (Which I find as a pet collecting/battling hobby in WoW

haha, nice! im gonna work on more plant types!


Luna doesn't have any traits but they sure are pretty.

Luna is very pretty mind if I use her seed?

Go right ahead! :)

Thx although I have to get the right amount of  blossoms and leaves

thx tho


I've also got a Luna!


Me too


She's so pretty I got her seeds thank you!! <3

Luna looks like a giant version of my first cave blossom, Nico. I'll be sure to check out the seed!

i cant see the image can i have the seed?


my favorite tree ended up having three traits... im so proud


I grew an equally fancy twin of Fancy! Here he is w/ his new buddies Pastel Goth and Damocles

would you kindly let me know what damocles eed is? Owo


I have found 2 boys with 3 rare traits, Biff and Leggy! Feel free to grow them in your own houses. Now I seek the elusive 4-trait plant...


hey there i seem to have found a 4 star Cactus ( 041 2146 )

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

whoa awesome! that's the first 4-trait anyone's found, as far as I know! nice!!


I combined Melon and Grove to make the Name  Melove


Ooh, love the name!

Thx! Like I combined Plant and Sanfransisco


by the way 5 stars are possible too just extremely rare 


thanks for sharing - I got my own 4* cactus using your seed! so cute! I named him rubeus because one of his traits is 'gentle giant' :D


oh nice! I ended up naming it Frosty Cactus since it looks frozen

So cool! I'm making one right now :D



Very pretty! What's it's seed?


055 7194! :)

Thank you! :)


meet pip, my cave blossom. he may seem shy at first, but deep down he's a "team player"!


and this is jean-paul. she's got some pretty neat stripes.


My awesome eggplant tree ( seed is 060 5234 ) 

(1 edit) (+4)

Save got corrupted but im rebuilding so I got Eggplant Tree Jr, since I actually have the seed for it


there is now a cousin to the eggplant tree 

Please keep us up to date with your eggplant family


i also have an eggpplant! 

Woah! recently i havent been playing the game lately but its crazy that my replies are still being seen also i really like your eggplant tree the colors are nice 

Everybody here be like we will watch your career with great interest

here's mine


I have become a cave blossom factory trying to find that exclusive 4 star... closest I've come so far: 

(3 edits) (+2)

when you get the 4 star you should post it id really like to see a 4 star cave blossom also this is my cactus factory (red is growing/random ones and blue is ones i really like and kept ) ALSO there is a thing known as a 5 star! I don't think anyone has got one yet but I really wanna know what the special pot for it is, im guessing its either Platinum or my hopes are a galaxy pot cause that would look really cool 


I did it!!! :D  oh man now I gotta get a 5 star.... the journey continues 


Woah, those other two look really pretty too!!


Their seeds are 052 6405 and 059 5855 ! I love them a lot too :) 

the 5 star is i think a blue or green

058 5638 5 star


my best garden plant


I love this little alien


whoa i love your garden plant can i also get the seed of the one all the way in the right?


doug is a very good and floppy friend.


Ooh I love doug! Very pastel


reese is here!! my first 4 star baby.

reese is very cute! who is his friend on the right?


oh! i have the same one! love the name reese!

i sadly don't remember his friend's name since it has been a while and my in-browser save data is no more :(

RIP :(

where do you put the mushrooms so it isnt too dry ??

you have to unlock the bathroom! once the shower is turned on they can be placed and grow.


Cheri is beautiful and I love.

(2 edits)

they are indeed. thank you for sharing.


Look at these mushrooms.

First 5 star in the thread


first of all AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA second of all i think your the first to get a 5 star  in general congrats


(1 edit) (+1)

what a good mushroom! also grats on the first five star!!


wow nice!! this the first 5 star plant anyone's found, they're so so rare!  🏆🍄🏆


Cute! Congrats on your five star!


I need dat pot and shroom when I get it  Give the credit to him not me.


Used your seed and grew your mushroom a distant cousin. Decided to name her Emilia because why not.

Time to grow my own little 5-star lmao. Great job, this is one for the history books.

Could I get the seed for Lil' Shrooms friend?


Some of my fav forest sprigs :D

Oh! I love the white one on the left! Can you share the code for them?

0276524 !!! sorry for the late reply :-)


Love these! Could you share the code for the right one, too?



