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plant daddy

grow plants in your sunny apartment! · By brady soglin

Support Thread Sticky

A topic by brady soglin created Feb 14, 2020 Views: 8,638 Replies: 246
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Found a bug? Need emotional support? Let's figure it out here.

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if you have a seed for a mushroom you can grow it before unlocking the bathroom

edit: oh wait it cant grow because the air is to dry

What do u do if the air is too dry(I have the bathroom)

I found out u put the shower on then plant the Lil mushroom in the bath

Hi there! Loving the game so far! Just one question, I started playing on my browser at work, on an office computer. Then when I went to check my plants when I got home they weren't there. I'm back in the office now and my plants are here! Can I transfer my save to my personal computer at home? is there anyway for me to save my plants to my google chrome account?


Hi, glad to hear  you enjoy the game! There's no way to do that right now, sorry :(


not a problem! Thanks anyway! guess I'll just have to take  care of TWICE as many plants!! hehe :)


Hopefully you don't get fired then say bai to your plants but still you have even more chance of getting  rares.

Can you make  it available to choose what kind/color of picture frame for the framed pictures?

Actually, you could research all your plants and write down the seeds and import them on your home computer using the nursery. You wouldn't have your your items, but you could have some of your plants. ( you'd have to have some more to get enough to buy the nursery and your plants that you are importing, of course.)

thanks for the idea! Unfortunately, I've been working from home the past few weeks due to the coronavirus. Hopefully when this blows over, I'll be able to do that!

Same here. I mean, I don't have a job, but I have to stay home. And my school is closed. But I hope when this is all over you can try it!

I just realized you already said that and I basically just copied what you said. XD

I write it down in google keep


Hey! Question, what are the chances of getting a rare trait 1-5? Also do you have a list of rare traits? I really love that feature of the game lol


Hey, sure!

1 37.43%

And the list:

  • multi-colored flowers
  • flower color gradient
  • variegated leaves
  • multi-colored stem
  • fancy stem color
  • small but strong
  • gentle giant
  • a real team player
  • an aura of mystery
  • powerful!!!

What is a real team player mean? and the aura one? Can you tell me what they all mean? pls?


-multiple-colored flowers

like the name suggests it's a plant with multiple-colored flowers

-flower color gradient

once again like the name suggests it's a plant with flowers that fade from one color to another color

-variegated leaves

the plant's leaves have stripes

-multi-colored stem

like the name suggests again the plant's stem is multi-colored

-fancy stem color

the plant's stem is an odd color

-small but strong

the plant is mini

-gentle giant

the plant is big

-a real team player

the plant has multiple stems

I'm unsure about the other two.

i grew a forest spring right after reading this and it got the powerful trait!

and now i have a mesterius fern. this post is bringing me luck ^


On both Firefox and Chrome, my computer has almost completely frozen up while I was playing this game. It happens after maybe an hour or so of playing. It fixes itself if I manage to close the tab the game is in quickly enough. I think there's some kind of memory leak?


That definitely sounds like a memory leak! good catch, i'll see if i can find it

What is a memory leak?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

A memory leak is a bug that can occur in software. A game can ask the computer for memory–but after it's done using the memory, it's supposed to return all of it to the computer. A memory leak happens when the game fails to return some amount of memory to the computer. Over time, the game asks for more and more memory and never gives it back, so it "leaks" from the computer to the game

oh wow sounds serious.  And weird because what if a person leaked memory kinda gross dont you think?

a person leaking memory is called sneezing. Duh.

doing anything to the tab itself erases progress entirely.  I had over 50 plants and had bathroom unlocked.  Why does this happen?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

dang, i'm sorry to hear that. the game is supposed to automatically save, but with all the different versions of different browsers out there, some folks have run into problems before. what browser are you using?


also on chromebook, could be part of problem


hmm. ok. haven't tested on chrome book yet but in theory that shouldn't have any impact. have you updated chrome recently? are you using an extensions that might aggressively block sites from tracking you? possible that some extensions could prevent the game from storing data

can goguardian do this?  I use school chromebook, so that might be it.


Hmm,  not sure about goguardian, wasn't able to find any details about how it might affect saving. Tell you what: could you email me @ with as many details re: this as you remember? I'll see if I can get to the bottom of it

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ok, but i wont be able to see your responses, and maybe not be able to send, since school chromebook.

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also, are u overfull itself or are u an employee

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what can grow inside the mini fridge

I'm not sure because I tried to grow some plants in the fridge, but it says "too cold".

When I try to play in Chrome, the game won't load properly and the console outputs the same error ("GLSL link error: Vertex shader active uniforms exceed GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS (256)") hundreds of times.

It works with no issue in Edge.

Also, would you consider allowing it to be downloadable so people can play offline and/or make it possible to export save data? (The app version of the game doesn't completely fill the WebGL popup window, so it's a bit annoying to use)

Developer (1 edit)

Huh, never seen that one before, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.

