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plant daddy

grow plants in your sunny apartment! · By brady soglin

Support Thread Sticky

A topic by brady soglin created Feb 14, 2020 Views: 518 Replies: 56
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Found a bug? Need emotional support? Let's figure it out here.

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if you have a seed for a mushroom you can grow it before unlocking the bathroom

edit: oh wait it cant grow because the air is to dry

Hi there! Loving the game so far! Just one question, I started playing on my browser at work, on an office computer. Then when I went to check my plants when I got home they weren't there. I'm back in the office now and my plants are here! Can I transfer my save to my personal computer at home? is there anyway for me to save my plants to my google chrome account?


Hi, glad to hear  you enjoy the game! There's no way to do that right now, sorry :(


not a problem! Thanks anyway! guess I'll just have to take  care of TWICE as many plants!! hehe :)


Hopefully you don't get fired then say bai to your plants but still you have even more chance of getting  rares.

Actually, you could research all your plants and write down the seeds and import them on your home computer using the nursery. You wouldn't have your your items, but you could have some of your plants. ( you'd have to have some more to get enough to buy the nursery and your plants that you are importing, of course.)

thanks for the idea! Unfortunately, I've been working from home the past few weeks due to the coronavirus. Hopefully when this blows over, I'll be able to do that!

Same here. I mean, I don't have a job, but I have to stay home. And my school is closed. But I hope when this is all over you can try it!

I just realized you already said that and I basically just copied what you said. XD


Hey! Question, what are the chances of getting a rare trait 1-5? Also do you have a list of rare traits? I really love that feature of the game lol


Hey, sure!

1 37.43%

And the list:

  • multi-colored flowers
  • flower color gradient
  • variegated leaves
  • multi-colored stem
  • fancy stem color
  • small but strong
  • gentle giant
  • a real team player
  • an aura of mystery
  • powerful!!!

What is a real team player mean? and the aura one? Can you tell me what they all mean? pls?


On both Firefox and Chrome, my computer has almost completely frozen up while I was playing this game. It happens after maybe an hour or so of playing. It fixes itself if I manage to close the tab the game is in quickly enough. I think there's some kind of memory leak?


That definitely sounds like a memory leak! good catch, i'll see if i can find it

What is a memory leak?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

A memory leak is a bug that can occur in software. A game can ask the computer for memory–but after it's done using the memory, it's supposed to return all of it to the computer. A memory leak happens when the game fails to return some amount of memory to the computer. Over time, the game asks for more and more memory and never gives it back, so it "leaks" from the computer to the game

oh wow sounds serious.  And weird because what if a person leaked memory kinda gross dont you think?

a person leaking memory is called sneezing. Duh.

doing anything to the tab itself erases progress entirely.  I had over 50 plants and had bathroom unlocked.  Why does this happen?

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dang, i'm sorry to hear that. the game is supposed to automatically save, but with all the different versions of different browsers out there, some folks have run into problems before. what browser are you using?


also on chromebook, could be part of problem


hmm. ok. haven't tested on chrome book yet but in theory that shouldn't have any impact. have you updated chrome recently? are you using an extensions that might aggressively block sites from tracking you? possible that some extensions could prevent the game from storing data

can goguardian do this?  I use school chromebook, so that might be it.


Hmm,  not sure about goguardian, wasn't able to find any details about how it might affect saving. Tell you what: could you email me @ with as many details re: this as you remember? I'll see if I can get to the bottom of it

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ok, but i wont be able to see your responses, and maybe not be able to send, since school chromebook.

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also, are u overfull itself or are u an employee

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what can grow inside the mini fridge

When I try to play in Chrome, the game won't load properly and the console outputs the same error ("GLSL link error: Vertex shader active uniforms exceed GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS (256)") hundreds of times.

It works with no issue in Edge.

Also, would you consider allowing it to be downloadable so people can play offline and/or make it possible to export save data? (The app version of the game doesn't completely fill the WebGL popup window, so it's a bit annoying to use)

Developer (1 edit)

Huh, never seen that one before, thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it.

And re: making it downloadable, yes, that's a  good idea. Wouldn't be too tricky, I'll see if I can get to it soon

well that's one hell of a glitch

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Fun and relaxing game so far! Here are some issues I've found that would be great if you can look into:

-  It be great if you can move UI elements that will block placement out of play area (AKA add some space on the top and bottom of the screen, just for UI). For example, I can place a shelf on the upper right corner of the room but when I try to place a plant there the "cancel move" button will block me from placing anything there. If I also place something like a cubby on the bottom left of the screen, I can't place a plant on the bottom row since it gets hidden by the UI as well. 