Darla here has a flair for the dramatic!


And she may be small, but she is spectacular. ^^


Darla knows how to make a statement.


I found a lil' 4 star on accident, she may not be the prettiest but I love her!


And I found Ol' Timmy Two-Heads' evil twin!


hey just letting you know i used angy's seed code! i named him obnoxious and he's absolutely lovely, thank you!


Three of my favourite ladies, Emily, Crinoline, and Banshee

whats banshees code

They're all so beautiful; I love the colours. 

Slowly trying to find a 5 star vine. I know these two look pretty simple but, idk, I love them.

ooh i love detective lassiter! what a hard boiled lookin plant


Garth here is my highest level ancient fern so far. Trying to find a three and four star! ^^


3 stars!!! :D Everyone meet Tolouse!


Another 3 star, here's Elise! :D


caught one


My first four star vine!! I'm so happy <3


My fav tiny tree, Miss Keisha


omahfucking god she fucking cute


hahaha thanks

Beautiful, share seed?


I'm working on trying to find a 5* of my own, but these are my most interesting-looking grows so far! 


My first plant had a rare trait, multi-coloured stem!


Here's my Favorite cave blossom RoseThorn! 

I got a little cute plant. His name is Padio nice name right?here is his seed to.


I made this cute lil garden plant here she has no rare traits but she is cute here is her seed 000 4692


Some neat plants


cosmos is beautiful!! they look so elegant :D


I got the seed for the albino one and It is a four star( my first four star)


I'm new here and me and my girlfriend spent a whole midnight growing plants! We are working on a 5 star Tiny Tree. So far we only have a 2 star but we still love it!

This is Nam, name after my girlfriend. Hello from Hong Kong!


After a day of repeating planting and studying, here are the highlights! A 3-star Tiny Tree

And a 4-STAR one!!

What's the code for the one on the top right?


I saw someone had an eggplant tree on here, and i managed to find an eggplant vine!


I found two eggplant garden plants! XDEggplant and Eggplant Jr.

Lil' Eggplants

I love her!!!


Ooh nice find, i like the thin blue branches a lot.

Me too, and I love the way it looks with the leaves

Wow, she's gorgeous! 


Look at my girl!! Prettiest of all


The gradient is so nice~


Nice indeed! I love him, he's so squat :)

may i ask what the seed of the tall plant next to it is? i adore both of them

He's just a normal child but glad you like him! 029 4237


This be my Elsa Shroom


This is my first plant...Her name is Reddiseenia a lil 1 star she has a fancy stem color.

(1 edit) (+3)

I liked how this three star cave blossom turned out, code: 057 4880
Plant 2: 055 5184 
Plant 3: 055 9989

(7 edits) (+1)

These are my plants. The prairie star next to the window and the two garden plants on the chair are named after characters from two different fandoms. I have studied most of them, but only a handful of them have rare traits. (Rare trait kids are on the table in the bathroom and shelf [Five star mushroom doesn't count because she is imported])  Nonetheless, they are all beautiful and I love them.

(may or may not update this picture from time to time)

Current Ranking for Traits

  1. [Tie] Carina, Lina, and Elisia (Purple Curling Vine, Red Curling Vine, Red L'il Mushroom)
  2. [Tie] Lira, Fermia, Frinya, Liana, Lila (Smaller, brown L'il Mushroom, Bigger, brown L'il Mushroom,  Garden Plant, Forest Sprig, Ancient Fern)

Like I said, Lil' Mushroom in shower doesn't count because she is imported.


ok so quick update


oooh carina is indeed very cool!


Quick hint for rare traits (for my version of the game at least): If your plant baby has a gradient stem and leaves that are similar to Carina's,  I' pretty sure that's already a guarantee you have at least 1 rare trait without checking in the nursery.

Deleted 1 year ago
(1 edit)

I would love to see how much you've grown so far ^w^

So this is my pride and joy, gArDeN PlAnt. I love her, but I don't know what to name her. Gimme some ideas!

I don't know,  Ardinia?

(I'm really bad at names)

That's perfect! Thank you. :)

No problem :)


Hello, just wanted to share some of my plants with you

1) Carl the cacti


2) My pretty friend Harpo


3) Chicko the forest sprig (apart from the stem - an aura of mystery)

4) Forest Gump the forest sprig, fancy stem color, an aura of mystery and gentle giant (!)