And re: making it downloadable, yes, that's a  good idea. Wouldn't be too tricky, I'll see if I can get to it soon

well that's one hell of a glitch

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Fun and relaxing game so far! Here are some issues I've found that would be great if you can look into:

-  It be great if you can move UI elements that will block placement out of play area (AKA add some space on the top and bottom of the screen, just for UI). For example, I can place a shelf on the upper right corner of the room but when I try to place a plant there the "cancel move" button will block me from placing anything there. If I also place something like a cubby on the bottom left of the screen, I can't place a plant on the bottom row since it gets hidden by the UI as well. 

- It be great to keep lengths of 3 plant wide shelves consistent. I think you can greatly improve the look of the plant rack, for example, by getting rid of the polys jutting out past the top shelf so that it doesn't block the bottom of the window sill and shelves placed on the bottom level. It's also unfortunate that I can't place a plant rack all across the middle of the room (there's an odd gap on the left side of the room, in the middle). 

- currently there seems to be no merit to buying items like posters that are purely aesthetic. It be nice if certain items can add buffs like quicker grow time, buffs to leaves/petals generated, etc. It can be just a small buff but  it'll add a small element of strategy to the game.

- It be nice to able to purchase something like curtains that can be closed if one wants to just grow cave blossoms

- currently it's not really clear how traits for plants work. It be great if you can clarify this in game (does the player just have to buy a lot of plants and just come across plants with better traits?) 

- I personally think having the shower on continuously to grow mushrooms isn't a really good message to send out to young players. (it's also very strange) Have you thought of having a covered garden with a pond instead and add more low light plants to the mix?  ;)

- it be great if you can make the backs of furniture like tables, shelves, etc. flush against the wall to improve visuals. 

I think this game has potential and I hope you keep on updating it. I think the plant code is a very interesting idea and it be nice to see you expand on that. ;)


hey, thanks for playin, & glad you like the game! great points re: UI & plant placement consistency, I'll look into those when it's time to update

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this isn't too much of an issue for me but i've found that with the current name length max it can run over the ui a significant amount. it works fine when i take pictures with the built in camera


thanks for letting me know!


Oooooh, I love that plant though. Do you have the seed still?

Hey, I was wondering where the pictures go when you take them, because they don't show up in my photos folder. So yeah, I want to share my plants, but I have no clue where to find the photos. Pretty much it. Thanks, hope to share my plants soon!


Hello! They should save to your Desktop. Are they not there? (Also, are you on Mac or PC?)

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No they aren't. Well, I don't know my computers very well, but I'm on Linux, so I suppose that's closer to PC. Actually I have no clue if I'm on Mac or PC. Maybe neither. Heh, I don't know.

Nevermind! I updated my computer and they found a spot in my downloads!

just started and really liking it, thank you Brady! However i've currently got only one plant and haven't been able to get another because i've almost entirely only getting  blossoms instead of leaves. Currently have 5 leaves and 69 blossoms. Can i expect leaves to come along any time soon? Really keen to grow my collection! Thanks


hey! try buying cheaper plants–use your leaves to buy a garden plant and it will make more leaves :) (all plants make leaves early on, and blossoms once they're fully grown.)

ooh somehow didn't think of buying another garden plant! d'oy! thank you :) 


got the hang of it now and the game is keeping me so happy and chill! thank you! :)

How do you get more leaves I only have 3.

You get more leaves from younger plants.

Example: You just bought a new garden plant. It'll make leaves until it's fully grown.

you can recycle them by storing them and  clicking recycle in you inv or you can buy a new plant

Can you make on the normal colors for plant pots and posters/art orange, purple, and pink please?

LSDriller1 day ago (2 edits)

Game is really nice and relaxing, and I totally enjoy it from time to time while working (no issue for my employer 😜).

As I'm kinda in the "end game" now, is like to get more content like me rooms or a garden, new plant, maybe some exotic or"alien" plant, and other pieces of furniture and decorations, maybe the chance to change music or use personal mp3s.

Something useful would be a simplification of the inventory, as I'm trying to get some 5 star plants, I'm getting overwhelmed with normal plants, would be nice to be able to organize them better, or even sell them. For the same reason, the purchase of plants should be more easy, for every plant bought I have to click about 5 times, then place the new plant...

Another improvement could be swap places with plants, like I get a plant to move, then I swap place with another one, which will be in my hand to be places elsewhere.

Also, it would be amazing to get a mobile app 😁


Well, I just lost all my plants.

Probably because I haven't played in a few weeks but still oof.

I might need a bit of emotional support ;-;


Aw jeeze, sorry to hear that. A couple of people have lost saves on browser versions, and I can't nail down the bug–seems like it's really inconsistent. Sending you love and plant-energy!

the sad part is that I lost all of the plants that had rare traits

I can always rebuild though, so it's not too bad

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aaaand it seems lady luck has had some pity on me

also I have a screenshot of my two star curling vine so I might be able to get that back


won't be able to get her twin sister back though


I like her name


thanks ^-^


Oh and thanks for the tip on getting leaves!


