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how did you get that 

yes pink and purple along with darker shades of all the colors are available with the deluxe edition.

how do you get the sail?

how do you get the sail for the boat?

how do I make a sail?

you have to hit ctrl + c after you save

hey whats the highest score someones every gotten? I dont wanna end my run till I know I'm over that.

i cannot jump.

what do I do with holy honeycombs?

1:18 :)

so the fireball number doesn't actually increase the number you can fire at once. you still only fire one at a time. am I doing something wrong?

idk if i was supposed to solve it like this but I did lol

that is a you problem, this game works perfectly fine for me. your device just can't run it.

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i do not understand the controls at all


oh my god its so laggy

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when i full screen on the shredded note thing it squishes and when im not full screen i cant see the whole thing :(

also im stuck in it and cant get out.

i cant play it :/ whats the horror aspect?

i cant make my own little putin :(


i fed it once, then i fed it again a little later and it made a sad face at me so i waited for it to say it wanted food and when it asked i fed it and then it died????

cute concept but there are a few bugs, like sometimes you can rotate a stick through trees and rocks and completely skip the puzzle aspect. I feel like this game would work a bit better in 2D pixel art because the 3D models sometimes don't block the sticks.

i was on  night 4 and accidentally hit new game and now i wanna kms

goofy ahh game  👍

this was actually good wtf.

 Also there is a weird thing that happened: when i beat night 1 i hit continue then it said 12am night 2 but played the night 1 call and freddy wasnt active. i beat night 2 then hit continue and it made me play night 2 again, this time the call was for night 2 and freddy was active. i beat night 2 again and hit continue to night 3 and got the night 3 call and orple guy on my cams. i beat night 3 then hit continue and it said night 1 but played the night 2 call?

thank you :)

going forward 11 rooms from the entrance (room past the statue room) then go back the way you came, while going back periodically check behind you and wait a few seconds to see if it appears.

i couldnt find the calculator, also you should add a trigger warning for overstimulation cause i about had a panic attack from all the popups that i couldnt close

you cannot tell how far you are jumping.

i replayed the whole game lmao

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so i got to the wise, the damned, the powerful, etc. but i cant beat any of them :((((

i forgot to switch star bomba to gravity :(((((

i killed it ;-;

can you kill the punchy guy? i think his name is chuck?

please help i dont know where to go

i went to go fight a door and it crashed ;-;

dude i thought someone was gonna die i started c r y i n g

this happened when i moved my cursor to the right side of the screen

does the game have an end?

i cant start? it just says "sharpfives 2018" on a black screen.

ah, for download only? im on a chromebook so i cant download anything :(