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a snowy plant (when you zoom out) simple but cool

moredn art

everything in the shop turns black (using linux)

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i got the web version working and i love it so far, my only complaint is the x and z to attack (using keyboard) but i think that's just a metroidvania thing. and no i havent been able to run the downloadable version sadly

its such a infuriating game because it feels like flying a rocket, every time you missjudge it by 1° you just fail instantly

10/10 would ragequit again

update: the web app fucking crashed my pc to the login screen

hello, im commenting to ask if anyone else tried to run it on linux, the downloadable version only opens a the file editor, i found the file. tried to run it, it didnt work. so that's why im asking. (im trying to see if the web version works rn)


did you try click missiles?

they are broken as all hell... the price DECREASES for the lower refresh time module