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plant daddy

grow plants in your sunny apartment! · By brady soglin

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A topic by brady soglin created Feb 10, 2020 Views: 10,258 Replies: 173
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Have thoughts about the game? A cute set up you want to post pics of? Suggestions? Here is a good spot for that.


So my plants can poop together and hold hands


I think that you should add a way to get rid of so plants. Like remove it forever. But you don't have to! Love your game bth!


Thank you! & that's a good idea. A mulch button haha. I'll see if I can add it in at some point


What if it made a fertilizer?


Great Idea! And like you can use it to make the plant grown faster or make more flower thingys. That look something like this:🌸

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Or you can sell them (and the furniture/doodads) for half the purchase price. 


Do you think you could add another room? im  running out of space to put plants!

cant you recycle them?

You can now :P


Is it possible to get a 5 trait plant? also something that could be cool is if there was an option to turn off the leaves/flowers moving from the wind because it causes the game to be slow for me since i have a ton of plants


good point re: wind. I'll see what I can do to make it more efficient when there are lots of plants.

and re 5 traits, it is possible…… it is just incredibly unlikely! I haven't seen one yet


I just a five star mushroom today <3

Yup! There's even a few 6 trait gems in the plant sharing thread!

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is this supposed to happen



Developer (1 edit) (+2)

huh, now there's a bug! if you're willing to, could you send me an email at and describe as best you remember what happened w the Lamp Cactus? For example, did you move it from room to room? Any details you can provide would help me find the bug faster!

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the lamp plant looks like a feature to me

that is amazing


what the hell happened here

UHHHH that's..... intresting


all praise the LÄMP

I'm kinda scared to grow it now, but it looks cool


it would be cool if there was a multi plant nursery that held 2 or 3? plants so you could multi study ( of course it would be more costly but time saving when hunting for good trait plants ) it could even grow multiple plants from seeds? maybe it would be called "mini plant lab" or something like that


that would be so cool!


Can anyone explain the purpose of the mini fridge?


maybe it'll be useful in another update for some kind of plant that needs to be cold 

Maybe for freezing a plant's growth, need for water and blossom production? idk

hmmm Maybe it makes a different plant? (probably not)

you can keep your watering can in it? other then that its just like a cardboard box ig?

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this is a far out idea but it would be really cool if you could cross-breed plants so you would combine their traits almost though obviously not everything would mix perfectly and could add some mutations it would just be cool to mix up two Cactuses for their unique traits and get something like both but also different in its own way maybe on a tool called "Breeder" I dunno I just really think it would be cool

also Venus fly traps?

I was thinking the same. like breeding 2 of the same plant.

And venus fly traps...HELL YEAH PLEASE!

if we're talking about more plants, how about bamboo

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also if you like that idea, you might like wobbledogs. stupid lil dudes run around on your screen.

Uh please help i restarted my computer and all my progress is gone and i dont know what to do is there a way to restore my plants

please i had a month of progress with 300 leaves and 30K petals and i have screenshots of my previous place 


dang, so sorry to hear you lost your save. that's the worst. it might be related to the Cactus Lamp bug? Can you email me the details at the support email ( and I'll try to figure it out? worst case scenario i'll find a way to get you a bunch of extra blossoms so you can rebuild quick.

I also have that problem. I exit the tab and when I can back all my progress was all gone and I was back at the start.


Hmm, sorry about that. I'm gonna look into this bug this weekend.


I just added a patch to the game that will report loading errors. Try loading the game again (if you haven't already started a new game) and if you see an error screen, please post a screenshot in the support thread, and maybe I can get to the bottom of this. Thanks and sorry you lost your save!


You might want to look into having a way for the players to download their save file periodically (I think cookie clicker does this but I think they are using Javascript). Not sure if it would work with your set up, but it might be worth checking into since I'm assuming a lot of updates will be happening with the popularity of this game. That way if someone loses their save data, they can import their last save file and not lose everything! 


please do this.




