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If you'd like to provide a screenshot, that's always helpful, but I think this is enough for me to go on! Thanks for pointing these things out, I'll do my best to correct them quickly :) 

Hey! Sorry for taking so long to reply, but yes! I will definitely take a look. Is there something in particular you remember, that could help guide me to the problem?

Sure thing!

Hey! Sorry for the delay getting back to you. We made two updates this week, and I didn't want to post two separate devlogs, but I have now published that, so you can read about the new changes here. I'm still pretty inexperienced with how I'd like to format devlogs / announcements, so if you feel I'm missing something, let me know, and I'll try to correct that :) 

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Got Feedback? We Wanna Hear It!

Do you have suggestions on how we could improve your experience playing Haven? Let us know! We want to hear your thoughts on what you like about the game, and what we could be doing better. 

Haven is a work in progress from a two-person team, so implementing new features, content, and fixes can be slow going, but feedback from y'all will help ensure we're prioritizing what real players are most concerned with! 

As we develop the game, we're trying to keep accessibility in mind, but there's always more to be done. If there's an accessibility feature in particular we have yet to implement that would help you enjoy the game, please let us know! You can post about it here or message me (Grem) on twitter, instagram, or tumblr

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Found a bug? Report it here!

Haven is a two-person project, so errors are bound to appear, in a variety of areas. If you see something that is clearly an error (duplicated text, links that aren't working, error messages, etc), post about it here! Screenshots are also very helpful for quick identification :) 

Found something and you're not sure if it's a bug or a feature? Feel free to note that here too, just in case. 

There's a suggestions thread where you can post things that aren't necessarily bugs but could improve Haven's game experience, so if you've encountered a non-bug issue, feel free to post about it there! 

Thank you!

Really cute artwork!! I think it'd be really nice if you expanded it after the jam, but even if you don't, great game! Love all of the big sleeping bunnies :) 

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Oh yeah, fair point, I take back my earlier statement lol! Thought wouldn't that same principle also prevent the ship from "falling down" back to the spawn point? 

Again, good luck with judging! 

Nice game! I think it's one of the more interesting ones of the jam, specifically because of the extra effort you put into it with respect to adding a story (and cutscenes and voice acting!). 

I think my only hang up is that I feel like a space ship in space wouldn't have as much drag on it, so the resistance for steering breaks the feel of being in space for me? I know leveling up / improving steering is one of the things you can upgrade on the ship, but it just felt a little off to me! Hope that makes sense. 

Visually a really nice game, I love the story, and I just enjoy the idea of the game in general. Building a ship to fight your way through hostile aliens and get home is a very cool premise :) 

Great job & good luck in the judging!! 

About the 69 max bees: NO! LMAO!! I didn't pay attention to that AT ALL and then my BOSS at my day job found out I made this game and PLAYED IT AND SENT ME A SCREENSHOT!!!!! My heart nearly stopped :') I think you're the first other person to notice (or at least the only other to point it out haha!) 

Anyway, thanks for the kind words & I definitely plan to add some sounds & a little music! Hope it's even more relaxing & enjoyable then :) 

I might not be able to get to it tonight, but I'll definitely play & leave feedback on your game soon! It's a promise ;) 

LOVED the art in this! Very cute, and a very polished game!

Thanks! I appreciate it :) 

If by point system you kinda mean like daisies = x number of bees, that's already baked in there! It's not explicitly shown, but if you're inclined to do some math, you can work out how many bees each flower is worth by looking at total number of bees + what you've got planted. However! I could show that explicitly (maybe as a toggle?) if that would be useful :) 

And I was thinking about enemies! Like maybe birds or something? If I added that, it'd probably be as a different play mode, 'cause I like the peaceful decorating / gardening-sim vibe. That's definitely something to consider though! Thanks for the feedback :)

I liked that there wasn't just one type of tile to place and that strategy came into play, too! The ground tiles + mushroom + background were all really pretty too :)