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hello, please make sure to take care of yourself - postpartum depression can be really tough! i'm glad your baby enjoyed the soundtrack too.

this game is really frustrating in the way that only the best puzzle games are & the feeling of TRIUMPH you get when you clear a level that's been stumping you is amazing.

if you like puzzle games, pick this up!!

this game is very cosy & calming & made me feel better. thank you for making this!

thank you for the comment! i'd appreciate it if you pay it forward in the future, especially if you've played my other games - i've set their price as $0 pay-what-you-want, but the labour & time i put into them is not free. i'm glad you enjoyed the soundtrack.

hope you enjoy! for scaredy cat dungeon i actually had a physical version available but unfortunately i have no more copies. if i ever make more copies though i will have international shipping available through here:

ahhh this is so cute!!!! i especially love mozzy! & the super supportive dads! i love baella too so i guess i just love all of them! the spooky vibes are great too.

thank you for this very detailed review! sorry for the delayed reply, i missed the notification somehow 💦

i hope that you will enjoy the game just as much on your repeat playthroughs!

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copying from the summary:

community copies: the minimum purchase price is set to 5 usd, but by paying above the minimum price, you can donate community copies for other users & also support me in making more games like this.

if you buy a copy at 5 usd that will cover the cost of the community copy you claimed but that would just mean you end up with 2 copies i think. however, you can choose to gift a copy to somebody else if you have their email from the purchase screen.

i don't think there's any way to undo that but if you want, please consider gifting a friend a copy or donating for another community copy (:

thank you for this lovely comment! i'm especially glad that you enjoyed the epilogue as i meant for it to be hopeful ✨ 

hi, sorry for the issue! would you please try launching the game via nw instead of game.desktop?

this is so lovely! the game makse me happy for the protagonist & taylor. the art & music go so well together too. 

it doesn't have malware.

this was a fun take on the theme! the music is fun to drive to too.

this was wonderful. everyone would be lucky to have a mo in their life.

Thank you for joining THE MONSTER CLUB! We are happy to welcome you as our newest member 😈

thank you for this comment & for sharing this game with others around you! i'm happy you could connect to the characters because they are all very dear to me. 

thank you for playing! i'm glad you felt this trilogy was hopeful because that was my aim with it. i know the world sucks a lot but i want us to be able to at least sometimes find respite & to be able to hope that we might be able to create a space with those closest to us that we can be happy in.

thanks for commenting! i think that making games is a combination of what you've mentioned - you have games that have stories like books, games that have art & games that have music.

thank you for playing to the epilogue! i hope that you enjoyed the ending.

thank you for playing! i'm really happy that manami's story touched you since her story is very dear to me. 

this was a really cool use of the jam limitations! i loved (slight spoilers) the ending where the camera zoomed out to let you show the full situation.

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Thank you for your enquiry. Please feel free to use the MONSTER CLUB membership card in your project as long as the project is for personal use only 😈

hi! thank you for making the effort to comment in english. (i'm sorry i don't understand korean!) i really appreciate it & i'm happy you enjoyed the games on android. 

thank you for playing & for coming back to write a comment! i hope your day is lovely too. 

thank you for playing them! i'm very glad you could relate to haru & i hope you enjoy the game again if you decide to come back to it.

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Thank you for bringing cookies with you to THE MONSTER CLUB! We are very amenable to cookies of all kinds here and appreciate your kindness 🍪

thank you for playing these games! let's hope for a better world together.

Thank you for joining us as a VIP member. We hope you enjoy your time with THE MONSTER CLUB 😈🥇

hey, thank you for playing. i hope you can find people around you in real life who can help you feel accepted too.

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hi, would you be able to share info about the computer you're using to play (os, &c.) & links to screenshots through i haven't had any reports of this from anyone else & i'd like to fix the issue if i can. if any error is displayed, please share that in your message too if you don't mind.

edit: this issue has been fixed but i'm just going to note potential fixes here in case anybody else has issues!

1) check that graphic card drivers are up to date & update if necessary
2) boot the game while holding shift (or press shift+g in-game) & select a different graphics renderer
3) try toggling fullscreen by pressing "f" 

thank you for playing & i'm glad you loved it (:

thanks for playing one night, hot springs as your first game! i'm honoured & i'm glad you enjoyed the epilogue too. i'm not currently looking for a korean translator but thank you for the offer. 

thank you for playing! i hope you will enjoy the other games i make too 

this is such a clever way to work within the jam limitations! i loved all the snakes.

(just as a note though, even after i got ending 4, it doesn't seem to show up in the endings list - it stays as 4. ???)

if the jam interests me and i have time, i join (: not too much thought put into it, honestly! 

this is so lovely. it made me miss my mum. thank you for making it.

this was great! i want to know what happens next!

i came to play this after playing the prequel ( and it's even sweeter with that as the background.

this is so sweet! i love medusa.