Interesting how different these boys can be! Lanky ass looking "Tree-othee" and the plant on his right are both fully grown forest sprigs. Neither have any rare traits, but they look very different


It would be cool if there was a way to customize pots so when you buy a plant its automatically like that like color,size and pot shape since when you prefer a color or pot type it gets a bit annoying to constantly input the same options

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It would be fun if you had achievements or badges. Something else to work towards. The To Do list was great but  it ran it's course pretty quickly.

Some achievement ideas:

  • An achievement for each star plant achieved, you could get even more specific and do this for each plant type as well
  • All wall space has been used for shelves
  • Unlocked the bathroom
  • Bought a watering can
  • Opened all the windows
  • X amount of leaves or blooms obtained - total or over time 

I think it would be great if you could then add a wall art/item to place on the shelves  for the more hard to achieve goals. That way when you take pictures of your rooms you can display that rare wall art. I know you have the pot colors that kinda work for this but still would be neat to have a rare trophy that shows like if you got all the 5 star plant types!

I know that is a lot to ask. But maybe down the road sometime. 

Ohhh.. one of the next rooms you should add is an outdoor space.  Since this is an apartment - maybe just a balcony. Maybe look into plants that only bloom at night. 


This is actually a really fun idea! <3


I'd love curtains added to the windows/store so I can fill an entire room with Cave Blossoms. Also, as sususudio showed, an adjustment to the Plant Rack so we can still see the plants properly would be great. Definitely want portable save files at some point. Thanks for all the work you've done already.


A dark room would be awesome for the plants that like the dark, and there could be like UV lights or something to see in the dark room that don't really provide enough light to affect flowers like the cave blossoms. 

Would also love to see orchids!!

I like this idea! It's actually pretty smart/cool. <3



Why is the plant rack the same price as the bathroom?

where is the nursery? is it not unlocked in early game? couldn't find it in the shop so unsure if this feature has been implemented or not

Yeah, I think you have to find it in the Furniture tab.

Also, you might have to build up your blossoms to get it.

i haven't seen it

It's on the third page

it costs 45 blossom

i really need to find my glasses

00okay im playing online d0oes that effect me? i think maybe the online one does not have the nursery cause i checked


found it


the other thing that kinda bugs me is the to do list. the tasks do not reward enough for your troubles most of the to dos cost more to do than is what is rewarded sure 5 bucks back on a 25 dollar (or star coin or whatever its called) purchase is great but usually the reward for a task nets you more than the task costs at least this is the case in all games ever made

I'm having troubles with my imported mushroom... How do I not have a dry room?


as far as i know you can only grow mushrooms in the bathroom! to have enough moisture in the air to grow a mushroom you just have to turn on the shower :D


thank you, it worked!

How do you turn the shower on??


Click the top of the shower (near the curtains) to select it, then you should see options to turn it on or off!


Thank you =))


I am- :,) so proud. 





that is adorable

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Uhh how do I grow lil' mushrooms?? Idk how..

How do I open up the boarded window?


there's an item in the "furniture" section of the shop :)


there's an item in the "furniture" section of the shop :)


About the plant seeds: Is there any correspondence between the last five number of the plant seeds and the trait levels/number/types? I know the second number of the seed determines the type of plant, but are the last five just randomized with random outcomes? I've been doing a little bit of research but I've only found a few similarities, and those may just be coincidences. Can anyone verify this?

Developer (1 edit)

The first 2 numbers code for the plant type. The next 5 numbers are the seed, those do determine the rare traits of the plant. However, there's no way to know what traits a plant will have just from looking at its seed, the random generation is super complicated!

Ah, ok. Thank you for the answer!

Also, when buying plants from the store, is there a chance that you could run across a plant with the same seed?


Yes, a 1/10,000 chance!

We live in an apartment right?

Why does our apartment have two floors?