5) Ancient fern whose name means The Great Old One

how the heck do you pronounce that?

wee-el-kee pri-zed-wee-ec-znee?

it's polish, put it in google translator and check

Carl is definitely my favorite

Carl is pretty!


this is my first ever 2 star.. he's cute

Did you know there is a game called 'Kill Ice Age Baby'? You better watch out, 'cause people play it. And your name is iceagebaby. Also your cactus is cute. XD

That was the inspiration for my username.. Thank you!



some of my plants! Hope it helps :D


Woah your curling vine looks super cool

In the first picture, for some reason, the fern reminds me of a watermelon.

(1 edit) (+1)

lil fancy boy, he's tiny but mighty

hehe. ass.


Woah, that's a cool cactus! Could you share the code for that one? I would love to add it to my house~

(1 edit)

thank you!

the seed is 040 2066

i named it halo 💜




My first 4 star tree! A little sparse in the leaf department, but pleasing appearance overall~


it is a very mighty tree indeed.


This is my favorite plant I've grown so far and i wanted to share her beauty here! She only has two stars but is still very pretty

(1 edit) (+1)

she is very elegant.


A elegant lady such as her needs a name you know. Maybe Angelica or Angel for short, if thy lady doesn't already have a name.


omg i love it

her beauty reminds me of a certain axolotl and I honestly don't know why. 


I grew this pretty boy yesterday! I feel so lucky!! 


whoa! that's the first 5 star forest sprig! congrats!


Oh, wow!! That's so cool!! I feel even luckier haha

U make it sound like you haven´t grown one yet


It's so pretty! Congratulations!

Have you decided on a name yet?


Here's my baby Aziraphale! He's my first 4-star :)


Lil' blue squatty cactus!

What's the code for the one on the left, if you don't mind me asking? It is very pretty. XD Also the other ones are too. They all are.

Oh! The one to the left is 048 2911

The one to the right is 042 8126

Thank you~


And thank you. XD


hmmm i think is rare


Woah another 5 star!


You'd think 5 star plants would be more sparse than this, but we already have 3 confirmed ones.


And here is Emily :)

Her seed :  007 2490

Thy one and only fire goddess: Emily



Powerful team player!!! Favorite of my mushrooms so far~<3

I don't have a good name for him though!


Lenny? Locholanianic? Leloinantin? (okay what did I just write) I feel like he should have an 'L' name.

Thanks! I'm gonna go with Lenny, I think~ :3


Lenny the Lil' Mushroom. :)

Hi! I was just wondering, when you take photos (in game), where do they go? XD I want to post some stuff here but I dunno where my photos are, cause they're not in my pics folder. Anyways, I'mma get back to playing this amazing game now! Hope to share some photos of my plants soon!

Have you checked your downloads yet? . w .

Yes, I did check my downloads.

Now that I updated my computer they decided to live there. XD 'They were like hmmm... where should we live? Oh, the downloads folder! Perfect!' XD


oh hey, sorry, I missed this! They should save to your desktop

Oh, well they aren't in my downloads or my desktop. Is there a way I could assign them to a certain folder?

(1 edit)

And do you think it has anything with me being on Linux?

It's fine now.



A growing experiment: buying 3 of the same plant and seeing how they all grow up to be. Produced some pretty neat-lookin' fellas! 

Same experiment with Garden Plants:

And with Tiny Trees:

None of them are particularly high on special traits, but they look awesome! 

And here is my weirdo two-headed cactus:


I have a two headed cactus too!

She doesn't have a name yet.

(1 edit)
AzuraOne who is of sky blue color

You could name them Azura because it means "One who is of sky." :>

Ooh! I will! Thanks!

what's the plant next to it?

Which one? Right or left? (sorry for late response =w=)

What is the code for the one on the right? :o

realizes I haven't studied it yet
oop- I just have to study it QwQ
016 3062
There you go!^^

Wait... Do you mean the cactus or the prairie star? =w=
Well, that's for the prairie star, the cactus is 043 6568. QwQ

Thank you! :)

Can I get the seed for the Prairie star in the middle of the first pic?


  Hello. :> I have this space inbetween my couch and sofa and I thought it would be nice if there was floor plants. (Also cuz it really bothers me how this space is just.. there...  *~* and I can't fix it T^T) And is it just me or did anyone eles wish you could place your lil mushrooms in the toilet lol


I second growing mushrooms in the toilet! That's definitely what I thought it was for...