No problem!

i lost half of my plant

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ok so I just wanted to report this even though it's pretty minor

for some reason some of the petals on the plant just disappears? I know this is minor but it's kind of weird and it's really tingling my perfectionist side


quick edit:

the glitch has now evolved into color changing petals and it's affecting my cave blossom

I'm really loving the game but whenever I exit the game and reopen the browsing tab it makes me restart from scratch. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you. :))


Glad you're liking the game, and sorry to hear that it's not saving! You can download the game on this page, the downloaded version will save correctly.

Also, what browser are you using, if you don't mind me asking? I've been trying to track down this bug for months

For some reason It's saved this time after multiple times making me start over.

I'm using Google Chrome! I hope this helps for future bugs.


Glad it's saving! And hmm, ok, that's mysterious, Chrome works fine for me. If you're willing to, could you tell me what kind of computer you're on, what version of chrome you're on, and if you have any chrome extensions?  Thanks!

Of course!

  • Laptop - HP Stream
  • Chrome - 81.0.4044.138

I do have extentions, quite a few actually; but these two in particular have caused me problems in the past, maybe it's these? I can list all of my extentions if necessary.

  • Adblock
  • Pop Up Blocker

Thank you for sharing! This is useful. If you can include a full list of extensions, that'd be great. I'll try and get to the bug when I have more time

I thought maybe images would be easier, not sure though.


Very helpful, thank you so much!

Like the game, but recently I've been having horrible lag problems. It never happened before and I'm not sure why it's happening at all. I've tried different things like restarting the game, spending up blossoms (my thought was that I had so many, the game couldn't process it), and stashing plants and furniture to help the frame rate. Say, when I interact with something, the game is frozen and takes a long while to finally interact with what I've clicked on. Sometimes it won't even interact with that item. As well as it will show the wrong name before correcting itself. Like calling the plant cubbies a shelf, or plainly saying Furniture name. As for the lag when interacting, I've counted, and the longest it's taken was three whole minutes before responding. I'm not sure if other people are experiencing this as well, but it's made the game unplayable for me.


Hmm, sorry to hear that. What browser are you using, or are you playing a downloaded version of the game?  (If you're using Chrome, are you using any extensions?)

If you're playing in browser, I might recommend starting a new game via the download–it's hard for me to keep track of problems in the web game because there are so many different variables involved

I do use Chrome, yes. The only browser extension I have is Grammarly. To add, I've had Grammarly before I played the game, and it hasn't affected anything. 

Most likely because chrome just sucks it happens with my chrome too so that's why I stopped using chrome. Not your fault it's the computers. I also recommend downloading the game, for it not to lag.

hi! first of all, i absolutely love your game. now i can have a sunny apartment filled with plants both off- and on-screen.

i downloaded the game, but it does a few weird things on my computer that i'm not sure how to deal with:
- when i try to access the Settings tab, the menu window closes and i can't open it at all anymore unless i restart the game
- when i click "take picture" it makes the camera shutter sound, but there is no extra window (where to save the image or something), and i couldn't find any of the pictures i've taken on my pc, so i am unsure whether it works at all
- also, this is less of a bug and more of a personal preference, it's in full screen, which makes it more of a bother to switch between the game and doing other things. is it possible to turn that off in the settings, or would you consider implementing such a feature? (assuming one day i'll be able to access the settings tab, ha ha)

these are issues i have with the downloaded game on my pc (windows 10). when i first started the game i did get a notification that my antivirus software was having a problem with the file, but i clicked the "trust source" option, so i'm not sure if that is having an effect or not.

meanwhile, i'll continue to play the game in my browser where it works perfectly fine. thank you for all your hard work, it's truly a delight!


Hey, thank you for the kind words and the glitch reports! The settings tab closing is bizarre, I've never heard of that glitch. I'll keep an eye out. Planning on adding windowed mode in the next update

I just found this game and I am loving it! Found one small bug, the fact that if you hit the back button and have an item behind it. (I have a bookcase) and if you hit the back button it will zoom back in on the item behind the button. I found a way to get around it, but just thought i'd post it here. Thank you so much for such a relaxing game!


Ah! Nice catch. Thanks. And glad you like the game!

Hey, I just got the desktop version. How do I play it in windowed mode, instead of fullscreen?


Hey, sorry, that's not available at the moment. It's in high demand though, I'll see if I can add it soon


Just letting you know this is now implemented!


woo! Thank you for all your work!

I just downloaded the game and I've enjoyed what little I've been able to play of it, but no matter where I try to place my second garden plant, there isn't enough light. I tried moving my first one to give its space to the second but that didn't work, and now my first one won't grow either. Any idea how I could fix this?


Hmm, that's very strange, never heard of that glitch before. What kind of computer are you using?

