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Fun and relaxing game so far! Here are some issues I've found that would be great if you can look into:

-  It be great if you can move UI elements that will block placement out of play area (AKA add some space on the top and bottom of the screen, just for UI). For example, I can place a shelf on the upper right corner of the room but when I try to place a plant there the "cancel move" button will block me from placing anything there. If I also place something like a cubby on the bottom left of the screen, I can't place a plant on the bottom row since it gets hidden by the UI as well. 

- It be great to keep lengths of 3 plant wide shelves consistent. I think you can greatly improve the look of the plant rack, for example, by getting rid of the polys jutting out past the top shelf so that it doesn't block the bottom of the window sill and shelves placed on the bottom level. It's also unfortunate that I can't place a plant rack all across the middle of the room (there's an odd gap on the left side of the room, in the middle). 

- currently there seems to be no merit to buying items like posters that are purely aesthetic. It be nice if certain items can add buffs like quicker grow time, buffs to leaves/petals generated, etc. It can be just a small buff but  it'll add a small element of strategy to the game.

- It be nice to able to purchase something like curtains that can be closed if one wants to just grow cave blossoms

- currently it's not really clear how traits for plants work. It be great if you can clarify this in game (does the player just have to buy a lot of plants and just come across plants with better traits?) 

- I personally think having the shower on continuously to grow mushrooms isn't a really good message to send out to young players. (it's also very strange) Have you thought of having a covered garden with a pond instead and add more low light plants to the mix?  ;)

- it be great if you can make the backs of furniture like tables, shelves, etc. flush against the wall to improve visuals. 

I think this game has potential and I hope you keep on updating it. I think the plant code is a very interesting idea and it be nice to see you expand on that. ;)

hey, thanks for playin, & glad you like the game! great points re: UI & plant placement consistency, I'll look into those when it's time to update