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thank you for the comment (: didn't actually think that far re: bell but please feel free to read it that way!

thanks! (:

thanks for including it in your video (:

thanks for the comment! (: i'm happy you enjoyed it.

thank you for the lovely comment! parfaits are delicious so please have one at the earliest opportunity.

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not sure if this is new to 4.0, but sometimes when pushing an arrow key just once, the avatar will keep moving in the direction until it runs into a wall/sprite. once this happens, all consecutive arrow key input will have the same result. usually refreshing the window will fix this.

edit: also, when trying to play on mobile, i can't get the screen to show the full game. this may be an issue with my itch viewport settings, but i'm not sure. 

thanks! (ΦωΦ)

thanks! (:

thank you! i really love Nep so i'm glad you liked the beach. i definitely want to make another game with everyone too.

that's cool, but if you'd care to read the text below you'll find the controls listed.

thank you! (:

thank you for playing and for the sweet comment!

thanks for such a lovely long comment! as somebody who's not a huge fan of scary games either, i'm happy to know that you enjoyed this (: the music is from pocket-sound (https://pocket-se.info/) which i highly recommend! it's a fantastic site with a great selection of songs/sound effects perfect for games/visual novels. 

thank you for the comment as well as the video! i love my characters too... (。・・。) not sure if i'll be making more games with these characters yet but i definitely would like to!

this is such a sweet comment!! thank you. (the school part is my favourite too!)

thank you! (。・・。)

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thank you for this super sweet comment! ;; i love my characters so it makes me really happy when other people like them too. 


Sorry for the confusion! This game is more of a view-and-click game than a clicker game. Sometimes your bunny will ask for attention, and you can talk to it then. Think of it like a really simplified Tamagotchi.

thanks for playing! i think that life can be simple and a bit mundane but it's ok, if you can find little things to enjoy (: 

you do you!

thank you! i based it off my old dormitory.

hi Marijn,

sure, feel free!

thank you! (:

thank you for eating breakfast! (:

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when I was playing this I got chills! something about the staticky animated background just made me feel uncomfortable (but in a good way)

thank you for your super sweet and kind comments! \(^o^)/

Triggers could be implemented in sprites, so that if a trigger was on, it would trigger an ending elsewhere or cause a different room to appear from an exit. Or if an item was interacted with once, it would show different dialogue afterwards.


0 In room 1, talk to a character sprite (dialogue: Please get milk.)

1 In room 2, interact with sprite of fridge, triggers A (dialogue: You take milk from the fridge.)

2 Interact with fridge again, but because A is triggered, there is different dialogue (dialogue: You already took the milk!)

3 Because A is triggered, talking to the character sprite again triggers an ending (ending: Thank you for the milk!) Without trigger A, the character sprite would repeat the original dialogue.

Hi, I'm really enjoying playing around with bitsy, but I noticed that when you use the mouse and click to move the player character, it can move through tiles that have been specified as wallls. I worked around this by just removing mouse input completely in the bitsy game I uploaded, but it would be nice if there were a way to keep the mouse input but have the character avoid going through wallss.

(Off-topic but another thread mentioned how it would be nice if there were some sort of way to include triggers and that would be really nice!)

Thank you! I've signed up (ΦωΦ)

hi, due to the nature of the editor, leaving the company screen even if the player hasn't actually entered the company/"gone to work" will result in the CLOSED sign appearing. since this is unfixable let's just say that the player spent time loitering outside the company until the company closed.

thank you so much! (completely unrelated but I love your art?!?! (*´ェ`*) such gorgeous backgrounds! )

Thank you! I saw.the post in the other topic (subforum?) about a bitsy game jam and would love to participate if it happens.

good job! now go back to work (`・ω・´)ゞ

Hi, I'm really enjoying this tool! I tried making this little game today: https://npckc.itch.io/you-have-to-go-to-work