In the meantime, best advice I can would be to try stashing your plants, and then taking them out of the inventory and putting them back down again. Also, try closing the game window and reopening it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

(2 edits)

I've just got an Asus laptop with Windows 10, nothing special. I'll give stashing the plants a shot, I haven't tried that yet!

Edit: That worked for a few minutes, but immediately after buying a third plant the issue arose again, and stashing the plants won't fix it this time


Huh, jeez. Again, sorry about that. My only other advice would be trying to delete your game and reinstalling, and also erasing your save file and starting again. You could also play in browser.  I'll try and see if I can replicate it, but there's something weird happening on your laptop that doesn't happen on mine when I test.

I started playing on my chromebook last night, but when I came back it hadn't saved! Is there something I'm supposed to do?


Hey, sorry, some people have trouble saving, and I haven't been able to replicate it! If you can download it, I'd suggest that if you're having trouble in the browser version

uhh, i accidentally got a lil mushroom on the plant nursery before unlocking the bathroom and i´m not sure if that was intended to be able to happen pwp


I'm really enjoying the game, but I seem to be having a minor issue with clicking on my plants? I'm playing using the downloadable version, not the browser version, and whenever I go to click on a plant, the highlighted pot has a mild flickering effect? I assume this is the indication that I can click on the plant, but in the browser version it doesn't flicker like this. Because of this flickering, it usually takes a lot of clicks before I go into the zoomed in plant view.

I'm having the same problem, downloaded version for Windows using the app.


Thanks for reporting you guys. Still getting bugs ironed out for the downloadable version. I'll try to get to the bottom of this.

(1 edit)

First: I really love this game!!

I got a small problem tho. I have the downloadable windows version and when I click on settings it just goes back to the planting room. I can play after this but I cannot go to the shopping basket menu. Just nothing happens after this. It's all god, when I restart the game and don't click on settings.

It's nothing major, I still am able to play the game without other problems so no hurry.

Thank you


Hey, thank you for letting me know! Do you think you could email me at I think I can maybe find out what's causing this bug if you're willing to download a test version of the game.

I've download the game, only to find out I can't interact with the plants in any way, which means I'm unable to play the game. Is there anyway to fix this? I'm pretty much stuck in the tutorial, and the plants refuse to grow. 


Hey, sorry, I'm still trying to find this bug. It's something a couple people are running into. Hopefully I can fix it soon

(2 edits)

I think I'm having the same or similar issue?  I've been playing for a week, and at first I thought "oh maybe these plants grow in real time" but I feel I'm probably just stuck on this screen:  [edit] Well the image uploader isn't working either, but I am on the starter plant, and it tells me to click on it but I can't.  [edit again] Uninstalling and reinstalling worked.  Thank you for going on this emotional journey with me.

I started this game yesterday and kudos, it's so calm and relaxing <3

My To-do list seems to be stuck though, I completed two items on it at the same time (Buy a plant rack and Take a picture of 3 plants all grown from the same seed) and they're crossed through but not vanishing. The center item isn't completed yet, but I'm sure I've had earlier situations where multiple items would vanish off the list at once when completed.


Hey, so glad you like it! I think you're actually at the end of the list, so there's nothing more to fill in


Alright, thanks for letting me know! Thought that might be the case but wasn't sure :)

Would it be possible to transfer the plants onto the downloadable (linux) version? Would it have something to do with backing up the contents of the cookie?


Hey, sorry, that's not something that's available right now. I'm investigating downloading / importing saves for another game rn though, so maybe it will be available in the future. You could save seeds you like and grow them at the nursery on the DL'd version?

Hey Brady. I'm having a lot of fun with this game! After playing online I downloaded the OSX version and I'm having a lot of crashing issues: any time I click on the to-do list, any furniture/mirror/poster, or the nursery the game crashes. This happens in windowed or fullscreen mode and at all resolutions. I can't clear tasks or play with seeds!

If you need system specs let me know (there have also been a number of crash reports generated each crash).



Hi quimler! Thanks for letting me know.  What version of the game are you playing with? And could you please send the crash reports to I'll try to get to the bottom of it!

Hi!! first of all i totally adore this game, i had the downloadable version and i love the anticipation of seeing what my plants will look like fully grown! also having the game ambiance is great background noise when im working on my own projects <:') <33

Sadly last night i had to hard reset my pc while the game was open, and when i went to open it afterwards it seemed to be hardlocked on this screen, none of the plants/furniture show up, i cant click any of the buttons, and closing the game + restarting my computer doesnt help fix it :^( i've deleted and reinstalled the game and that hasnt fixed it either, so im not really sure what else to do 


Hi! Thanks for the kind words :)

Re: your bug, it sounds to me like the hard reset got your savefile so corrupted that the game can't even open the menu! Reinstalling the game wouldn't fix it bc the save file lives on your computer, not with the game files. If you're willing to poke around in the files, you should be able to delete the save files manually, and then just start over w a new game:

On Windows:

C:/Users/<username>/AppData/LocalLow/overfull LLC/plantdaddy

On Mac:

~/Library/Application Support/overfull LLC/plantdaddy

In either of those cases, if you delete everything in the "plantdaddy" folder, the game should be able to run no problem.

