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It was at level two And the fleshy monster. And thank you! Also I'm using google

I think My game might be glitched, I shot at a monster like 5 times and It's health stayed the same. Also I reopened the game and I didn't start at level 2 and lost all my items. is this a glitch or was I supposed to do something?

I found that out but thx anyway

How do I take the boards off my window

click the ''run game'' button or try reloading the page

i love this, its crazy! also he called me a dick and he curses a bit. but otherwise, its an amazing game

I've tried different words but she still stops chatting

amazing game! so cute! its so simple yet so entertaining! must play again!

yeah she just stops chatting after ''You're so cute...I'd love to be YOUR no.1 fan! <3'' how do I fix it?