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ive unlocked bugmiser but when i go talk to the creepy one nothing happens :( im really bad with clues too ;-;

hit "R" it will restart the room and make it have a different layout.

i feel so popular :D

I love this so much!! please i need more!!!

how the hell are you playing on a fruit

my high score :3

just kill them first thing, they shouldn't take that many hits.

No larva show up for me to kill :(

didn't know I liked doom until now, thank you :)

and also, an absolutely amazing job!!!! 

The gold hearts will appear before you can have them adopted, just keep giving the pets what they love until a LOT of golden hearts start appearing! Then you can send them to their new forever home :)

oh my god I cant feel my eyes


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Does anyone know how to get money for the quest guy that wants it? also if I'm on one quest I cant talk to other NPCs :/ also I cant talk to the guy with the pitchfork and dog even after doing granny's quest, even if she dies I still cant.

what are the controls

is there a way I can change graphic settings so it might run better on my laptop

idk if it's just my laptop but, oh my god zooming in would kill someone with epilepsy. there a game

This game is so frustrating, i keep getting unhelpful clues that have nothing to do with the actual object, and they keep repeating the same clue over and over again! "sorry I'm getting so emotional" sorry I'm getting so emotional" sorry I'm getting so emotional"Its solid gold but that doesnt matter"sorry I'm getting to emotional" GIVE ME A DIFFERENT CLUE THERE ARE LIKE FIVE DIFFERENT GOLD THINGS OMFG

I absolutely LOVE this so much!! I love the different factions and the ability to have a variety of different play styles so everyone can enjoy it!! I'm thinking about making fan art of some of the cards, like taking a screenshot of the sketch and make fully colored cards!!!! 

you gotta use your feet more than you think you would.

click the hinge, if it makes a clicking noise keep clicking it until it falls off (which reveals an arrow pointing to the correct answer)

check the rule book if you see a red "???" click that, scan the QR code with your phone this will show you either the word "mimic" or "real chest", answer accordingly.

if you mean the ones with the timer or missile just lmk and I'll explain those.

it depends on the kind of red chest

if there's a timer check the hinge for blood, see if the chain is ticklish, and see if the chain moved positions, then click if its real or not.

if there's an exclamation point and a missile do the above but don't let the missile touch your mouse cursor.

if there is no timer or missile check the hinge and spam click it if the hinge makes a click sound keep clicking it until it falls off revealing an arrow pointing to the correct answer, if the hinge does not make a noise open the rule book click on the red "???" and scan the qr code with your phone, you shouldn't have to click any links and it will just say "mimic" or "real chest"

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so to help people with the red chest that needs a clue and the chain click see more on this comment for spoilers

click the chain to look at it one, spam click it to hear if it laughs, then look away from the chain and click the chain again and if it moved positions its fake.

the red chests with clues can be a few different things,  like going to the rulebook and having to scan a QR code that says if its a mimic or not, there's also spam clicking the hinge until it falls off revealing an arrow pointing to the correct answer.

ah ok, thank you!

I shall form an army of Popochius.

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I saw the strong arm with the A which is also next to the office skill description I'm still really confused though :/

also this happened cause I kept trying to put Trapusunsiu in the backpack and it wouldn't work lol

No clue how to get the translator :

this game is a masterpiece, I found myself relating to the character a lot and at times saying things like "don't talk to us like that" or "get out of our way" when the other characters would say rude things. I like how it was in a theater screen and at the end how the person watching the show kept banging on the curtains for more of the main characters sadness to watch and be entertained by, showing that the viewer is just like the characters you run into that feed off and are entertained by the main characters sadness (imo). this game truly spoke to me and I have never played a game that has done that before.

one thing I do want to bring to your attention is that the text in the speech bubbles in the browser version is unreadable unless you zoom out to around 67% which is a bit odd. Just wanted to let you know but I don't know if there is really any way for you to fix it.

and again, you made one of the best games I've ever played.

Thank you.

I absolutely adore this, thank you for making such a wonderful game <3

its ok! thank you for letting me know though :)

I am playing on browser, chromebooks can't run .exe files so I can't download much.

I'm trying to play on a chromebook and when the game loads up it gets to this screen then gives me an error message?

any idea how to get past this? I really want to play this :(

That last bit sent literal chills through my whole body and my hair stood on end. That takes talent, awesome work!

this is the first time i have ever beaten a level of pac man

my high score is 1046 :)

clockwise is the direction a clock ticks (to the right), counter clockwise is the opposite direction (to the left).

just sit still for awhile lol

just sit still for awhile lol

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NVM I got it! (still stuck on face tho)

for those who are having trouble

SPOILER: !no gnittis era yeht sroloc hcihw kcehc ,redro laiceps a ni era strad eht no snif eht

(backwards to avoid unwanted spoilers)

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I'm confused about what to do with the clock or the lamp the clock just keeps flashing 2:00 and the lamp doesn't seem to do anything but change colors. any hints? also I cant seem to get the face puzzle to work, I know its clue blocked but I'm completely stuck, im really enjoying this game but it would suck if I cant finish it :(