Also, just realized I could draw on the bathroom mirror



Humidifier (item) has a radius like the lamps, allows mushrooms to be in other rooms. Cost 50

Humidifier (furniture) takes a furniture spot but covers the whole room and allows 1 - 4 plants to sit on top. Cost 400

Bathroom mirror, if placed in light, can reflect medium light further into the room. (Just for fun because I assumed it would have some kind of effect like that since it was a quest to get one. It wouldn't be more useful than a lamp)

Curtains can be placed over windows to soften or completely block light. (I know someone else said this but I thought of it too) Cost 150

Album to auto-save a pic of the plants we can eventually mulch. Could be furniture, item, or another tab next to inventory. (I might not need to keep every no star cactus I grow, but I do get sentimental) Cost 400 

Mulch plants we don't want anymore, to get fertilizer that speeds the growing process of new plants (until they're adults/flowered) Could be a button next to 'stash' on the plant detail page. Fertilizer would be another currency, which you would apply to each new plant on their detail page. Cost 10 petals and a plant to make 1 fertilizer. 

Sell plants we don't want anymore, to get leaves/petals. Either 2x buy price or 1/2 buy price, just depends if you wanna make it harder or easier lol.

Pot defaults. Option under settings to set  pot color and style for each type of plant as default when buying new plants. (Someone else said this, I'm just seconding the motion)

Option to Auto set pot color to Max 🌟star🌟 level after study.

Super science desk. Furniture where you can destroy a plant to extract one of its star traits to stick into another plant. Limited by having to grow a new plant from that trait, so all else is random just like usual. Cost 1000. Could allow for growing multiple plants from the same trait. (Example: destroy a team player. Can now grow another team player a la nursery. As long as you don't destroy another plant for another trait, you can continue to grow team players) takes as long as studying.

If you add curtains to this game I'll donate $5


He should totally do this 

While playing this, if you listen to C418, his music couples well with this.

Does anyone know how I can study my Cave Blossom? whenever I try to study it, it says there is too much light :((

it doesnt matter if it can grow or not you can still study it


Itd be pretty cool to be able to breed plants, get some traits from both!

if creeping vines grew more and there were thinggs they could grow on and wrap around

Be able to delete plants from inventory as well as sort options

I'm posting a minorly editted version of a post I made sorta liveblogging playing this just because (it's a wild day).

I didn’t expect to spend today playing a game called Plant Daddy until I ‘beat’ it but I sure as hell did.

This is a really good time muncher and calming little pass time. A+ stuff, highly recommended.

This was fun :) It’s not too deep, but for a FREE game this is sensationally done.

If I were to push for a sequel, I’d say add a story to the life goals updating, and even more randomized plants not that I ever ran out, and definitely more variety in plant species or supplementary stuff for decorating (little pets? amphibians for the damp area?) but this was a fantastic time. Gotta say thanks to the person in charge.

I'm usually one to format my thoughts a bit more, but today's not the day sadly. Thank you for creating and sharing this work and I hope you have a good one :)


Thank you! Means a lot to read this :)

So, I came across this yesterday through the racial justice bundle aaaand...

I don't have a fern and mushroom problem, you've got a fern and mushroom problem!
Anyway thanks for that game, that maybe I spent a little too much time on yesterday


Haha wow, that's an impressive collection!

It's only getting worse more impressive :D


Another minor feature idea: opening windows during rain could water the 3 plants on the sill

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Hey developer, thank you for creating such a fun game!! I came across it in the Racial Justice bundle and fell in love - and got my partner to buy the bundle so we can now exchange seed codes :P 

I was wondering, is there a list of what the traits mean?? Like, what "good team player" or "mysterious aura" indicates. I thought it was just flavor text originally, but does it actually impact the way the plant looks / grows? 

P.S. The random generated kitchy posters are the beeeest x'D


Thank you so much, I'm glad you're liking it!

Good team player and aura are personality traits. They're just flavor text.


I thought they actually meant something-- welp.


I dunno if anyone else has mentioned this but I just wanna say that on top of all the cute plants you can raise as well as some of the excellent jokes hidden in the item flavour text (or the items themselves in regards to the Kitchy Poster) I love the background story that plays out in the smaller Life Stuff list. 