I think about putting something there every time I look at the screen.

Deleted 234 days ago

There is more... and this isn't it

i made a thing for that

My most beautiful plant in my room (in game xD)

Always gotta remember your not a crazy plant person yet!


sometimes it's really hard!


Welp, if the game likes it so much, i'll take it!

so how do i make a post on here :p

Just like that :D)



This is a post  :>

but how do i put a picture

nvm i figured it out 


Oh, what device are you on?


im on a chromebook why?


I'm on a pc (Windows) so this might not be right but have you checked your downloads


This is Heze. He is a garden plant, and was my first plant.

His seed is 000 4298.


i love my lil cave blossom!! 


3 headed cactus

4 headed cactus. XD4 headed cactus.


Wait- What's the one next to it? it's beautiful

oop- It's not mine =w= One sec, lemme check the code... 040 2066 :>


What's the code of your 4-headed cactus?

I love him! Such a cute little cactus, and his flower is so pretty! He just needs a name...

would Cory work?

Oo, sure! Thanks!


My room so far.


Also here are my fav plants I have of each type.

Cave Blossom (headings won't work)Cave Blossom

Garden Plant (yay they work)Garden Plant


Prairie Star

Prairie Star
Needs a name!

Forest Sprig (darn heading things won't work! AGAIN! >:(  agh)
Forest Sprig
(Sen-aye-eyes-in) Now they work... FOREST SPRIG

Cactus (yay!)I'll come up with some combination of vowels and consonants for a name.

I'll add to this later.

Cactus' new name.Fay-lin-tah-nos-al-in-ee-uh.

Nos like notes without the T.

Your name's are very complex. @-O I feel frightened O^o

(1 edit) (+1)

Please teach me your ways because just look at this name lol

I just randomly combine letters to make my names ;v;


Lovely plants, and love your names! Is the first part the scientific name, and the second the nickname?

how about Lira or Claire for the one the Prairie Star that needs a name? 

Hmm, okay! I like Lira... so Liranitoalianius! :D Lira for short.


Hmm, I guess yeah! Glad you like my strange combinations of consonants and vowels names! :D


My pride and joy- String Cheese.

I love them.

First 3 star, so proud of my little Cave Blossom Boy!

He so cute! ~~~~~


reminds me of cookies and cream for no reason

he's cute and the leaves look like a curling snake


where did you get the name from? it's pretty


Marty has one rare trait, but i like him. Feel free to use his seed!

Marty is a great name!

Thank you!


I havent decided on a name yet but i like this one.

Does Liana sound like a good name for your plant?

Actually it does! Thanks!


(9 edits)

I used to be lucky with li'l mushrooms and curling vines

apparently that luck has left those plants and entered the cave blossoms and garden plants

ʷʰʸ ᵈᵒᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᵃᵖᵃʳᵗᵐᵉⁿᵗ ʰᵃᵛᵉ ² ᶠˡᵒᵒʳˢ ʷʰᵉʳᵉ'ˢ ᵗʰᵉ ᵏᶦᵗᶜʰᵉⁿ ᵃⁿᵈ ᵗʰᵉ ᵇᵉᵈʳᵒᵒᵐ

ᵐʸ ᵖˡᵃⁿᵗˢ ˡᵃᵈ ˡᵒᵛᵉ ˡᵒᵛᵉ :ᵒ

I have like 4 garden plants, 3 cave blossoms (2 of them are clones), and all of them have rare traits

thanks lady luck

Current Quest: Fill the apartment walls with cave blossoms

Rare Trait Plants

(hover over the picture for comments about the plant)

(will only update for plants I think are interesting enough)

