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Thanks! That was a fun video to make! 

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I had a blast! Challenging fishing! Kudos!

Great art design! I was just waiting for the cat to Roar at me when I petted it! Great game I can't wait for the full version!

Wow, fantastic game! I had a blast playing it! I always love Sci-Fi horror! 

I was the one RAGING on this Playthrough!

I had a blast! Pool themed Backrooms are always the creepiest! 

I really enjoyed the game! I really want a physical card version now lol. What are the odds of drawing each utility? I'm just curious to see if I can make a homemade deck at home. Thnx!

I loved It! I cant wait for the final project! It totally reminds me of HP Lovecraft's Color from Space! Is the final project going to be one big story or a bunch of short stories?

Forget EV we got EEL-V.  Wacka Wacka Wacka!

This Game is a TRIP!  I like how it forces you to do close combat! I did have issues fighting on the stairs. Other than that, Great game!


I wasn't sure what I was expecting, but not this! This game... wow what a trip! I love the surrealism and the atmosphere. really well done. Bravo! Kudos!

I had a blast! Love the art style!

Love the intensity for such a little game! Act 2 here I come!

Great game! What a trip!

I had a blast I wish there was a beaded curtain room! lol 

Such a silly game! It took me way longer than 10mins to beat! lol 

This game was really fun! And a bit Enraging! lol 

I had a blast! I like the Duckie Co-Pilot!

I had a blast! Interesting concept! 

Such a Silly Game! I really enjoyed it! I like the Unlimited and Rush Hour challenges it gives a simple game good replay value!

I love the concept its like House Flipper mixed with Rear View Window! 

Purrrrfect Game! 

This game is a lot harder than it looks! Perfect game for Halloween!

Was I supposed to be stealthy? lol 

This game was relentless! I did glitch through the wall where you pick up the purple key (10:15 Timestamp). Tough game! 

That Boss fight was mean!

I tried hopping the moons at the end! It didn't work. lol

Whoop I had a blast playing it. I just noticed in the thumbnails Surplus Doomsday Devices? I didn't see those hmmmm.... 

I had a blast! The tree falling got me! The crates were glitching out when I tried to grab them - Other than that Awesome Game!

I just did a video of the demo and I just realized you have a newer early access version on Steam! Shucks. Ill have to give that version a try! I really like the game it's very addictive! 

I had too much fun with this game! Great Job!

Loved this game! It felt like I was on a nudist colony with Doug and Robert!

I enjoy your Stuff! I remember playing George loves Lasagna! I love how its Silly yet scary at the same time!  I couldn't Find the 2nd Ending! 

Had a blast playing! Good atmosphere and challenging gameplay! Lots of F bombs! lol

I had a Blast! I felt like I did everything out of order! 

Love this game! It reminded me of  John Carpenter's 'They Live!' Mixed with Sesame Street!

This game was silly! I Love you sense of humor!