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really nice game, but I wish you can save and load files because when I exit, I have to start all over again :(

nice game!

oh ok, yay

Hi I am revisiting the game after many months but It forget my progress D: It's ok though because I completed the game, but It's a nice game

Maybe you should make a sequel with more plants and stuff because it was very fun :D

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You're welcome!

Also, something regarding the download; I noticed you have a seperate .pck file from the executable, which is kinda annoying do download separately, so what you could do is put the .pck and .exe file in a zipped file, so you can download it once!

Also, I'm just wondering, but are you still going to use godot for your future games? I also use it and It is very good!

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Thanks, also one of the main reasons why it was so hard is:
1. Aliens spawn/come too fast
2. Sometimes you can't find the item and you keep on having to let the items flow in, making it almost impossible to move
3. The roomba sometimes eats the items I want D:

So maybe difficulty changes the spawn rate of the aliens, and maybe makes them choose an item that exists or maybe make the chute always deploy items that you can use rather than random ones.

Also, when I click Co-op, nothing happens even though I have controllers hooked up...

I'd also love to see updates, as I see a good future!

this really fun, but also hard. I think you should make different difficulty levels

I can't destroy the hut

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yes the background bug didnt happen again

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The "To-Do" list isn't refreshing anymore it still doesnt refresh when i reload the page, is this supposed to happen?

oh no! It appears that the house disapeared??? well the tab was sitting in my browser for a long time and then i saw this:

Oh no! what happened?