    1. Lina, variegated leaves"Is reminiscent of a watermelon for obvious reasons."
      Code: 005 0375
    2. Imana, fancy stem color"A long boi even though it doesn't even have the gentle giant trait."
      Code: 005 1280
    3. Polara, powerful!!!"Doesn't really show it, but is powerful nonetheless."
      Code: 066 7219
    4. Flora, variegated leaves"Doesn't like to stand out."
      Code: 026 5271
  1. ⭐⭐
    1. Marah, fancy stem color and gentle giant"The first of the 2-star garden plants."
    2. Riona, fancy stem color and multi-colored stem"How cute. Still gonna poke you though."
      Code: 040 0861
    3. Wilda, variegated leaves and fancy stem color"Looks like it's wilting, but it isn't. Also deletes some of its own petals when it's windy."
      Code: 007 3080
    4. Carina the Cool, variegated leaves and multi-colored stem"The first of them all. The only plant that got carried over from my old save file before it got deleted from inactivity."
      Code: 031 0868
  2. ⭐⭐⭐ (this does not count Sagira's clones)
    1. Sagira, flower color gradient, variegated leaves, multi-colored stem"Well then. Never expected to get one of these."
      Code: 058 0250
    2. Jolyne, variegated leaves, multi-colored stem, multi-colored flowers"Yes, this is a Jojo reference."
      Code: 015 0838
  3. ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    1. Jardinia, variegated leaves, multi-colored stem, fancy stem color, powerful!!!"What the chocolate ding dong?"

      Code: 050 7358



my computer decided to be a ding dong and I had to commit system restore

thanks for the idea of putting the codes under the pictures past me ;-;


This is my pride and joy, Oddie. He was the first plant I studied and the most successful one. I love him so much! He's a handosme little man.


whoa, nice, love him!



I am mighty proud of my setup here.  :)


One of my three star plants

Oooooh! nice!

She's  2 or 3 stars... im so sorry i forgot...


haha too many plants?


I really like this one!


ooh, nice find!


Thanks so much!


Meet leonora!


What's the code for the one on the left? :0

I hope you like this colorful flower!

oooh pretty!


What's the code?


what a glow up

This is my newest plant! 

I was growing a blueberry plant family but today I sadly found them gone probably since I ghosted them for to long but I have some photos of them saved so I would like to post their very last photos and grief . இ௰இ

The nORmAl ones

The father and daughter siting on the couch
   Sadly the daughter didn't have a picture of her own since the family thought she wasn't that important so, her code will forever be lost. Moment of silentsss.   ╯︿╰

The adopted one

This one was adopted
                          Now lets sit here and wonder where the mother ran off to, maybe to her dreams or the arms of another blueberry man.

                                                                                                 The world may never know.


Here's my 2-star dude.

It has a fancy stem and an aura of mystery ;)


hehehe banan


nobody found something as rare as what I have yet... A 0 STAR PLANT!!!!  his name is gerald, he gets bullied by my other cactus pearl so I ha to move him

this is pearl btw:


a whole couch of cacti:

from left to right: gerald, jade, pearl, chris, and harrold.

I love these!

What code does Jade have?


This is my favorite plant I've found so far! Stella!! Feel free to use the seed to get your own Stella's if you want! :>


Woah I got a five star cave blossom... Enjoy!

heres my four star cave blossoms :)


Blanco may not be that special but I like him.

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

Hi everyone! For those who like ferns, here are some blue fellas that get me bonkers


Seed of the fern on the right: 098 3503 

Middle: 0907866

My favorite Tiny Tree!


Here's one of my favorites. She's only got two traits, but she's still magical.


Palso, my very first plant has such pretty flowers~

Look at these lovely purple stems


this is Sunbeam!! I love him very much :) he isn't particularly spectacular, but I think he's pretty :D


I got very excited about Harrowhark and her many colors! A funky Cave Blossom


My current pride and joy is my special tree.


He looks like a brocolli!


wanted to share this beauty :D still unnamed... 


anybody want a big boi!!!?? he is so tall and i love him


I love him.


these 3 are also very special to me. the fern is a 4 star!

left: 0952142

middle: 0206284

right: 0283626 (her name is joyce and though she bares 0 stars, she is calm and full of warmth)


Prettiest plant I've made so far.

very pretty! thanks for sharing - added the beauty to my collection :)


My Beautiful Son only has one star, but I love the way his flower matches his stem gradient!

he's so beautiful 0-0


my first personal 3 star flower! :} feel free to have your own Ice


Beautiful!! I also love the one on the left!


thank you!!


Golden Curls, the 4-star Curling Vine

Even prettier is Purple Cain, the 2-star Cave Blossom


The name of this plant is underrated. You should be proud.

(3 edits) (+4)

Casper's so pale he looks like a glitch...


wow that's a crazy find!!