Sorry for the kind of arcane fix! And if you try it, please let me know if it works?

It worked!!! thank you so much 😭💖💖💖


:) ! no prob

How do grow cave blossoms on the nursery?? "Too much light" message appears. :/

You might have figured this out already, but just put them on a shelf out of the direct light from the windows!

Hi! I just unlocked the bathroom but when I tried to grow a mushroom in the bathroom, it couldn't grow because the air was too dry. 


It's a mystery…… (a shower related mystery)


What's funny is that after posting this is when I figured it out ahaha, I'm now a proud owner of 9 lovely mushrooms! Thank you for humouring me though!


hahaha good stuff :)

Hi Brady, what a lovely game! 

Such a silly/basic question but how to I unlock the boarded window? 


Hey, thanks! :)

It's in the shop, in the furniture section!


oh gosh hahah how did I miss that! 

Thanks so much :) 

(1 edit)

How do I update the game while also making sure that I don't erase my data? I'm using the windows downloadable version

I am Also interested in this.


Hey guys! You can actually just download the new version of the game and start using it–your save file doesn't live with the game files, it's stored on your computer somewhere else. 

It's probably a good idea to delete your old copy of the game when you make the switch, because it can screw with your savegame if you accidentally open a new savegame with an old version

(1 edit)

okay! So just to clarify we replace the whole folder with the new one and it should be fine? Also do you think you could add a thread w download instructions or put it on the download page so it's easy to find for future ref? Tyty! 

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah, you can just delete the old game folder and use the new one!

And that is a good idea :) i'll see what i can put together

(1 edit)

also i dont know if this is something, but i played fullscreen for like an hour or so and the zooms in and out from plant to room gave me real bad motion sickness. 

Edit: i think it could be partially fixed by having a Move Mode button or smthn. So you could click that and make everything moveable. It would make it a whole lot easier to organize plants and furniture without moving in and out constantly. 

My Tiny Trees and Ancient Ferns suddenly had their leaves turn brown. Is something wrong? Whatever it is, I can't seem to make them green again :(

(This is also true for any new plants of those types I purchase or grow from seeds. Forgot to mention that.)

Developer (1 edit)

Hmm… sounds like a graphics bug, sorry about that. The game sometimes has too many objects to keep track of and the renderer can't handle it. Are you playing in browser? Might help to switch to download version.


Yeah, I'm playing in browser. Just discovered another bug too: when I complete items on the to-do list, it'll cross them off, but they won't vanish or be replaced by other items.


Ah gotcha. You might be at the end of the to do list!

On the browser version, the last 3 times I have returned to the game, everything has needed watering but not provided any  leaves or stars? 

This didn't seem to happen before I got the watering can. Also I can confirm that the leaves and stars are produced if I leave the tab open long enough, but the situation makes the "and then close the tab and come back the next time you have a spare moment" in the instructions basically unworkable.


hey, thanks for the report! that's definitely a bug, i'll look into it

For the third time in 4 months the game has completely wiped out all progress.

I'm using Chrome, Win10 laptop. Plugins are as follows:

  • UBlock Origin
  • Unpaywall
  • Google Meet Grid View
  • Night Mode Pro
  • Go Back With Backspace
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite
  • Google Search View Image Image
  • HoverZoom+
  • Amazon Assistant for Chrome

Damn, I'm sorry about that. Thanks for the report and for listing your plugins. You didn't clear history at any time, did you? Erasing history / cookies would clear the game files

In the meantime, maybe try the downloaded version? It is more stable

oh no! It appears that the house disapeared??? well the tab was sitting in my browser for a long time and then i saw this:

(1 edit)

The "To-Do" list isn't refreshing anymore it still doesnt refresh when i reload the page, is this supposed to happen?


Hey, thanks for posting these! re: the to-do list, you probably have reached the end of the list! Congrats!

A quick question: did the "room disappearing" bug stop when you refreshed the page?

(2 edits)

yes the background bug didnt happen again

I need something to suppresso my depresso.


Have you tried turning that frown upside down?


I've tried all to much :<



Thnks though <3

I'm sad now... I went back into the game after reading an article, and it killed all my plants and progress. 😭

Show post...

sorry to hear that :(

(1 edit)

Hey so, when Plant Daddy opens, it used to boot in full screen mode. Now it only opens for me in large windowed, and while I can change the resolution size, no matter what size when I am trying to navigate the game my cursor does not line up with the "cursor" that selects in game objects. The result is that I am regularly clicking a plant over or a shelf below the plant I want, which is exceedingly frustrating when you're trying to have an efficient plant turn-over rate to farm multiple trait plants.

Edited to add: I cannot change it from windowed to full screen. I tried using f11 key and right clicking the window bar, but it wont give me an option.


