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thank you for letting me know it wasn't in the summary! i'm going to add an explanation in the summary to my other games with the same features so it'll be clearer for other people too.

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hi, this game should be playable as there is alt text for the buttons in the game, but i think it might depend on how your device does text-to-speech as well. in-game if you press "v" it should use your device's tts voice to read text on the screen! let me add that to the page summary so it's more clear.

edit: i just double-checked & you can also select the self-voicing option from the accessibility menu in options. under the same menu, there are also image captions. if you turn these on, there will be added description text to supplement images that are shown on screen.

thank you for playing & for the comment! <3

this is so sweet! i love pea - they are doing their best

thank you for weird game engines!

sorry not at the moment! 

this is so exciting! congrats 🎉

hey thank you for the comment! i'm glad you got to enjoy it on console & that the characters in the game feel close to you (:

this is so cute!

glad it worked out! i'll go over that part and see if i can make it more clear in the explanation.

i'm sorry that wasn't clear! i'm glad it is ok though 🖤

what's the issue you have on edge? i've tested on edge & it seems to play fine, but the game will not play unless you allow third-party cookies for the page.

unfortunately i don't know what the issue could be for the emulator could be as i don't use that specific emulator, but if you could send your .sav file through a link @ i can take a look & see if it's an issue with the .sav or game or if it's an emulator compatibility issue.

oh no that sounds like a bug! if you don't mind trying this, try leaving the window open for a while - if i'm not mistaken i think it should "fix" itself when it's time for the ghost friend to leave, but that might take a while.

are you sure there was only one thing that glows? there's no way to do spoilers here in itch i believe so if you find yourself stuck feel free to send a message though & i'll give you a hint!

thank you for this kind comment! i'm really happy that you enjoyed your experience with the game and also want to say that you can play a game however you want! so if you enjoy just having the title screen open for a game and listening to the music, that's valid and awesome.

thanks! it's by sdhizumi who did an amazing job 🎶

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it depends on how good you are at puzzles but on average it seems to be taking people about 3 hours! (judging from my testers & people's steam review times) 

because i've updated all the games for the trilogy version and want people to play these ones. i've left the first one up on all platforms since it was on steam individually already & i didn't want to remove it.

thank you for playing! i don't have any plans to continue this trilogy at this time. 

this is sweet & i really relate to how nice the repetition of sewing is

i loved this! the ship felt very homey staying the same even as you travelled across space

i'm honestly not sure why yours is very buggy as i've published games with captions in multiple languages with no big issues, but please feel free to modify the code to fit your use!

i think that's an issue with renpy not reinitialising language settings upon load. (you'll find the same issue if you play around with languages and try to load a language with font A from a language with font B, where A and B don't support the same characters.) 

it shouldn't be an issue if you start the game normally after changing the language & have the sound caption init as included in the sample project's start label. for safety you can add the init to renpy's after load label too. 

thank you for confirming! 

hello, i'm sorry you have this issue. i'm not quite sure what the issue might be as i've tested on mac with no issues. all i can suggest is the following:

- ensure you are playing in a directory which has write privileges, as the game needs to save info to the game directory

this is so cute & teeny!

hey, this is cool! it also works in other browsers too if you add ".html" to the end of the filename, in case you want to do that and make the game easier to play in other browsers, or if you want to consider making it playable in browser by uploading a zip with the file named index.html inside it (: (i'm playing in chrome with no issues)

this was incredible, thank you.

it's a font i made myself.

A YEAR OF SPRINGS is a work of fiction, but the laws mentioned are still the current situation at the time of this comment (so same-sex marriage is still not legal in japan, trans people still can't change their gender legally without going through the medical procedures specified in the law, &c.).

things are slowly changing for the better - for example, tokyo recently announced it will start recognising same-sex unions - but there is still a lot of room to improve.

thanks for playing! also ren'py is a great engine & i highly recommend it to anybody who wants to make visual novels.

thank you for playing & for the comment!

this version has a new endless mode, a music player/gallery & hd graphics.

thank you! & i hope the game brought you more joy than it did sadness. 

the -hyphened notes at the end in particular stick with me a lot, especially

- I want my voice in more of my games, not a metaphorical voice, how I speak. I will NOT be imagined American

- you will make art you dislike before you make art you like, so just make stuff

- bad art kinda rules

i love all of this thank you

Thank you for the fix and the clarification!

thank you for playing it!

this is a good message & i needed to hear it

wonderful & makes me want to be evil