Thanks, great game by the way! Honestly one of the best in the BLM bundle.


I can't stop playing it! It's so soothing.





I have grown Casper's cousin 

Just got the game yesterday and already my family is so big :') Kind of wish the game had a few more customization options (like different chair colors or wallpapers?) But ill take what I can get.
Cant wait to get the bathroom unlocked so I can get some mushrooms


This is my first plant in the game <3

They're so pretty!!


Here's my two favorite babies! Cave Cherry and Squidward. Cave Cherry is my favorite because she looks like a cave cherry blossom and Squidward is my first 4 star plant baby!

Cave Cherry: 057 2223

Squidward: 024 1454


I failed on my quest to get an all black cave blossom but I honestly think this one looks super cool glowing like that. 


I grew some of seeds of Goff!


They all look so luminous and beautiful!!!

Goffs cousin, Pastel Goff


My second Prairie Star was very special!

Great game, very relaxing!


I just got this game today! Here's the design of my main room right now. <3 ^.^ Also my two fav plants that I grew: :3

4 rare traits !! i love this guy


I got my own 4* plant today! :D

Behold my pride and joy, the powerful and mysterious (and pretty!) mushroom

I would be proud too! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


That's awesome, congratulations! 


Got my first 4 star mushroom! 


haha what a weird little dude


Hi I'm new to and I found this game, it's pretty cool! Here is a rare plant I found, I'm in love with them!

(1 edit) (+1)

Another cool plant! No rare traits but still very pretty!


No rare traits but still lovely!


3 stars!


ooh, i love this one, nice find!

(1 edit)

I'm not sure if my posts are going through? Or if they're in the right spot-- BUT I have a do I make the bathroom humid?

Edit: Nvm I figured it out--

The water bill is going to be high but worth it.


(1 edit) (+2)

Now that the game allows windowed mode I am moving from the browser to the app. Here are some favorites I've grown over the last few days.

Ghost Legs and Casper's long haired sibling. Birchio.

My first three star, with lovely yellow stem.

Only a two star but a cactus I named after Brady because this game has really helped me with my anxiety the last few days. I love the 3 prong cacti.

My first 3 star fern. The stems are a nice blue.

Love this short little cactus. The flower fades lovely into soft pink from the stem.

The flowers are pale blue on the sides and darker blue in the middle. Very small and seems happy in the most delicate pot.

The leaves on this guy are so big and stripey. A spiritual cousin to Bronto Snack and they look great together.

This guy looks completely normal, maybe a little leggy, but is three stars. A lovely big boi on the shelf.

A friend to Bronto Snack and Choking Blue, this little tree didn't need to be scanned to reveal its stars. How did it know? A glitch? It had been scanned before? Unknown. Seems friendly.

This looks like delicious bubblegum and I can taste zebra stripe gum when I look at it.

Do not eat these.

The flowers are very dense and a bright orange in the center fading to a bright red. Very pleasing.

I had a lot of three star mushrooms but this one was easily my favorite despite only being a 2 star. Love the glowing look of it.

Sorry for the huge post, just wanted to make sure these guys got the love they deserved.


All of them look great! Also 10/10 naming??


Thank you! I'm proud.


Wow, these are great plants, and very well named! really glad the game is helping :)


this is my tiny little baby and she is beautiful

Has anyone found a fully black plant? I know there has been a fully white plant--

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I am systematically growing Cave Blossoms, with no luck so far. I fear it may not be possible given the flower colours/gradients coded into the game.  The seed range of Cave Blossoms is <050 0000> to <059 9999> so there are 99,999 unique Cave Blossoms to find!

That said an monochromatic Tiny Tree may be possible, but I'm unsure if black is a option for Fancy Stem Colour.

edit: added bit about Tiny Tree

edit2: accidentally a word

okay, thank you!

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I have Yuri here! Though, they're closer to purple than black :0c

Edit: woops, they werent fully grown, and their flowers are minty green. i think someone here had a black mushroom though!


Does anyone know how to do the first two tasks?

Do you have the Plant Nursery?  If not, purchase it and find out!

I do have one, I just don't get what it means by pictures? Ik about the camera feature too. I've just been trying to do them and it isn't working for some reason, I think I'm doing it wrong but idk what else to do?

