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Evan The 21

A member registered Jan 21, 2020

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good yay

I haven't played in about a year is there anything new

it doesnt matter if it can grow or not you can still study it

What about DS9?

Is it a coincidence that Worf is also the name of a Klingon in Star Trek?


He should totally do this 

While playing this, if you listen to C418, his music couples well with this.




wait nvm

As I am typing this, i have 1408 iron 1410 copper, and yet i still cant upgrade my stone guy to level 2.  Help pls

The iron ore guy momentarily goes beserk to blast the iron lol

use a different browser?

oh no that sucks

wait why do we remove it

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also, are u overfull itself or are u an employee

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ok, but i wont be able to see your responses, and maybe not be able to send, since school chromebook.

a person leaking memory is called sneezing. Duh.

can goguardian do this?  I use school chromebook, so that might be it.

also on chromebook, could be part of problem


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what can grow inside the mini fridge

doing anything to the tab itself erases progress entirely.  I had over 50 plants and had bathroom unlocked.  Why does this happen?

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its in the files, but isnt used, like an appendix: something that u dont need or dont use

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Was there an Update?  If there was, I totally missed it.  If there was an update, what was in it?


yea i agre

Yea same.

There is a second game.

Is it possible to have 0 population?

Hey Florian, when is the next update coming out?

If you have so many people it lags, slow the speed down and it'll lag less

Yeah, the second everybody old died it sky rocketed.

Okay, help.  My population plummeted to, as of now, 643 people.  I have reached 100 happiness, and have birth control on encourage birth.  What can I do to get my pop. up?

Also, just checked, 31404 food now.  Holy shamoley.

Thanks to Florian,  my new city is a almost the exact same, just looks different.New

Also, if you get the star database upgrade, and then get the supercomputer and get the upgrade from that, does the observatory still get the 500% knowledge upgrade?

If and when somebody reaches 20000 knowledge points grant them the "Big Brain Time Statue",  a statue of a brain that gives 1 point per 5 people that visit it, have it cost 20000 knowledge, 20 wood, 60 stone, 3 refined metals and 2 machine parts.  Just an idea.

You can do it! Keep trying!

Florian, thank you so much.  This helped tons!

I did absolutely nothing and it deleted all my progress!  I WAS SO CLOSE TO THE SUPER COMPUTER! 

Holy Shamoley