Hi Featherfrost, sorry you're having problems.

  • I removed the fullscreen option from the downloadable game, that's why the feature is gone. A bug in the engine I use was screwing with the fullscreen so had to get rid of it
  • Sorry about your problems clicking, that's really annoying. I have noted that bug and have it in my list of things to fix. Tbh I am super busy right now and might not have time to get to it for a while, but I appreciate you letting me know!

Duly noted! I'll just use the browser version for a while, not a big deal. I hope things calm down for you soon! <3


Thank you for your kind words, appreciate it :)

Unrelated, but I often wonder... what did this poor (player) do before they unlocked the bathroom? It takes what must be weeks in game before I'm able to fix the window, let alone the bathroom.


Some questions it's better not to know the answer to…

Every now and then, I refresh the page and get the message that my browser "does not support webgl" even though it clearly did earlier that day. I'm using chrome btw. None of the fixes work because it's already enabled everywhere that the troubleshoot people tell me to enable it.

So I just loaded in my game and all my data is erased with out  me doing anything what should I do????


Hey Strange, sorry to hear that :( were you playing the browser version? People have run into issues with their data being erased from the browser version–if you are willing to try again on the desktop version, that is more stable. I haven't been able to find the source of the problem for browsers yet

Sorry again for this problem, I know it must be frustrating

Thank you for the information, I'll make sure to keep this in mind.

(1 edit)

Hello Mister Soglin, I love your game very much :D but I think I found a problem or bug.

1. I can't find the to do list in the plantdaddy-pc-1.2.0 version or it doesn't appear for me. Not sure why.

2. The Volume: I can't tone it down it only increases in volume and I needed to throw away my head set or else I would have hurt my ears a lot.


Hello! Thank you for reporting these bugs! I'm hoping to fix them soon. Can you give me more details about bug #2? Never heard of that before. You just played through the game and it never showed up?

Hello and anytime :) That's okay, please don't rush anything :)

I played it at first on my browser but I wanted to play it as the pc version and bought it (2 days ago). Then I re-zipped it on my computer and started it. I like the background sounds but I wanted to make it quieter. I went to the setting and wanted to quiet it down but it went louder and almost like a screeching noise. It was so painful that I needed to throw away my head set xD

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I also tried to find a community-section than just adding a comment as new post, so heading to a sticky-note for my feedback and questions if those features being just found elsewhere or not added yet e.g.

How to get rid of the infobox "your apartment is empty..."?, when hovering to the windows (I adore the slidebar for bit opening that pane there), it kinda blocks my view to the "back"-button. It somehow vanished when clicking that top-left icon anyway.

First time clicking the shopping-cart in the top-left corner shows "9999" for some moments, referring to the bottom-left plant and red icons. Also when just hovering over them, I'd like to see bit of hints about what that red-icon could be? No subtitles seem to be available yet.

shopping-cart: oh, that red icon representing blossoms. Cool feature of using two colours, also the tree outside the window looks cute in animation. Browsing through plants and being excited if I try to buy unlocked ones: "locked until you buy unlocked (region)", I'd suggest it appearing like ...without that "locked"-textline somehow?

Browsing through furnitures: I could even see listed rooms like "unlock bathroom" as furniture tags? Actually I've expected a section for viewing or filtering just rooms only.

doodads/decoration: another "unlock bathroom"-item, I guess it could be like "locked until you unlock the bathroom" or something similar?

Switching from the buying-section to my inventory for the first time: each of those sections below showed left/right-arrows for some moments.

setting+credit looks cool so far.

Buying and placing my plant and another info-hint appears but can't be hidden even after placing my bought plant (or directly clicking it for more interaction/status or if the leaves getting ready to get some additional water added). I'd prefer e.g. hiding it by clicking or getting a setting-checkbox: "hide hints" which updates/affects either showing or hiding "all" or "just future texts".

Being able to "water" plants after clicking 4-leaves-textline, just zooming out and still that "he's ready, water your plant", nope not in mood yet so somehow don't want to be notified if I didn't instantly water them some moments ago xD Clicking the right window and still that text won't give-up and keeps mentioning to water that plant.

camera-mode when taking a pic (clicking its button) let me read those lines: "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was: TypeError: child is null". Used browser: basilisk similar to firefox, system: windows8.1, computer no mobile-device. While I could get into the cam-mode and also exit it, just taking a pic get that error mentioned as popup-hint (like if a browser's tab won't react/getting slowed down its progress, with ok/wait/debug-options, etc.) afterwards one of my computer's graphical-program still refers to an image getting able to save, including a nickname like your game's title. So I guess somehow the error wasn't quite aware of it? Another testclick on "take picture"-button let me instantly get the "save pic"-reference, no error there and I didn't check that "don't show this hint again" recently. I'm using "photofiltre7"-app and it mentions the file-nickname, "which is png-file in kb-size" & "from:blob". I'd prefer to see e.g. more hints about this game than just "from:blob"?

