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Some clues are not that bad to find. The clues have different aspects so you have to not overthink it that much. 

For example, you got the 4 eyes hint, so you put the clue in the 4th combination

No worries! I was intentionally trying if i could land on top of the tip. Great game tho!

loved watching them fly

Lol somehow i got stuck at the tip of this obstacle

silly lil guy with a silly hat <3

i left it running for 10 minutes and broke it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Please keep the death animation getting thrown everywhere. It keeps me from raging 😭

This was fun to play with all my blood, sweat and tears trying to complete every single one of the levels with one line.

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It happened to me too where I couldn't place a bird nest because of it

Concept design for when I use it in the finish game release. I don't think the web app can handle any more details O o

I revisited this game and i already fell in love again but I have a little suggestion: it would be awesome if you can change the brush size of the terrain (and shovel) for anyone who likes to build a large island without having to fill it in by wailing their mouse around.

Aww man, its alright. Thank you for replying though! I'll probably transfer the save file into my personal laptop. I need to tend to my precious babies. 

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I've been playing this game for a few days now and i fell in love with it again. But recently all my data was lost :(. I've downloaded the save file of the game but it doesn't let me load it. I'm using a school chromebook so I'm wondering if I need an extension to load it or is it just gone forever?

Pretty rad vine