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i haven't heard of pastel goth before so i looked it up & i love the aesthetic...! thank you. 

i really enjoyed this! i want to know more about libra's memories... the music is really catchy too - i loved the remixes.

hello! if you're asking if you can translate the game, please contact me @ .

hi, thanks for playing - i'm glad you enjoyed it! if you'd like to translate this game please send a mail to

oh thanks for catching this! i'll change it in the next update

thanks for the comment! i haven't been able to port all my games to android so i'm glad you were able to find my games here. 

you can only do this in certain situations.

if you haven't taken a look yet, the notes page on game gives hints about what needs to be done to proceed. 

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As stated in my previous comment, for sound captions, see the example listed at the top of script.rpy. You change the text in the translate python section for each language.

Also, you should be generating new translation files for your language instead of using the TEST language. Please take a look here for more info about translating Ren'Py:

When translating, you have to use Ren'Py's translation option to add a new language. The tool has an example language called "test" which you can look at to see how it works. 

For image captions, all you have to do is include the translation in the translation files generated by Ren'Py. 

For sound captions, see the example listed at the top of script.rpy.

hi, could you please reply with a link to your game?

this is so cute! i love how everyone just has stuff for the dark lord's birthday for some reason. the pixel art looks great, especially the characters!

for the menu problem i think you might be able to fix it if you use "joypad input: remove attached script" and remove "start" on your menu screen - just remember to attach script to start again upon exiting the menu. 

(also, i noticed that if you go in the inn again or open the menu, the bartender calls out to you again)

i love all the characters in this, but especially ellis! i think the way you did the friendship and romance routes was great because none of them felt like a "better" route than the other.  i'd love to see more of ellis and his family if you ever make another game in the same universe. (i'm especially curious about yang's background!)

this is so cute and really captures the awkward feeling of meeting up with somebody you've lost touch with.  i love the idea of food bringing people together!

this is the sweetest game... i love that you get to play from the perspective of a plant. the art style is also just so soft and lovely! i'd love to see more plants drawn like this. 

this was really fun (even though i ended up as least popular and nobody came to my events haha)

looking forward to seeing a physical version! 

this game really resonated with me... i sat for a very long time thinking about what to write in the letters and it made me think a lot about friendships that i've let grow distant. this was a wonderful experience - thank you for making this!

(also the fonts are lovely!)

i love how you can get a little glimpse into this world. it makes me curious about what happened and i want to know more. (it's worth it going back to see the different endings as well!)

thank you for taking the time to point this out! it'll be fixed in the next update. 

thanks for this comment! i agree the sooty tab is a bit hard to find so i'll try to change that in an update. 

There are female characters in the game that are in a relationship, and this relationship is the reason for the game. 

thank you for the video! i was trying something new with the ui so i'm glad you liked it (:

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re: berries, originally there was a final request list from the witch which required all the kinds of berries and would explain more about the witch and her motives, but that was scrapped for scope reasons and just the berry harvest prompts were left in the game since i felt story-wise the hero wouldn't want to just stop afterwards (:

thank you for playing! (i'm glad you liked r. and the awkward hand holding haha)

this was absolutely lovely! i hope to see more of alba and ilaria soon. 

(in case it was unintentional, currently the pc version of the game doesn't have the os selected for the file but it works on windows.)

this is a known issue for the engine (ren'py) and norton. it's a false positive, so no worries.

(norton is really not a great antivirus software because of ineffectivity like above & resource hogging, among other things.) 

the new build works, thank you! i really like the art style of the game - it's very soft and soothing.

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hello, i wanted to play this on my windows pc, but the following error message pops  when i try to launch fire chats.exe: "Fire Chats.exe - System Error / The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."

this was really cute! i like the backstory with the insects and the mushrooms. (i really like torze & sinal they are sweet.)

it looks like this may be the issue:

i think this might be able to be fixed if you play games without sandbox mode, but i wouldn't recommend that unless you are sure that a game is safe to use.

thank you for playing & i'm glad you enjoyed it!

is there something that can be done  game-wise regarding that bug? if there is a save issue, i'd love to try my best to fix it. 

once upon a time, there was a princess in a tower. 
a brave hero went to save her... but that didn't work out. 
he's pretty good at gardening though! 


A HERO AND A GARDEN is a visual novel & clicker game released today for nanoreno2019, a month-long visual novel game jam.  

play as an intrepid hero who tries to save a princess but fails terribly, so he ends up stuck tending a garden instead.

gameplay is 1~2 hours with one ending+character variants. 


i liked the exploration mechanic in this game! it really feels like going around an abandoned town.

this was really nice! i love how everything looks. 

(also, I think this may be a bug - after ending 3, the game continues playing as if you chose the option that leads you to ending 4!) 

try pressing more info and running the game from there.

fixed! thanks for letting me know ♥

thanks! if you would like to translate the game, xould you please send me a message here:

sorry about the controls! rpg maker on android doesn't seem to have a good way to recognise "looking in this direction and tapping" right now. 

re: yuri jam, a lot of my games are about women who are gay but are also aromantic, or just hesitant to start romantic relationships, but that doesn't change the fact that they are gay (: 

all the language and themes should be appropriate for children, so please go ahead! 

try choosing the answers that would stress shiro out

thank you! the tomato clicker was something i was worried about since i thought maybe it would seem completely out of the blue, so i'm glad it worked for you (: