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that was so incredibly cute and well-made. loved all of the characters - my favourite was era!

These sound so cool! I would never have imagined you can do so much with just five seconds. Great work!

hi! first of all, i absolutely love your game. now i can have a sunny apartment filled with plants both off- and on-screen.

i downloaded the game, but it does a few weird things on my computer that i'm not sure how to deal with:
- when i try to access the Settings tab, the menu window closes and i can't open it at all anymore unless i restart the game
- when i click "take picture" it makes the camera shutter sound, but there is no extra window (where to save the image or something), and i couldn't find any of the pictures i've taken on my pc, so i am unsure whether it works at all
- also, this is less of a bug and more of a personal preference, it's in full screen, which makes it more of a bother to switch between the game and doing other things. is it possible to turn that off in the settings, or would you consider implementing such a feature? (assuming one day i'll be able to access the settings tab, ha ha)

these are issues i have with the downloaded game on my pc (windows 10). when i first started the game i did get a notification that my antivirus software was having a problem with the file, but i clicked the "trust source" option, so i'm not sure if that is having an effect or not.

meanwhile, i'll continue to play the game in my browser where it works perfectly fine. thank you for all your hard work, it's truly a delight!