It really hit me how this game is not only about raising colourful plants but also about someone who has been going through a hard time and is using plant care as a way to pull themselves out of a dark place. 

Although I'm still playing the game to get some of those elusive 5 star plants I like to think I already beat the story mode when the last 3 items on that personal list were:

•Call Dan, explain

•Bike down to the lake again

•Only drink socially

I hope the player character crosses that last item off their list in the future.

Thanks again for a heartfelt game. I look forward to what you make next!


i'm really glad this aspect of the game meant something to you! it's one of the most important parts of the game to me. thanks for your kind words :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Statistics: Odds are super low that you’d buy the same seed twice!

Also Statistics: *happens on two separate occasions*

Also Also Statistics: No five stars for you!

I loved this game! could you make more rooms and/or plants? also, what is the refrigerator for? But especially, please make more plants, and maybe you could make them take longer? Like a plant that takes a loooooooong time to produce so you have to exit and wait a while. I love the nurseries too. thank you for making this awesome game!


User Interface suggestion:  I am constantly clicking on the little leaves and blossoms counter at the bottom instead of the basket at the top.  Any chance they could be next to each other, or combine them into 1 single button?  It feels extremely intuitive to click on the leaves and blossoms to "spend" them.

Same problem

OKAY so hear me out, a new room but its  a green house with like glass walls and stuff and you can plant big plants and stuff. I mostly just say this because ive filled up both rooms already lol. but seriously love this game


Hi, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but a "Recycle All" button would be great for the inventory section. 

I also would really like a "move mode" option where you can move plants/furniture around without zooming in and out every time. I would love to organize my plants in different ways, but the zooms set off my motion sickness like nobody's business. 

Deleted 3 years ago
Show post...

Brady is this an Easter egg or a bug: In the bathroom, when you put plants in the shower, you don't need to water them. Why???

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I really enjoy this but it would be nice to have a new outdoor room for bigger plants. Probably have a tree slot, bamboos, running vine plants, etc.  You can  make the Outdoor bigger where you can scroll on the screen and add zoom in and out feature. And maybe have consequences i you dont water plants that need to be watered so people don't drop the game after getting their rooms filled.

Deleted 3 years ago

Experiment with the shower!

Deleted 3 years ago

Aha, you'll need a bathroom to grow mushrooms. The shower is in the bathroom

Deleted 3 years ago

It is not a fish tank its the shower

Deleted 3 years ago

In bathroom

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

Is there lore to the game? In the To-Do list there is a section called life stuff. Apparently the person were playing as is lonely, wants a dating partner, and knows someone named Dan.


I filled up everything. Including the bathroom. I just want a plant in the middle tho.

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

There should be a rare trait where the plant is abnormally big or small. It would also be cool if you could have XP or experience to level up and unlock different furniture or plants.  Another idea I have is to breed plants so you can make really bizarre plants like a Tiny Cactus Tree. Love the game btw


there is 


Quick thing... Maybe take away the word "ass" in the kitchy poster. Because this can happen. 



we have a whole thread for this, DON'T STOP US NOWWWWW


Or this...

Thats some furry krap right there.


I absolutely LOVE this game. One thing though: I just noticed that the physics on the shower curtain when you open/close it get REALLY wonky at high speeds (albeit it's pretty fun to just swing it open and closed and see all of reality become encompassed by FISH). I don't know if this is intentional or whatever, but in case it isn't supposed to be this way, I thought I might as well let you know.


Hey, first of all thank you for the kind words! :)

I used some default cloth physics for the shower curtain–it can definitely get a little wonky. I figured I'd just embrace it it and accept the new fish-based world, as it's a pretty low impact bug


My Work So far 

How do I take the boards off my window

you buy the window thing in shop

I found that out but thx anyway

I got a Powerful!! plant but Idk what that means so can you explain?

