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hello! there's actually not an iOS version, it's only OSX! Mobile would be sweet, but I'm not there yet

Some questions it's better not to know the answer to…

Oh wow!!! Congrats on finding this, this is the 2nd 6 star ever found!!

Thank you for your kind words, appreciate it :)

Hi Featherfrost, sorry you're having problems.

  • I removed the fullscreen option from the downloadable game, that's why the feature is gone. A bug in the engine I use was screwing with the fullscreen so had to get rid of it
  • Sorry about your problems clicking, that's really annoying. I have noted that bug and have it in my list of things to fix. Tbh I am super busy right now and might not have time to get to it for a while, but I appreciate you letting me know!

whoa, nice find! never seen that one before!

Thank you for sharing, that means a lot to me! :) 

That's a great plant! nice find

Ooh, i like him! How about lil' spikey

ooh, nice one!


Have you tried turning that frown upside down?

Aha, you'll need a bathroom to grow mushrooms. The shower is in the bathroom

Experiment with the shower!

Thanks for sharing your plants! :) and glad you like the game. There aren't any huge updates planned at this point, but I'm working on a new game right now about collecting fossils that has some similar elements

Hey, thanks for posting these! re: the to-do list, you probably have reached the end of the list! Congrats!

A quick question: did the "room disappearing" bug stop when you refreshed the page?

Whoa, never seen that before! (kind of a cool bug hehe) Thanks for sharing it.

Could you please post a screenshot of this in the support thread, along with some details about what you were doing when this happened / whether you're playing the download or browser, and on what kind of computer? That'd be really helpful!

thanks! :)


:) nice!

Ah ok, perfect, thanks, I understand this bug now. I have added it to my list and will fix it in the next update. Thank you so much for reporting and sorry for the bug!

(The issue is that the default resolution of the window is larger than your screen size. You might be able to work around it temporarily by changing the resolution of your PC to something larger, and then changing the setting "window size" in plant daddy to small. )

Hello! That's a very strange bug, sorry you ran into it and thanks for posting. What kind of computer are you on? / could you post a screenshot?

oh hey, i didn't see this! thanks :)

Damn, I'm sorry about that. Thanks for the report and for listing your plugins. You didn't clear history at any time, did you? Erasing history / cookies would clear the game files

In the meantime, maybe try the downloaded version? It is more stable

wow!!! this is the first 6 star ever found! i honestly wasn't sure they even existed!! congrats!!

Ooh, love the name!


Hello. This is definitely not working as intended, I'll fix it in the next patch. In the meantime, there is a way to get out of that lock–if you continue to click the right arrow you'll cycle back around to the first window. Thanks for reporting

hey, thanks for the report! that's definitely a bug, i'll look into it

Ah gotcha. You might be at the end of the to do list!

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Hmm… sounds like a graphics bug, sorry about that. The game sometimes has too many objects to keep track of and the renderer can't handle it. Are you playing in browser? Might help to switch to download version.

:) thanks!!

Aw thank you so much! means a lot to hear, i'm so glad you've enjoyed the update

Ah great! Yeah, must have had the broken initial build, glad it worked! :)

the _MACOSX folder is just a weird little quirk of the fact that my dev machine is a mac, annoying but harmless. it is on my todolist to figure out how to get rid of it at some point haha

That answers it! You're on PC.

Can you try the download on more time? The version I originally released for PC had a bug, but I updated it yesterday afternoon. If that still doesn't work, can you send me a screenshot of what the folder looks like when you open it / what happens when you try to open the game?

Thanks and sorry for the trouble!

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Yeah, you can just delete the old game folder and use the new one!

And that is a good idea :) i'll see what i can put together

Hey! Sorry about that, there might be some problems with the build. What platform are you on?

Hey guys! You can actually just download the new version of the game and start using it–your save file doesn't live with the game files, it's stored on your computer somewhere else. 

It's probably a good idea to delete your old copy of the game when you make the switch, because it can screw with your savegame if you accidentally open a new savegame with an old version

hey! they're a google font called patrick hand

wow, that's a beautiful one!