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Fossil Hunters

An action-adventure game about digging for fossils and building your own dinosaurs! · By Reptoid Games

Is this game still being worked on?

A topic by Kiracles created Aug 18, 2020 Views: 778 Replies: 2
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My girlfriend and i started playing this game since i got it in the bundle for radical justice and equality, and I've scoured both steam and the page here to see more details and what's up and there hasn't been many posts in the past year +. I was just wondering if it's still getting new features or not. It's a great game, and we absolutely love playing it. I just didn't know if stuff like gem hoarding was going to pay off (though we haven't finished the game) or if i could look forward to DLC. 

Thanks so much! 

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We have an update (that specifically uses the gems) that has unfortunately, despite being almost done, been put on the back burner in favour of better paying work. Keep those gems!


Got it! I totally understand, especially in these times. Good luck on all your work!