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Flamy, a Dragon

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Is this mod still in development? I realize that the usage of S4CL means that it usually won't break on patches, but I really like this mod and would love to have more.

Did I stutter? Warning or not, it's disappointing.

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Using the Fullscreen option in the .exe version with a screen resolution that isn't at the same ratio as the game itself causes the bottommost part of the game window to hang off of the screen.

Also, I can't play the in-browser version hosted here while connected via NordVPN. Just an FYI.

Edit: Also, does anyone have a FUCKING walkthrough for this game? I'm stuck at a rather spoilery part.

I'm excited to hear about the apparent pronoun options, but while I prefer vaginal over anal, I'd be fine with just an option to remove the penis of the PC (could be neuter or have a vagina that just gets ignored). I definitely understand that adding the option to play as a character with a vagina that can get fucked in the vagina would be a massive undertaking... doesn't mean I don't still want it really bad, though. ToA is so good, it's only the male protag that keeps it from being perfect in my opinion - obviously everyone has different tastes, though.

Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to change where the save file and screenshots are saved to? I like to keep my desktop clean.

Do you think wings might be possible in the future, at least visually? I could see there being a quest for a succubus-magic spell to grow/hide your own wings, or maybe enhance existing decorative wings (like for fursona characters) with the power of flight. It could give interesting options in combat, and/or maybe just the ability to travel to places quickly at the cost of stamina, maybe as an alternative to a teleport spell. If it were me I'd make a Sky area that's "layered" over the existing world, which you'd traverse to get to places by air and be able to encounter flying enemies, but that's just me - I love flying. Having the option to have purely decorative wings at the start then enhance them later could also be a good way to expand on the lore of why furries exist in the game. 
Much smaller request: More feathery/bird type options for character customization. My fursona is essentially a feathery dragon with bird-type wings, and just having them have fluffy fur-type details isn't quite what I'd hoped for. I understand that this game is in development tho, take your time.

Sorry for the additional reply, but I've got enough to say that I think I should add a new reply instead of editing my first one. 

This is more for other people: It seems like an enemy similar to the sewer worms from Classic is in the Forest Park, but I don't know if they can swallow you like in Classic; I got a tail-tongue attack by losing to it, but it seems like there's another defeat scene.

Second, what would you consider the "main story" of the game? Most RPGS (that aren't closed-world or story-based unlock, like Pokemon vs. Skyrim) tend to direct you towards the main story and have the next quest/arc unlock directly after completing one. Of course there's nothing wrong with doing it differently, but it makes it hard to tell what the main story line is or if there is one at all. The description of the game on this page makes it sound like you haven't really implemented a main story line, and I'm curious how planned out that is. I haven't checked your Patreon in a while though, so there might be a roadmap I'm unaware of. I imagine a storyline that involves learning why your character woke up like that and/or why the Abandoned Town is destroyed might be interesting.

I feel like I had something else to say but I forgot it, I might edit this later to add it.

Thank you for the fast answer! I can definitely understand not wanting to implement that system, it'd probably be a huge hassle. Looking forward to a potential steam release!

This is probably a really big thing to ask, but since the Erotic skill is defined here as one's ability to dominate others sexually, do you think an alternative way of being sexy but in a submissive way would be possible? Like two subskills of Erotic, Submissiveness and Domination, or just a Submissiveness meter that goes up as you're more submissive and down as you're more dominant. You'd start out in the middle, maybe able to change it through character creation, like starting at 5 if max Submissiveness is 10. That would affect erotic actions, with certain characters/enemies being more susceptible to submissive flirting while others are more susceptible to dominant flirting. Alternatively, with the idea of them being separate skills, you could choose to flirt submissively or dominantly, with the effectiveness of either being based on both your general Erotic skill and your sub/dom skill. Perhaps you could also flirt in a way that doesn't lean in either direction, in which case it would depend only on Erotic skill but be a bigger percentage of Erotic. (I don't know what the current damage formula for the game is, sorry.) I know it's a big ask, but I think it'd be a big roleplay/customizability enhancement, especially since, as you said, you're focusing on adding a more balanced amount of sub/dom content. Of course, it's up to you.

Also, are the sewer worms that were in Classic ever going to come back? Do you have plans for that? Are they placed somewhere else and I just haven't explored enough?

