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thank you for playing! i'm happy you can relate to the characters 😌

this is really relaxing to look at!

hi, the android version is only available through google play, sorry!

thank you for playing!

hey i just wanted to let you know i got linux working!!! (i am... still struggling with mac... we will see...) 

i'll have a linux build available on itch when the game launches, & you'll be able to test if you want with the steam demo which i'll be releasing on 1/29 with the linux emulator included 👀

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You should use text tags. 

Copying example text from above:

Text tags to change what text is displayed depending on the pronouns selected

    e.g., This is {0}Mr{/0}{1}Ms{/1}{2}Mx{/2} Parrot.

pronountools.rpy also suggests a different method if you don't plan on localising.

thank you for the compliment! ☺️

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this is so nice! (i keep getting surprised when the cursor wraps around the board though 😂)

the tea leaves bonus is the 1d4 mentioned at the bottom of the pdf - sorry if that wasn't clear! it's meant to be a bonus for a future roll that you can use in whatever ttrpg you are playing (e.g., +1~4 on your next insight roll)

sorry about the being stuck issue - if you have the time, i'd appreciate it if you'd share your browser / cookies settings / os in a comment or email ( ) if you prefer! i believe twine, the engine i used to make this, requires allowing 3rd-party cookies to run for the game to function, which may be blocked by your cookies settings, playing in incognito, or privacy extensions. allowing 3rd-party cookies to run on itch may solve the issue.

the generator should be working on the browser. what is missing from the pdf? it should be downloadable if you pay above the recommended price.

thanks for playing! hope you got to chat with your brother (:

yeah i think it's something a lot of siblings go through! i think boo & bee will look back on this when they're older & laugh

thank you for figuring this ut! unfortunately i am not quite sure how to do that on my end to fix the build, but i am going to research it and try to create a new build.

lovely game!

ashe & flora were both very cute, but for me benoit stole the show ✨

this is both very cute & very difficult!!! i played by myself & i wasn't good neough to get ending 5... 😂

loved this! the story/action/adventure of it all was really fun 🌠

this is stunning! also kali is incredible 🔥🔥🔥

this is beautiful & powerful

i've added another community copy! 

re: multiple copies in the library, unfortunately i think it's a weird quirk of itch's system and if you want to remove one of the library entries you have to contact their support directly.

so happy this is available on itch now! beautiful exploration adventure.

ahhh thank you for checking out the exhibit!!

it's set to windows only for now because I haven't been able to test on other platforms! (using a different engine than usual so I'm not sure it'll work) 

if it runs with no problem on Linux (which I would like to make possible) I will update the steam page

thank you for sharing. this photo has been added to the gallery.

If your code is the way it is in your shared snippet, it shouldn't work at all because you don't have [] around the multiple actions for your button.

Other than that I would make sure you are calling the required code from pronounselection to actually implement the selected pronoun after the action.

for reference though, quoting linked article (, "a decision by the judges to ask a lower court to deliberate on a separate clause, requiring that the genital organs of people who want to change their gender resemble those of the opposite gender, was met with disappointment."

that said, this is still definitely good news, even if there is room for improvement! thank you for sharing this here.

thanks for putting this together! so cool seeing so much art in one cart.

if it's not too much trouble, could the link for my art be changed from to i very recently updated the url.

i hope you enjoy! (:

cute! my high score is 594... got greedy & was hit with a dumbbell 🔩

filling out the pokedex on the gameboy is no easy feat, so good job!

that's interesting because i also have similar issues with games that claim to be like ttrpgs where "anything is possible" but it never is (meanwhile when in a session the gm is a human who can come up with responses on the go so it really does feel like anything is possible!)

maybe the cheat is actually real but everyone was doing it wrong 🤔

thank you for playing <3

i like the reply "WHO THE HECK WOULD TRY IT? A complete idiot, that's who." because i am definitely a complete idiot who would try... 😂 you know, just in case it worked...


i have never heard either of these but i love them!

oh my gosh i loved paper guides! i remember being so impressed by the pikmin one since i thought the graphics were just so pretty in that game.

How to get a golden fishing rod in Animal Crossing? This guide will explain how to get a golden fishing rod in Animal Crossing. Let me tell you how you can obtain a golden fishing rod in Animal Crossing.

the code holding the game together 👀 i do love reading about that kind of stuff because i love knowing more... but i also like leaving things a mystery, so it's a hard balance!

i love that the summary has the text "To convert your save file to one containing the virus, use the following Python program." because that's exactly the kind of energy i want with weird gaming rumours 😂 

i think you've explained well why i personally really love watching speedruns because it's really cool to see stuff that i wouldn't think possible!