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hey, thank you, i appreciate it! :-)

hey, sorry to hear you ran into this. pretty certain the game doesn't have a virus though--i built it on my PC and uploaded the build myself. are you sure it's not your antivirus being over-active? what is it saying the virus is?

I'm sorry to hear that :(. It's some kind of browser-based glitch I have never been able to figure out. If you download the game the save files are very stable

hey, you can play in browser on the main game page. if you want to download and play for mac, right click the app and click "Open" to get past the "Unknown Developer" screen.

buy da watering can

Hello, sorry to hear you lost your data. You can load a savefile into the desktop version of the game but not the browser version. Not sure if you're able to download the game on your school chromebook though. Sorry and good luck


No, sorry about that. Browser saves can be unstable sadly :(

I'd recommend using the desktop version, never had any data issues there

maurice! da king!

a beaut!

you won! sorry, that's a little unclear

hi charlie :)

:) thank you so much for this message, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

 Hey! You get new leaves by growing new plants. Once they're fully grown, they stop producing leaves. If you're out of leaves, you must have a young plant somewhere that isn't full grown!


Yep, it’s random!

:) thank you, real glad to hear it

Hello! it’s made in Unity

hello! you reached the end of the list! that's not very clear in game, sorry

:) thank you! glad you're liking it

Hi! Thanks a lot for your kind words and for the feedback! To your notes:

  • Could you please open the "Pause" menu and hit "Report a bug" next time you run into one of the ambiguous puzzles? The game has a system that is supposed to detect those and fix them, but it could be broken, or missing something!
  • Good suggestion re: the increased contrast

Thanks again! :)

try the shower in the bathroom!

oo i love woof woof!! he's great!!

hey, sorry to hear that. that sometimes happens in the browser version of the game, is that where you were playing? unfortunately it's outside of my control, lots of programs on your computer can mess w that data :/

if you try the downloaded version, it's stable, never heard of any data ever being lost there. sorry again though, that stinks :(

That means you've already seen this plant before! You must've already bought another plant with this same seed. It's happened before a few times before to some other folks, it's very uncommon

peep's the best!

all hail peep!

mushrooms are bathroom only!

check your inventory--must be a not fully grown plant in there somewhere!

oo very handsome!!

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Hi folks! Here's a place to share fossils you've found that are special to you, for whatever reason.

I'll start us off; here's Benjamin. He's not super fancy, but I like his color scheme a lot!

If you want to make a copy of any fossil shared here, get from the shop

Hey, thank you very much for your kind words! I'm glad you liked the game. Especially appreciate your comments about the sense of scale, that was super important to us as we made it!

thank you :)!! that is very nice

whoaaa stella rules!!

:( sorry to hear that. Some browsers don't might block saving, unfortunately. What browser are you on?

In the meantime, you can download the game for free if you want. That should be more stable

Hey, sorry to hear about this! This looks like a corrupted save to me. I'm not 100% sure how it got corrupted, but you may be able to restore from backup. Here's how to do that (on PC):

  1. Shut down plant daddy
  2. Go to the folder  `C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\overfull/ LLC\plantdaddy`
  3. You should see a number of files there: `` and ``
  4. Move both files out of the plant daddy folder onto to your Desktop
  5. Restart the game. The game should think you are starting a new save
  6. Go to the settings menu, and `Load from file` on ``. Hopefully that will be an uncorrupted save!

Hope this works for you, and sorry you ran into the problem in the first place!

hmm... dang, that shouldn't be possible! the game is always supposed to make it so you have enough to buy a plant. do you have a plant in the inventory that's not fully grown?

You did finish it! At some point I'll add a message telling people that haha

And thank u very much for sharing that, really meaningful to hear that from folks :)))

Two great plants!

Hey, thanks for the bug report! I'll add it to my list of things to get to. I'm not working actively on this game right now bc I'm finishing up another game, but this is good to know about for when I have time to get back to plant daddy