Opening without saving get me curious: with or without text-hints appearing and lol, yes even those hints getting visible there. In my case: water your plant. (nope, still not the right time to use the water-can, at least if it's about my mood or expectation when getting a selfie of my plant / room, could there be an option that pic also won't include text-lines, either in setting or somewhere else sounds useful)

The game's title and pic made my curious texting it & I adore the graphics, wow raindrops on that window (when bit opening/clicking and adjusting this option), look adorable.

What grows in the minifridge?

Just had a few hours of progress reset after closing the tab and coming back after a bit. Nothing major was lost, but still kind of jarring. Also lag here and there, specifically when mass collecting/watering, or looking through the inventory. I've amassed a ridiculous number of plants which I don't think helps


Hey, thanks for sharing! Sorry you lost some progress. I've got an update in the works that should have some data stability fixes

Hey, I love the game! I just have one question; how do you make the air wetter/ moister. I cant grow my lil mushrooms because the air is too dry lol. Thanks!

You need the bathroom, As far as I can tell, or the mini-fridge.

I have both and it still says the air is too dry. If I put the mushroom in the fridge it says its too cold.

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Turn the shower on in the bathroom.

Dude click the bathtub then that all also place your plants on the tub not near it.

I have an Idea, Once you reply I will tell you what it is.


Well, I was kinda waiting for the dev but.

While it is raining if you open the windows it should water the plants that are on the window sill but only if the window is fully open.

Deleted 2 years ago

I know it does not work but it would be a nice feature.

You are welcome, sorry. 

Hi I am revisiting the game after many months but It forget my progress D: It's ok though because I completed the game, but It's a nice game

Maybe you should make a sequel with more plants and stuff because it was very fun :D


:) thank you for your kind words! yeah unfortunately you can lose your browser save data if history is ever cleared or erased. if u download the game you should be safe from that!

& I am actually working on a new game with some similar concepts right now, about fossil collecting, so stay tuned for that!

oh ok, yay

I have a question about one of the To-do list tasks. It says I'm supposed to "Use a Plant Nursery to grow a plant" and when I put a plant on it and it fully grows it doesn't give me the notification that I completed that task. Any help would be grateful!


Ah, that means use another person's seed to grow a plant! Check the plant sharing thread for cool seeds

So uh can you fix the candles because when they are near a plant you cant click the plant only the candle and it also sometimes makes the currency the plant is producing disappear. 


Hey, thanks for the bug report! I'll add it to my list of things to get to. I'm not working actively on this game right now bc I'm finishing up another game, but this is good to know about for when I have time to get back to plant daddy


Hi! so i just started playing again, and I got four plants, but theyve all fully grown and I only get blossoms. I only have 2 leafs and it wont give me anymore to buy new plants haha. I saved up for a nursery but forgot i need to use leaves to grow a plants. should i reset the game? 


hmm... dang, that shouldn't be possible! the game is always supposed to make it so you have enough to buy a plant. do you have a plant in the inventory that's not fully grown?


oh my I forgot I did lol ':3 thank you!


uh, hi! (I don't exactly know how things work here because I'm new. Sorry if I do anything wrong.) I have this really weird bug. I don't know if it's already been mentioned.  This happens all the time and I don't know why. Basically, whenever I open up the game it takes me to the bathroom. I can't really click on anything. I've tried reopening it and shutting off my computer. Still won't work. 


Hey, sorry to hear about this! This looks like a corrupted save to me. I'm not 100% sure how it got corrupted, but you may be able to restore from backup. Here's how to do that (on PC):

  1. Shut down plant daddy
  2. Go to the folder  `C:\Users\<YOURUSERNAME>\AppData\LocalLow\overfull/ LLC\plantdaddy`
  3. You should see a number of files there: `` and ``
  4. Move both files out of the plant daddy folder onto to your Desktop
  5. Restart the game. The game should think you are starting a new save
  6. Go to the settings menu, and `Load from file` on ``. Hopefully that will be an uncorrupted save!

Hope this works for you, and sorry you ran into the problem in the first place!

Ahh, thanks a lot! I've started on the browser already though. I guess I could try this and use my downloaded version just in case my internet stops working or something. Thanks anyway! :)

Found a bug where plants can grow in your inventory so you can grow mushrooms before unlocking bathroom. Just buy a plant, put it in your inventory and every cycle take it out harvest it's petals/blossoms and stash it again.

this is how i did my mushrooms for a while and i was like "this definitely ain't right"


I have a lot of leaves and blossoms and I don't know what to do with them! I've almost filled both rooms and I have a fair few of every plant, including multiple 3x and a (stolen) 5x



Not a complaint, just a suggestion. Once you get a okay way into the game and have bought the nursery, your leaves start to stock up, whereas your blossoms are quickly depleted. Maybe release some cheap things you can buy with leaves, or add a variant e.g the water can costs 125 blossoms, or you could spend 35 leaves.


