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Hi Alex,

I caught a cold at ECCC and am just getting over it (d'oh). Thanks for the thorough response and your willingness to be open to feedback. (it's an admirable characteristic for a creator to have) 

Glad to hear about the upcoming tweaks! It's neat to hear that other people requested the VS mode, since that means your game was interesting enough for people to want to play against each other. ;)

As for the carpet, I think I understand what you were going for - but I think the problem arises when the view is from the top and scaled down - making the pattern look busy. This is not the case if you're actually in the arcade looking at it in scale. I would suggest making the patterns bigger and knock down the saturation/value difference and I think it'll work! ;)

I forgot to make one more suggestion - I think I had a hard time really knowing when I picked up an item and ended up tossing it by mistake a few times. Would you consider adding a new "pick up" / "throw" animation set, much like what's seen in Zelda, Link to the Past? I think that having a motion for the robots to actually pick up items above their heads will improve the feel of the game greatly. ;)

Looking forward to playing the new demo! Hope to see you again at an upcoming con/meetup. ;)

- em

Ah jeeze, con crud! I'm glad you're doing better, that's the worst thing to bring back from a con.

What do you think of this arcade floor tile?

I plan on recoloring the arcade cabinets to have complimentary colors after I settle on a floor color.

Also, thank you for the pickup animation suggestion, my thought process stopped with a "bloop" sound effect and the hold animation set for the robot...

...but tiny arms make it really difficult for players to see on a big screen.

A pick up animation would be helpful in communicating "you got the thing," especially in conjunction with other context-specific effects. I'll probably be able to try something the week after GDC.

Hi Alex,

I hope you're having a good time at GDC! ;)

Yeah, I think the new arcade floor looks fun but but still easy on the eyes, which is great! 

Totally understand about the short arm thing, having had to deal with working on a franchise with characters with short arms. XD I just looked at some Link sprite sheets and it seems like they just extend his arms longer when he carries items above his head - would assume that arm extending will look less obvious with robots, which works in your favor. ;3

It was a blast! I got to sit in on some great panels (that I hope become public, since I'd like to watch them again) and met a bunch of cool people. I'm hoping I can do a write-up of it soon since I haven't posted to my blawg in weeks.

Extending arms is a good thought! I'll give that a shot and see how it looks.