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this was really lovely. the way you used colours & screen transitions was very cool. when playing through i was surprised (and a bit unhappy) that a choice i made had a big impact since i didn't know it would, but then as i played through the way the choice presented itself made sense (and i like that this is brought up in the ending too).

Is there a way to make the embed image for browser games use different images for PC and mobile? On PC, the image fits the viewport normally, but on mobile, the image is cut off so only a narrow horizontal portion of the middle is shown.

I tried using a horizontally long banner to see if the mobile version would automatically resize, but it still only showed a narrow portion of the middle.

for mac, please read the download instructions which are on the download page.

hi, i'm glad you enjoyed the game!

originally i was planning on making another physical game this year, but the events i would have sold the game at have all been cancelled/postponed so i probably won't be making anything until at least next year.

hey, thank you for playing, and i'm really sorry that you have to deal with everything that's happening. this has honestly been a terrible year and i hope we'll all have a better one next year. i'm happy my game could make you smile a little though. 

hi, i'm sorry you had a hard day. i'm happy my games could help you a little & i hope that your future days are better.

for mac, please read the download instructions which are on the download page.

Thank you for joining us! 😈

i'm glad you got it working. re: app translocation you can try steps like these:

i tried, but i only ended up getting the faith-only end and the tech-only end (i was very close a couple of times for the unite all end but didn't make it...)

it's included in the windows download. make sure your antivirus software didn't isolate the .exe.

a little note... for mac users... 

if you are playing on a mac, please make sure you have the game folder in a writeable directory... (do not just play it in your downloads folder...)

as well...

if you find you are... stuck...

you may want to try... right-clicking the app...

to show package contents...

and then go to... contents/resources/autorun...

thank you! 

this was very eerie & cool! love how you navigate the world through the text controls, and the logs slowly unveil what's happening. is there any way to make the window bigger though? it is very small on my screen and since the text is small too, it was a little hard to read.

this was really cool! it was hard to try to get all the different endings

please move the game folder to a location which allows read/write

hm, that shouldn't be happening. can you make sure you have the game in a folder where you have read/write access? if you can send me the exact error @ i would be able to make a guess at what the issue is

i really enjoyed this game! i love the characters and the story (in case it's useful info, i got endings in this order: family > journey to the west > future > stasis > sacrifice), and the descriptions & images of food are all so delicious! it made me hungry just playing it. (i want jinhai to teach me cooking too! though i love all the characters jinhai is definitely my favourite...)

another thing i liked was how the game includes vietnamese, japanese and chinese cultural influences but keeps them distinct (and doesn't just mix them up together in some mysterious 'asian' flavour) and is respectful of each of them!

thank you for redownloading and sorry for the issue! (: 

i've updated a version 1.13 - could you try downloading it and see if it solves your problem? (sorry for the trouble!)

thank you! music is by sdhizumi. 

this is so clever! it took me a while to figure out how exactly the mechanic worked but once i did it was really satisfying clearing the levels.

sorry i honestly don't have the spoons to get into a longer discussion about this in the comments of my game page. that was a thread specific to but you can find tons of people talking about the issues with 5-star rating systems in general if you look it up. 

please feel free to contact me through my website contact!

try doing nothing (: here's a small thread about how ratings can affect more 'niche' creators. (for what it's worth, leaf from itchio chimes in on the thread about how ratings don't have much of an affect outside the top rated page and also mentions that he would like to revamp the rating/review system, but this is the system as it is now and when there are very few ratings already - which can easily be the case for games that aren't appealing to a larger audience - a lower rating can make it harder for these games to reach the people who might be looking for them, since they're already hard to find in the first place.)

i'd like to make a big game someday but it's just me working on these games (+ my music partner making the soundtrack) so for now it's just game jam gams for me (: 

thanks for playing!

there is an ending (: at the beginning of the game, your guardian should have some hints for you as to what you should do. 

just so you know, while it's cool you're going around reviewing inclusive games, giving non-5 star ratings on itch just makes it harder for small games to be stumbled upon (due to how the rating system works) and it actively makes things harder for the inclusive games you're reviewing.

this has been added in the latest version (:

sorry, i currently don't have any plans to port to other platforms!

hi, this app only runs in the foreground when the program is actively open.

this is usually an error that occurs because of where you have saved the app - the location seems to be read-only, so the game can't save. please try moving it to another location or checking the permissions of the specified file.

not a stupid question! they're both essentially the same, so please play on the device you prefer to play on. 

if you would share the error message, i can look into it. 

hi, thank you for playing! if you're asking about the font i use in english, it's a font of my handwriting (i made it using calligraphr)

hello, if you'd like to ask about translations, please email me at

i love this, thank you for drawing it!

thank you for the idea! i've implemented it into the latest version.