I was just wondering; other than on the side of the shower and  on the four available shelve space, is there anywhere else you can grow mushrooms.


mushrooms are bathroom only!

i have only 3 leaves and cant buy anymore plants! all the plants i have are blossoming plants


check your inventory--must be a not fully grown plant in there somewhere!

there was a mushroom boi in my inventory thanks for the help!!

hey i never researched this guy but it still says he has a rare trait? I never put him on the nursery 


That means you've already seen this plant before! You must've already bought another plant with this same seed. It's happened before a few times before to some other folks, it's very uncommon

como faço para cultivar um cogumelo? eu não consigo, por favor me ajudem!


try the shower in the bathroom!

omg thank you!

Hi!! I think I have a problem with the To Do List. It worked correctly, but it has arrived at one point where all the things are crossed out but the list doesn't change. Is a bug or something? Do I have to do something?


hello! you reached the end of the list! that's not very clear in game, sorry

How do you open up the boarded window? It's the last thing on my to-do list.

you have to go to the shop, and then from the furniture section you need to buy the open window. that will therefore basically replace the boarded window with the open one. hope that helps!

how can you get rare traits is it just chance?


Yep, it’s random!

ok thxs

Silly question, but how do you get new leaves? I've only been getting blossoms, so I haven't been able to get more plants.


 Hey! You get new leaves by growing new plants. Once they're fully grown, they stop producing leaves. If you're out of leaves, you must have a young plant somewhere that isn't full grown!

Thanks :)

can i get a 8 star plant code plz iwant all the skins

My To do list is stuck! Anything I can do?


you won! sorry, that's a little unclear

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I won! That's it, game over? Sad...

oh lol i was just about to post the exact same thing haha. wish there were more rooms.. this totally wont be the start of a boycott. shhhh..

Is there a way to restore a save on the browser?


No, sorry about that. Browser saves can be unstable sadly :(

I'd recommend using the desktop version, never had any data issues there

is this a bugged plant? looks like it should have 1 star at least from the flower gradient. seed is 102 09858

everything in the shop turns black (using linux)

I have played this game before, and all of my progress is lost.

the game is glitching and i cant get the shop it fixes for a little if  i reload but then it does this again i just started and i love the game but its unplayable like this (love the game tho <3

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I use the play in browser version of this game and was wondering where to find the Plant Nursery?  I've checked the store, inventory, and settings and can't find anything.  I've heard it's in the Furniture section, third page, but only find the Unlock Bathroom, Mini Fridge, and Toilet listed.  It's too bad I can't find it because I've found a rather beautiful plant I'd like to study.

edit: resolved!  Lovely, now I can study my beauties.  I had to get the bathroom before I could get the nursery (strange...)

Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to change where the save file and screenshots are saved to? I like to keep my desktop clean.

so what about my minifidge?Is it really useless?I really hope to plant ice flowersTT

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I've been playing this game for a few days now and i fell in love with it again. But recently all my data was lost :(. I've downloaded the save file of the game but it doesn't let me load it. I'm using a school chromebook so I'm wondering if I need an extension to load it or is it just gone forever?


Hello, sorry to hear you lost your data. You can load a savefile into the desktop version of the game but not the browser version. Not sure if you're able to download the game on your school chromebook though. Sorry and good luck

Aww man, its alright. Thank you for replying though! I'll probably transfer the save file into my personal laptop. I need to tend to my precious babies. 

I downloaded this game for Mac, but it seems to use 200% of my CPU! For such a little game, I really wouldn't expect that type of power drain. It seems to be okay in browser, but I can't even use it downloaded as it is just slows my computer way way down and the fans blast off! :( Any way on how to fix this? Thank you! 

just a question how do i unlock the bathroom?

you can buy it 

not a question or anything, but we need

a. to know what you need to tell dan

b. to ask if there was an incident that occurred that has now made you vow to only drink socially.

c. emotional support+chicken noodle soup

d. a gf not happening bc of life reasons


Why is my to-do list not updating? i did everything on it but now there is no purpose if I don't have anything new. I can't even do the little things at the bottom :(

its the end of the to-do list

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My Mac refuses to open the application because it can't verify the developer. I thought this was a browser game?


hey, you can play in browser on the main game page. if you want to download and play for mac, right click the app and click "Open" to get past the "Unknown Developer" screen.


Thanks so much! I feel silly for missing that. 😅

the game is so tiny on my desktop (like 10% of the screen) and I can barely see anything, fullscreen would be cool

I was having so much fun playing until it suddenly resets the entire progress. I was pretty heartbroken tbh :'(( RIP Cain


I'm sorry to hear that :(. It's some kind of browser-based glitch I have never been able to figure out. If you download the game the save files are very stable

Yeah, I have figured.. :')) I guess I'll have to wait until I can actually have my own chromebook/laptop to actually download the game. I am just using my school chromebook for now :((