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Love it! <3

Cool, I look forward to the upgrades. ;)

I only had time to play for a few rooms (died 3X) and thought this was an interesting game idea. Here are a few suggestions: add a dash button (can have a meter), - add the ability to "fling" heart in all 8 directions, even whilst running (like shooting in Enter the Gungeon), - be able to remove heart from enemy from all directions, - have some sort of visual indicator other than heart to show that enemy is "under your spell" & show visually how much time you have after removing the heart that the enemy is no longer under "the spell" (ex. add an aura around them that starts to blink after you remove heart). Will add more comments after playing a bit more. ;)

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Fun and relaxing game so far! Here are some issues I've found that would be great if you can look into:

-  It be great if you can move UI elements that will block placement out of play area (AKA add some space on the top and bottom of the screen, just for UI). For example, I can place a shelf on the upper right corner of the room but when I try to place a plant there the "cancel move" button will block me from placing anything there. If I also place something like a cubby on the bottom left of the screen, I can't place a plant on the bottom row since it gets hidden by the UI as well. 

- It be great to keep lengths of 3 plant wide shelves consistent. I think you can greatly improve the look of the plant rack, for example, by getting rid of the polys jutting out past the top shelf so that it doesn't block the bottom of the window sill and shelves placed on the bottom level. It's also unfortunate that I can't place a plant rack all across the middle of the room (there's an odd gap on the left side of the room, in the middle). 

- currently there seems to be no merit to buying items like posters that are purely aesthetic. It be nice if certain items can add buffs like quicker grow time, buffs to leaves/petals generated, etc. It can be just a small buff but  it'll add a small element of strategy to the game.

- It be nice to able to purchase something like curtains that can be closed if one wants to just grow cave blossoms

- currently it's not really clear how traits for plants work. It be great if you can clarify this in game (does the player just have to buy a lot of plants and just come across plants with better traits?) 

- I personally think having the shower on continuously to grow mushrooms isn't a really good message to send out to young players. (it's also very strange) Have you thought of having a covered garden with a pond instead and add more low light plants to the mix?  ;)

- it be great if you can make the backs of furniture like tables, shelves, etc. flush against the wall to improve visuals. 

I think this game has potential and I hope you keep on updating it. I think the plant code is a very interesting idea and it be nice to see you expand on that. ;)

Cool, I look forward to the update! ;)

Okie! ;)

Hello, saw your post on Reddit so here's some feedback:

- it be best if you can't enter the arena unless more than 1 player joins

- would suggest pick-ups represent more of what item is supposed to be (seeds to look like seeds, ammo to look like ammo, etc.)

- would be nice to have some sort of gauge to tell how much thrust/fuel character has left and an idea of how long it takes to recharge. 

- be great if there are lives you can collect (starting at 3 lives perhaps). I see there's health pick-ups but I can't tell if there's a health gauge.

- would suggest adjusting throw curve for ship parts (shoots way up and is a little weird)

- I can't figure out what the numbers next to my character is and what the purple objects I pick up are

- would be nice to be able to jump further (2-3X more?) Jump is currently not too useful and doesn't replace jet pack well when fuel is out.

I still haven't played multiplayer so I'd like to give you more feedback after I try that! ;)

Saw your post on Reddit and tried playing the game but the game crashed soon after the second environment illustration came out (for the mac build).  


Error: EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir '/private/var/folders/ks'

It's a little late but I just bought your game! I look forward to playing it this weekend. ;)

Yay! I think that works well! Thanks for posting the update! ;D

Hi Alex,

I hope you're having a good time at GDC! ;)

Yeah, I think the new arcade floor looks fun but but still easy on the eyes, which is great! 

Totally understand about the short arm thing, having had to deal with working on a franchise with characters with short arms. XD I just looked at some Link sprite sheets and it seems like they just extend his arms longer when he carries items above his head - would assume that arm extending will look less obvious with robots, which works in your favor. ;3

Hi Alex,

I caught a cold at ECCC and am just getting over it (d'oh). Thanks for the thorough response and your willingness to be open to feedback. (it's an admirable characteristic for a creator to have) 

Glad to hear about the upcoming tweaks! It's neat to hear that other people requested the VS mode, since that means your game was interesting enough for people to want to play against each other. ;)

As for the carpet, I think I understand what you were going for - but I think the problem arises when the view is from the top and scaled down - making the pattern look busy. This is not the case if you're actually in the arcade looking at it in scale. I would suggest making the patterns bigger and knock down the saturation/value difference and I think it'll work! ;)

I forgot to make one more suggestion - I think I had a hard time really knowing when I picked up an item and ended up tossing it by mistake a few times. Would you consider adding a new "pick up" / "throw" animation set, much like what's seen in Zelda, Link to the Past? I think that having a motion for the robots to actually pick up items above their heads will improve the feel of the game greatly. ;)

Looking forward to playing the new demo! Hope to see you again at an upcoming con/meetup. ;)

- em


I checked out your game at ECCC today and was hoping to leave some feedback about the game:

  •  the theme is very cute and catchy, which is great!
  • simple multiplayer is a great approach. I like how there's only one interaction button.
  • having a time limit was good since it causes players to communicate when time starts to run out.
  • Alex was very friendly and positive, which was awesome. ;)

Here are some suggestions: 

  • would like to see variations in how dinos get knocked out and additional collaborative gameplay elements. For example, a particular dino may require 2 hits to stun him: one to flip him over, and one to knock him out. (2 players have to collaborate to time consecutive attacks) It be also fun to have dinos that have unique attacks: ex. large ones that stomp 2 times and jump, land, and shake the ground around it, causing players within a certain radius to drop their items - ones that roll around in a straight line that cause the player to get hit back/drop item - flying dinos can only be hit out of the sky with rocket bottles (this also being a 2 hit attack thing). It be also neat to see different items do different types of damage. 
  • be cool to have different game modes (cooperative / VS mode) I think having an option to troll your friend is important. (hehe)
  • would suggest better warning system to player that they are off playable screen area. (give a few seconds warning and an arrow that points off screen of your character avatar/color/player number to give the player a chance to get back within the play space  - like seen in games like Spelunky, Smash Bros, Bro Force, etc.)
  • would suggest toning down (lowering contrast) ground tileset for arcade level.
  • I think having different types of cages or goals for the dinos are interesting but I would suggest having some sort of visual consistency between each one. For example, you can always have a shining square in the middle or around the goal/cage that is always the same size/shape/color for visual consistency. It be also cool to have fancy visual/ audio rewards when a goal is made.

Hope this helps! Comments like these are always subjective so feel free to take and leave whatever you like. ;)

- emmy (that weirdo from the Headliner booth)