The first task is easily accomplished by growing three identical plants using their seed number in the nursery. Then you place them on a large shelf, click the shelf to zoom in, and take a picture like this one:

the second to do list item can be achieved by putting the three 2+ rare trait plants on a shelf as well.


Just wondering if there is a way to delete a plant?


No but you can stash them into your inventory

Okay, Thanks! I didn't think of that--

Once they're in your inventory, you can recycle them for resources :)

005 5512 : don't wanna post a pic so just enjoy the surprise! 

Also try 048 9685 : D for a simply FIRE result


Not rare but thought some of you might enjoy the fall vibes! 

So pretty!


If y'all like ancient ferns I'll share my fave plant.

shes called Shiro (cos white stems) and she's STUNNING

Seed: 096 6368

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here's my boy peter! he may not be particularly rare, but i love him nonetheless.




What do you think? Is it better?


i like the symmetry! the spacing of the candles is also really nice.

Thank you!


I got this idea from "SlugGal"

I'm going to give you some codes to my favorite plants but I'm not going to show pictures! All of these I got myself and not from anyone else!

Code #1 |  0027679

Code #2 | 0045666

Code #3 | 0022334

Code #4 | 0343714

Code #5 | 0099015

Code #6 | 0888592 (This one is a mushroom so you need to unlock the bathroom)

I hope you like them! :)

Here is a link to their profile :

Here's the  closest I've gotten to getting a 5 star fern

feel free to use his seed

teeny old man 

I think I got my first ever 4 star plant?? 


Look at these cuties! They all just grew next to each other?? I'll be getting codes in a few minutes!


Left: 0579270

Middle: 0586632

Right: 0586078

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silly names, but three of my favorite plants.

wait. some more

those are great names! Nester is my favorite plant aesthetically :)

nester was my THIRD plant and my magnum opus

I have a plant that's named "#TransRights" :b

nice.... epic work, gamer :)

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here are a few of my plant babs :D <3 
edit: free cookie if you know where Kainé's name is from :P

I would love the seed for Kainé! I love Nier!!

here!! :D

Its a Garden Plant <3


my favorite red cactus.

a pretty long boi

some icy blue blossoms


Here's my rarest plant so far. I love her a lot! Everyone else's plants are so beautiful!! 

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i just started! but this game is so fun!

my ancient rome is powerful apparently! lol

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Hello!! Here's some of my fave plants so far ^^ ♥

(The Gold one next to Van Gogh isn't my OG one)

some more~


Got a really pretty one with different coloured petals! 


One of my first multi-trait plants, really liked that combination of white, orange and green!

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10,000 blossoms!


I was able to grow a few 3 star plants! Very proud u<u

Code: 027 8323

Code: 008 4071

Code: 027 9827

I'm trying to get a 5 star of some of the starter plants. I think I might have a soft spot for Forest Sprigs.


I didn't know you could get 5 stars until I got my Sweet Stripey Boy!

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SHOULD I RESTART MY SAVE? I'm tempted to because I want to move to the app verison (? idk the right word I'm currently using the website) and I'm getting kind of bored and low on space. I'll show you what I have and if y'all could help me decide I would appreciate it a lot!

I also have a lot of stuff in my inventory-- 

PS If you want any codes just comment and I'll give you them--


If you're getting bored, restarting and moving to the App version sounds good. Maybe you could screenshot the seeds for all the plants you want to move over?
Also, may I have the code for the Living Room tree with the golden leaves on the top left? It looks very pretty.

Thanks for the advice! Also here is the code: 0661929! The plant isn't mine though, I got it from someone else but I forget their username :(


No problem! And thank you - nevertheless, it is still very beautiful!


Sorry, I have a LOT I'd like to share <3 This is such a fun game and I love plants and mushrooms!!

These are my favorite mushrooms, in order! The first one is called that because that's what we call asparagus in my family. The fourth one (gray caps with blue stem) isn't done growing yet, but I'm excited for when it is! Can you tell I really love glowing mushrooms? haha

The first one in this next group has nothing special but she's so quintessentially a toadstool. I love her. I love all these mushrooms a lot.

Ok that's it for mushrooms. I was trying really hard to get some interesting Curling vines but it was really hard to get anything worth looking at tbh. Most of them had absolutely no stars. But these are the couple that I liked. Then after that: I have quite a few cave blossoms but I feel like everyone else in this forum has better cave blossoms than I was able to find myself. Here's my one single contribution since this one looks really nice from afar. And finally, I just really like Snail.

