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I love this game to death. Even with the current state it is in, with the few bugs there are, I find it still enjoyable and relaxing to play. I can't wait for more updates to come out and want see this game fully furnished. I terribly wish to gush about what I love about the game, but I'll wait until the end, that way the problems are presented first.

The first bug I would like to mention is the greatsword glitch. I have seen another person mentioning this, but I thought I'd share all the problems I have, regardless if anybody else has it, to show that multiple people have these bugs. Whenever I sell a greatsword, it always sells for 26 gold, much less than the original price. Just once I got it to work, but in the process created another bug.

Next is the trait tree glitch. In my save, the traits and skills you can increase don't work. I've tried putting points in charisma and strength, but I see no change in the outcome. I don't know if they have been fully implemented, but for me these don't work.

I've also had a problem with money. Whenever I save and exit the game, I loose all the money I had when I left the game and start with no coins. To counter-act this I spend all my money on items so I have no money to loose. For now I can deal with it, but it would be nice to be fixed.

Lastly, the experience glitch. Somehow my experience bar became 0/0, and every weapon I produced leveled me up. After shutting down and re-opening the game, it fixed, but I figure I would mention it just to tell you that it can happen.

I've also come across people bugs. For example, one person got stuck in my backyard and created havoc. The only way to make him get out was by restarting the game. Also for some reason the giant in the backyard actually started walking around and got stuck in the tree. I believe that isn't supposed to happen. People also would get stuck on my doors. Another thing I found is that when I get around Day 13, people would instantly leave the shop. I had to start a completely new game after trying a variety of methods to fix this.

Those are all my bugs, otherwise it plays just fine. I believe they are all program based, because they have nothing to do with my computer specs. I love this game though, it's very relaxing to play and I enjoy making a variety of weapons. I think the customizing part is genius. It makes it so you can create different weapons instead of making the same weapon over and over again. I also enjoy the atmosphere. It just seems so cozy, working by an ember lit fire, hammering weapons to sell. It feels like I'm actually running my own shop, which I love. Keep up the great work! I'm heading off to put in my ideas for improvement. I'd put them here but I feel it'd make my message too long!

Update: This is all for the last version. I wasn't on my computer for the last couple of days so I missed the latest update. The one day I don't check for an update XD. The only problem now is that every time I try to open it, it says the unreal engine has crashed. I've restarted my computer, downloaded it multiple times, but I can't get it to work. Guess I can't play it for the time being, because I copied over the old version of the game. If I can't get this to load I'm stuck not being able to play it. I don't know how to fix the engine from crashing.