- It be great to keep lengths of 3 plant wide shelves consistent. I think you can greatly improve the look of the plant rack, for example, by getting rid of the polys jutting out past the top shelf so that it doesn't block the bottom of the window sill and shelves placed on the bottom level. It's also unfortunate that I can't place a plant rack all across the middle of the room (there's an odd gap on the left side of the room, in the middle). 

- currently there seems to be no merit to buying items like posters that are purely aesthetic. It be nice if certain items can add buffs like quicker grow time, buffs to leaves/petals generated, etc. It can be just a small buff but  it'll add a small element of strategy to the game.

- It be nice to able to purchase something like curtains that can be closed if one wants to just grow cave blossoms

- currently it's not really clear how traits for plants work. It be great if you can clarify this in game (does the player just have to buy a lot of plants and just come across plants with better traits?) 

- I personally think having the shower on continuously to grow mushrooms isn't a really good message to send out to young players. (it's also very strange) Have you thought of having a covered garden with a pond instead and add more low light plants to the mix?  ;)

- it be great if you can make the backs of furniture like tables, shelves, etc. flush against the wall to improve visuals. 

I think this game has potential and I hope you keep on updating it. I think the plant code is a very interesting idea and it be nice to see you expand on that. ;)


hey, thanks for playin, & glad you like the game! great points re: UI & plant placement consistency, I'll look into those when it's time to update

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this isn't too much of an issue for me but i've found that with the current name length max it can run over the ui a significant amount. it works fine when i take pictures with the built in camera


thanks for letting me know!

Hey, I was wondering where the pictures go when you take them, because they don't show up in my photos folder. So yeah, I want to share my plants, but I have no clue where to find the photos. Pretty much it. Thanks, hope to share my plants soon!


Hello! They should save to your Desktop. Are they not there? (Also, are you on Mac or PC?)

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No they aren't. Well, I don't know my computers very well, but I'm on Linux, so I suppose that's closer to PC. Actually I have no clue if I'm on Mac or PC. Maybe neither. Heh, I don't know.

Nevermind! I updated my computer and they found a spot in my downloads!

just started and really liking it, thank you Brady! However i've currently got only one plant and haven't been able to get another because i've almost entirely only getting  blossoms instead of leaves. Currently have 5 leaves and 69 blossoms. Can i expect leaves to come along any time soon? Really keen to grow my collection! Thanks


hey! try buying cheaper plants–use your leaves to buy a garden plant and it will make more leaves :) (all plants make leaves early on, and blossoms once they're fully grown.)

ooh somehow didn't think of buying another garden plant! d'oy! thank you :) 


got the hang of it now and the game is keeping me so happy and chill! thank you! :)

How do you get more leaves I only have 3.

You get more leaves from younger plants.

Example: You just bought a new garden plant. It'll make leaves until it's fully grown.

Can you make on the normal colors for plant pots and posters/art orange, purple, and pink please?

LSDriller1 day ago (2 edits)

Game is really nice and relaxing, and I totally enjoy it from time to time while working (no issue for my employer 😜).

As I'm kinda in the "end game" now, is like to get more content like me rooms or a garden, new plant, maybe some exotic or"alien" plant, and other pieces of furniture and decorations, maybe the chance to change music or use personal mp3s.

Something useful would be a simplification of the inventory, as I'm trying to get some 5 star plants, I'm getting overwhelmed with normal plants, would be nice to be able to organize them better, or even sell them. For the same reason, the purchase of plants should be more easy, for every plant bought I have to click about 5 times, then place the new plant...

Another improvement could be swap places with plants, like I get a plant to move, then I swap place with another one, which will be in my hand to be places elsewhere.

Also, it would be amazing to get a mobile app 😁

Well, I just lost all my plants.

Probably because I haven't played in a few weeks but still oof.

I might need a bit of emotional support ;-;


Aw jeeze, sorry to hear that. A couple of people have lost saves on browser versions, and I can't nail down the bug–seems like it's really inconsistent. Sending you love and plant-energy!

the sad part is that I lost all of the plants that had rare traits

I can always rebuild though, so it's not too bad

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aaaand it seems lady luck has had some pity on me

also I have a screenshot of my two star curling vine so I might be able to get that back


won't be able to get her twin sister back though

I like her name

thanks ^-^

Oh and thanks for the tip on getting leaves!

No problem!

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ok so I just wanted to report this even though it's pretty minor

for some reason some of the petals on the plant just disappears? I know this is minor but it's kind of weird and it's really tingling my perfectionist side


quick edit:

the glitch has now evolved into color changing petals and it's affecting my cave blossom