One last, unrelated thing: I think the earrings for characters with fox/cat ears would look better if they were set to look like they're attached to the lower, "outside" side of the ear. I hope you know what I mean by that. The ring earrings look awkward at best with the current position, and dangling earrings like the feather or fang ones just look uncomfortable, hanging in front of the soft part of the ear.

I think I've commented on this game before that I really appreciate it, maybe on LD Classic if not Plus, but I wanna say so again. It's so much fun, fantastic example of a good lewd game. It's a bit hard for me to play with no music, though that's mainly a me thing, I don't think that's a problem with most people. I just wish I could pay once to own the full game for the Patreon content, even if I got later updates... Plus I prefer managing my games through the application instead of manually. But yeah, good game. Love it to bits, love coming back every so often to find new content.

Still very disappointed that you can create a fursona without a penis but they magically grow one through gameplay. For a game that advertises itself as customizable, it's very unfortunate that you can't play with a fursona that has a vagina, which about half of real-life people have.

I tried this out of curiosity and got stuck in the stairs. x_x

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A suggestion: Some kind of visual indicator of people who are nearby but offscreen, and another indicator of anything that's increasing your risk. Hopefully when the stealth system is tied more to NPCs seeing you- it would feel appropriate to be able to make a mad dash away from someone, but the sound of you running attracts people. Have you played Assassin's Creed? The NPC-based stealth in those games is really good, perhaps you could get some ideas from it.

Really like the physics system in the game, very nice. The hands-tied overlay makes me wish for an option to play with your hands tied, so you can't pick up any pictures until you manage to untie yourself.

IIRC there's a portable version of EoWC on, but I have no idea if that's an official version or not.

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Oh heck, I just realized; doesn't support games that require an executable to install very well, especially if they require elevated permissions to install. You may want to note in the description that it's in that format, or possibly provide an alternate version with the whole game in one archive.
Having played many RPGM games in my life, I would make an educated guess that the reason it's packed as an executable is that it requires the RPGM'03 RTP, right? In that case, they have the RTPs as installables on the RPGM official site nowadays. You can have one version of the RTP and play as many games as you want that require (that version of) the RTP.  Here's a link to the download site if you don't know what I'm talking about. It explains the pros and cons of having the RTP bundled and having it not bundled.
All in all, if people are afraid of running .exes, an .exe from a Official Site(tm) would probably be more reassuring. Plus having it in an archive lets one play the game by launching it through the app (technically I use Playsite, which lets you manage libraries from multiple platforms like Steam and as well as custom games, but it would be so much easier to just, merge this game's path and description and banner and everything from Itch. It's complicated stuff haha.) So uh, yeah, feel free to ignore this, but I thought I'd try to explain stuff, since it seems like you may be new to

I played this game years ago, it was a big part of my developing queer identity to find a silly-yet-nuanced game with explicit (not as in adult) femslash content. I am SO EXCITED it's on Itch, as it gives me even more of a reason to beg my friends to play it, haha.
That being said, you should probably mark the download as being for the Windows platform. Not only will it make it easier for people to find this game by filtering for the Windows platform, it'll also make it possible for people like me to manage the game through the official app!

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Title. Many of us use to purchase bundles, such as the Racial Justice and Equality bundle last summer. This makes one's library clogged with games we aren't entirely informed about. The ability to sort one's library to only show games playable on Android would be a great help in cases like that.

Thanks for the app; it's great!

Edit: Also, I don't know if these are already implemented, but the ability to see/edit the address bar, and have multiple tabs open, would also be of benefit for similar reasons, as well as making it easier to browse for games.

Is there an option to play as a character with a vagina? If not, are there plans for that? Would really appreciate it.

I'm only partway through this but it's late and I should go to sleep. I wanna comment first though. This is excellent! As a big vore fan, it really hits that prey/predator social dynamic I've imagined very well. Plus it's super hot. It would be one of my favorite vore games, if not my favorite, if only you could play as a (cis) girl, but I understand that that's probably not going to happen, since it's very male-focused.

Title. Is it not implemented yet?

Basically: I would like a female protagonist, and I think many other people would, too.

I know Majalis has said in the past that they have the capability to do it, at least in the context of changing pronouns and removing the MC's penis (with everything still going in the butt), but, like, are they going to do it? Is there a roadmap that has a female protagonist option late in development? (I don't follow this game very much since I have no way to support it monetarily and no female protagonist makes me disinterested. I still come back to it every so often since it's just... the art and everything is so good.) Should I and others who want it be more vocal about it? I would be much more interested in this game and much more likely to support it when I can, if there was a female protagonist option. I'd just like to know more about any plans the creators have, if any, and what I should do to make that more likely.

