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no problem! Thanks for the individual update :)) 

Awesome! Glad to hear it! :) I'm looking forward to the update!

Hi! Thanks for replying. I think that would help a lot, or even a save point with every note read. I had made it into the basement and read note 4/4, and when I turned around the monster was scuttling thru the curtain and I just didn't have the room to do anything before I got got. The flashlight didn't seem to affect him that time around either? Or at least not long enough before he got me.

I really enjoyed the parts of the game I played, but the lack of saves and the ability to die really took the experience down a bit for me, especially because I felt like I was 'cornered' into my death. I'm gonna wait a few weeks before I end up trying again, but I'm gonna come back to it again for sure.

That fireplace doesn't look brick at all! A great house tour otherwise. Despite the incorrect descriptor I always love a hosue with with history :)

Got it! I totally understand, especially in these times. Good luck on all your work!

My girlfriend and i started playing this game since i got it in the bundle for radical justice and equality, and I've scoured both steam and the page here to see more details and what's up and there hasn't been many posts in the past year +. I was just wondering if it's still getting new features or not. It's a great game, and we absolutely love playing it. I just didn't know if stuff like gem hoarding was going to pay off (though we haven't finished the game) or if i could look forward to DLC. 

Thanks so much! 

Hi, i love the app! I'm just wondering if there's a way to make the windowed mode smaller. I'd love to have it in the corner of my screen so i can fuss with the options easier without minimizing or alt+tab. 

And he had so much interesting information!

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My girlfriend played this and we both really enjoyed it. We also lovingly referred to the multi-legged creature travelling around as our guide. They were extremely helpful and i hope they have availability in the near future.

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First off: the game is beautiful. But that's mostly where my praise ends. 

Overall there's so much potential to have a really immersive game but the lack of actual exploration you could do was disappointing. There was almost nothing to read, and unfortunately the fact that everything was crafted so wonderfully meant i spent a large portion of my time trying to figure out what i could actually interact with and coming up very short. 

Also there's no subtitle options, so combined with the fact that there's no reading meant if you're deaf, HOH, or otherwise hearing-impared it's hard to pick up the story. I've got some auditory processing issues and because i couldn't reply any of the audio files without starting over meant i ended the game very... Disappointed. I have very little idea what the story is, and I'm unfortunately not prepared to start the game over again to only risk missing the audio once more. 

Absolutely gorgeous game, and there's so much potential, but it ended up falling flat for me. 

oh she's so pretty!! 

Hi, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but a "Recycle All" button would be great for the inventory section. 

I also would really like a "move mode" option where you can move plants/furniture around without zooming in and out every time. I would love to organize my plants in different ways, but the zooms set off my motion sickness like nobody's business. 

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She is Strong!!!!!

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I'm so happy! I got my first 5 star!! 

(What's funny is I do not have a 4 star yet.) 

I think there's at least one or two more past the first one i mentioned. If there was a spoiler tag I'd mention them by name but i don't know how rude it would be to mention them otherwise 

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also i dont know if this is something, but i played fullscreen for like an hour or so and the zooms in and out from plant to room gave me real bad motion sickness. 

Edit: i think it could be partially fixed by having a Move Mode button or smthn. So you could click that and make everything moveable. It would make it a whole lot easier to organize plants and furniture without moving in and out constantly. 

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okay! So just to clarify we replace the whole folder with the new one and it should be fine? Also do you think you could add a thread w download instructions or put it on the download page so it's easy to find for future ref? Tyty! 

Hey! I think you accidentally posted this multiple times in a row

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How do I update the game while also making sure that I don't erase my data? I'm using the windows downloadable version

My girlfriend has been playing the game for like 20 minutes now and we've already encountered one jumpscare. (it's noise-based). However we haven't gotten too far in so I'm not sure if there's anything bigger than that.

I ended up finding a bug on my first playthrough but the support team has been so responsive and helpful working through it. Otherwise the game is cute and clever. I adore the atmosphere.