I also got a Aura Of Mystery What is that??

hi hi hi! i just finished all 3 tasks on my to do list-- but it wont give me new tasks T_T

did i simply. . . finish it (???) youre game truly is so calming so thank you <3


You did finish it! At some point I'll add a message telling people that haha

And thank u very much for sharing that, really meaningful to hear that from folks :)))

I have discovered that the watering can is the only way to water more than three plants. God help us

Can I get a briefing on special pots? Thanks, it's one of my tasks!

you unlock special pots by studying rare plants! You get a new pot for rare traits from the plant you studied :D

Thanks! What qualifies as a rare plant?

plants with special traits i think

my lil guy :]

The mini fridge? how? Plant? Which one lives in that little guy?

I Really liked the game the idea is good and its a relaxing game

(1 edit)

Current setup <3

something really weird happen before i lost a ton of progress

Good game but i wish it didn't take 51 PERCENT OF MY CPU PLEASE HELP

this is such a cool little game, I really love it a lot so far 😊 excited to start discovering a bunch of new plants 

Could there be new weathers? For now i see only rain and sun, but what if there would be snow and others? Also it would be fun if opening the windows would affect the plants, like if a bee flies into your room your plants could get a bit of a boost, opening a window in rain could make the room dirty and you would have to clean it or your plants would grow slower, idk just an idea :>

ooh thats cool


you should be able to take 2 plants and put them together

ex blue cactus + purple cactus = #% to get blue+purple cactus

so, like...breeding

(1 edit)

\So this cactus is very obviously in direct sunlight but the game is telling me it's not? any ideas on what's happening?

Update: NVM! i just had to stash the plants and put them back out. weird bug.

moredn art

so moredn

exactly, its so so so so so soooooooooo moredn


I have a few suggestions to upgrade this game, I really like it but, I think it would be cool if you added more plants and more rooms. Justice suggestion you do not have to listen to me.


Behold the MushRoom.

In case you can't read my cool posters:

Big Bear Daddy, Ass Big, Laugh Live Laugh, Love Ass, Big Touch, :) Mess, This Lass Boy, Boy Love, Ass Eat Ass


Maybe you can add some new rooms in the game like a bedroom or something :]

I have an idea.

Once you unlock a pot color it could unlock on the watering can!

(1 edit)

I am having trouble figuring out how to have the mushroom in a non-dry room. Maybe I just didn't read the instructions clearly enough, I would like some help otherwise, please.
Edit: nevermind, I checked everything but the shower?

Fact: I once KILLED A CACTUS by not watering it for 3-ish months IRL

I think it'd be a cool idea to add a new room/larger area. Like an outdoor area or mini greenhouse. As well as other plant types

iv'e got a question what does the mini freezer do exactl

its just an expensive cardboard box, but i think lore wise its a joke about how we're using furniture as plant holder, like dinner tables

this game has lore right? i saw stuff abt therapy and my to do lists now says 'call dan, explain'

I think, THINK, dan did something that now requires therapy but dan is now spiraling into depression and guilt, and the protag is guilty about dan, and they retreat to their plants


Could you look into adding other room? Such as a bedroom or kitchen? Also, what about vegetables or fruit that can grow outside on a balcony or roof.


I love this game! My only criticism is just that I wish there was more to do! I would 100% be playing this every day if there was maybe more rooms or decoration options. But all the plant varieties you could get keeps it going too :)

What is a special trait only pot? It's one of my current quests but I have no idea what it is.

When you get a new plant, you study it on the plant nursery and if it has a special trait, it will get a star by its name (Depending on how many traits, there will be more stars). When you have the stars, you can choose a special plant pot for that plant only rather than the normal five. I got the picture attached to show you a two-star plant as well.


I really loved the ASMR of the game!

i would love more rooms for this game. even if i have to buy them. i  am obsessed with this lil game

Maybe the ability to breed plants? [Also, if you like this game, try Wobbledogs.]

my setup

i rerolled for the insperational quote poster thing and i got "daddy eat ass"😭

Mine refuses to give me any more leaves after the first 5. It just gives me blossoms. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

No special traits, but it's a nice pink flower!