Same here! Marrying everyone while having seperate houses would be the ideal, I think.

Very cute! I very much enjoyed the choices between wanting to lie to impress your crush and be honest, and being rewarded for being honest. I'd like to play it again but I don't know how I could make myself choose options that feel wrong to me! Hyperempathy is a bitch sometimes!

Is there any possibility for poly marriage in the future? If not  (likely due to how your spouse moves in, the question of it being polyamory vs. polygamy, etc.),  could we at least keep dating other people and choose one to marry? I haven't actually gotten to any romance points in the game yet, but I was reading some reviews on Steam and I would heavily prefer to keep dating multiple characters than give most of them up for marriage, but I also want to get all the achievements. (Also, is it possible to have babies out of wedlock? Just curious.)

Thank you! :)

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Sorry for the weirdly worded title, I'm pretty new to PC gaming with controllers. I set up the inputs for my Switch Pro controller through the advanced controller configuration, and it works perfectly except, when I'm in-game, the game doesn't respond when I tilt my stick to the left or downwards. It registers diagonal tilts like up-left, down-right, or down-left, but I simply cannot go straight left or down. Weirdly, left and down work perfectly well in both the title menu and the inventory menu (aside from annoyingly going multiple selections when I only meant for it to go one, but I can just use the d-pad). The inputs also register in the test input menu.
I'm willing to try using my DualShock 4, but I would prefer not to have to do so. Since other people might run into this issue, I thought I'd report it.
Edit: Just tried using the DS4, worked perfectly. Guess I'm using it for this game now.

Very pretty! What's it's seed?

Title. Help would be much appreciated.

Found the game through the Bundle for Racial Justice, enjoying it so far! I'm not a high-score-chaser kind of player at all, but I'm happy to say I'm enjoying this deviation from the norm. The concept is very cool and well-executed, plus the snake is super cute.

Please let there be enough interest. I would love some interdimensional polyamory.

I can't find the download link for this game? Am I just sleep-deprived?

Very lovely game so far! The low poly graphics are really cute. Would be nice if you could jump or something, even if it was just to break up the monotomy of walking, which honestly is the weakest part I've seen so far. The music is gorgeous, I love how it fades in and out with the day/night cycle.

Would love to play this game through the itch launcher, but as you haven't flagged the download as compatible for any platforms, that's unfortunately impossible.

I've probably been spending too much time on the Problematic Side of the internet; I was expecting something much less wholesome. Also I like hard vore so that may have colored my expectations a bit haha. Anyway, this is good! Love to see representation of women in vore- I mean, love to see such positive, albeit unrealistic representations of kink. (Only unrealistic in that they go in a giant dino and don't die.)

how do I trigger battlefucks?

It's hosted on MEGA, so you can't download it directly.  I wish we could manage it with the desktop app too. :(

Nice game! Hits a lot of my kinks. I'm excited to see what you'll make in the future!

The signs say that there are two animations for each enemy type, but I can only get one for the slime girls and frog girls.  Also I can't figure out how to trigger an animations with the frog futas. Maybe a guide on how to trigger each animation? Sorry, I'm really dumb.

Aaaaah I love this! It's even better than Lust Quest: Cannie! I've only done Wicklow's ending yet (I love this goth bird gf) but I'm definitely gonna play again and go for the others! Kind of disappointing that you couldn't recruit everyone at once, or at least keep them in your wagon, since I feel bad dismissing old teammates for new ones, but most games go for a four-party-member thing anyway. It would also be nice if you could name the main character, but IDK how hard that would be to incorporate. Overall, again, I love it! Excited to see more stuff from you.

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How do I download the game, as said in the description? Would like to play as not a boy.

Really like this game! I'd pay for the full version, but I sadly don't have the money for it. Also, if I may make a suggestion, if you offered the option to make a one-time payment to buy the full game via itch, you might get more visibility and therefore more monetary support. Of course, that's your choice. Regardless, it's very fun and polished; even aside from the lewds, it makes a pretty good fighting game! I've also tried out the public demo of the game you're working on  on your patreon, and I'm very excited to to see more of that, too. Keep up the excellent work!