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fyi this was featured on waypoint:

Oh another thing: the clubhouse upgrade increases knowledge, but it doesn't seem to be a player or coach/manager/scout stat as  far as I can tell so...does it do anything?

re: balancing...I saw someone commenting liking the tradeoffs, but I think there's an imbalance in that it's possible to maximize pitchers without having to swap your coaches in and out, but it seems (unless I've missed something) that you can't have both weighted swing (for bat speed) and film study (for prediction) at the same time. 

I mean it's fine if that's intentional, but in practice it means that late game I'm inclined to leave my maxed out outfielders sitting there and only cut/refresh my pitchers.

nevermind it sorted itself out after closing & restarted after 20 minutes

something weird going on with my current game, can't make any more admission money because the current game has gone into its 90th inning and counting