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Ayyyy 21/21 on my 4th try les go

lol the POUR IT ALL IN thing was funny bgenkfacvhsnkd

I beat it in 58. ya ya ya yEET

Thanks! What qualifies as a rare plant?

Can I get a briefing on special pots? Thanks, it's one of my tasks!

here's mine

Everybody here be like we will watch your career with great interest

I have discovered that the watering can is the only way to water more than three plants. God help us

Maybe for freezing a plant's growth, need for water and blossom production? idk

what the hell happened here

Glad to help! 

i enjoyed this too much

This is a very interest comment

Completed in 2:24. A very good game!

You click the clock, when the cat jumps down click the toilet. Open the window and turn on the lamp. Plug in the fan and turn it to knock down catnip and turn on the TV, using the remote to get it to the baking channel. Then click the toilet paper, when he bats it click the toilet again. He will knock over the knitting basket, click the yarn then the toy mouse. Make him bat down the towel, turn on sink until flooding. Click the broken heart decor and feed the fish, turn on the stove top below the saucepan, and switch the TV to the lion.  Turn the fan again and done!

Finished in 5:32. Nice!

I got it done second time in 1:29 nice

Figured it out... mother of god... goldie

hey guys how do i wake my man fredrick up

Luna looks like a giant version of my first cave blossom, Nico. I'll be sure to check out the seed!

Beautiful, share seed?

c h a o s


I've gotten to the point where Geoffry has knocked down the towel so I can flood the sink, what next?