This is what my living room looks like, and it's making my computer lag so much! (probably just because chrome has been running so long, but I was afraid to close it before I saved some of the seeds of these plants)

And my bathroom, for good measure.

Would you mind sharing the code for the white tree? I think it's super pretty! The leftmost one on the bookcase.

And you got some really pretty mushrooms too <3 I keep getting kinda boring mushrooms so now I'm focusing on forest sprigs. I like how bushy they get :)

The white tree was a seed from this thread somewhere! Not sure what page though, sorry!

That ":) Live" sign is amazing but also very threatening, I wish I had that one

I have one that says




That's awesome


Here are some of my plants! I did not expect Diplodocus to be rare, at all, so you can imagine my surprise.


My first 4 star

The most basic plant!

I finally got a 5 star tiny tree!

A giant "tiny tree" is a bit of an oxymoron but 5 stars is 5 stars!

a little 5 star vine :)

Here's my first four-star!  Also I am loving all the names on this thread. <3

Truffle the green Lil Mushroom, code 088 4829

Can you tell I like prairie stars?

Also, my bathroom is devoted to my fancy fern project


Behold, the Prairie Star collection! All Prairie Stars, all the time! Only 2* and up.

Those three in the window on the left were "imported" from others in this thread. The rest are mine.

Here are the two rarest that I've found on my own:


whoa! nice collection!! i love ikebana hime

This is currently my only child worth sharing, but here is a dark prince! Been a couple black mushrooms already, but figured Id share my own find (The one next to him is 086 2887, if anyone wants it)

This guy isn't rare or anything, but it's the first fern I got that wasn't a shade of brown/green!

This is my favourite so far, I called them Candy!

I might even use them as inspiration for a character drawing. Plant Daddy dryads? :3


Ooh, nice one! Kinda look like a pineapple!

This guy is trying to be many plants at once and I love them. 


4 Star Forest Sprig 027 5868
Say hello to Todd!

you might be one of the first ones to have a 5 star (at least on this thread)! thats pretty cool

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I got bad news, Sususudio posted this seed on one of the first page.

 Incredible luck that you found the same seed though!

Edit: Correction, sususudio posted on the first page. This seed was the first 5-star found. It might be the first 5-star to be found twice!

have this ugly man :)

I love him so much oml leggy boi


shes not amazing but she is pretty! featuring my funny life stuff list


shes not amazing but she is pretty! featuring my funny life stuff list

Hey! I think you accidentally posted this multiple times in a row


shes not amazing but she is pretty! featuring my funny life stuff list


shes not amazing but she is pretty! featuring my funny life stuff list


this may be a 1 star

but still i love evelrog


I found Agnes pretty


this is my boy, sprig, hes not rare, but hes VERY polite

I think he'd get along mighty fine with my buddy Spriggan!

3 of my boys, Luigi, Danny, and Crocs

This is my favorite Prairie Star (and it's clones)

Plus Oogway my Ancient Tree and it's buddy Penelope the x2 Cactus (046 4191)


The other two on the top row are 007 1993 and the pink ones below are 006 8994, both 3 stars

It's only a one star but I thought it looked cool

The baby with two guardians. The seed for Tiny trees is 061 1477, they're just one star too, but still


This is my fun cactus Apollo! He is blue and powerful and I love him 


After playing 12 hours straight lol

can share seed codes if you want

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Got my first 5 star today!

Here's the little bugger himself. 



When out of picture mode, Helios' petals wave red :3c (0505035)

Here's my 4-trait Lil Mushroom! It was only the second plant I studied in the nursery :O


Behold Kevin the 4 star tiny tree. They's not  much to look at but they definitely have 4 stars lol.


OMG I love her so much! uwu


okay, she cute too

I've been playing this game for a while now and so far I'm absoltely in love with it, collecting all these plants has been so fun

do you like my fairy tale mushrooms?

Here's my Cave Flower, Schezo! I name him after my favourite character in Puyo Puyo Tetris : )


I was so surprised :O, I love her

I've been meaning to post a bunch of plants here but I kept forgetting! I don't want to post a wall of photos though, so I'll probably  keep coming back periodically to post a few at a time. To start, here are my two most special girls!

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