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I have extreme curiosity and might end up dead like some random cat but did you ever say no to Dan?

lmao sorry i was thinking i was actually funny :L

Oh no! Im so sorry! Let me check if mine did too!

Okay mines alright, but I hear that the download version of the game is much more stable, so you might want to switch to that. I hope you're able to get your stuff back!!! and your precious children (plants)!!

I know this comment was from two years ago, but I figured I'd still tell you how anyways.

On the top of the whole thread where all the posts are, in the top left (not the navbar, but the section right below where it says who made the topic) there is a yellow button titled New Reply. When you click on it you can fill out everything for your post, and then finish making the post there! Hope that tells you how to do it!

Yes, that one

not a question or anything, but we need

a. to know what you need to tell dan

b. to ask if there was an incident that occurred that has now made you vow to only drink socially.

c. emotional support+chicken noodle soup

d. a gf not happening bc of life reasons


you have to go to the shop, and then from the furniture section you need to buy the open window. that will therefore basically replace the boarded window with the open one. hope that helps!

oh lol i was just about to post the exact same thing haha. wish there were more rooms.. this totally wont be the start of a boycott. shhhh..

o so that was why i couldnt water all my 401,849,368,184 plants in my living room that i focus too much time on so now i cant pay the rent of my virtual home! thanks!

I got this little guy from the seed 022 2222. No rare traits but I think he looks pretty cool.

I shall it is very nice indeed :D

Im pretty sure it only goes up to 6. But however some good seeds I have found that have a good amount of rare traits are:

Lil' Mushroom--5 Stars: 087 5638

(This one is cool mainly because of how pretty it is--there will be a few of these ;)     ) Prairie Star--Yellow, Orange, and Red--3 Stars: 018 4158

(Pretty) Unknown plant type--2 Stars: 005 1370

(Pretty) Garden Plant--Pink Blossoms with Green Stems--3 Stars: 005 8068

Garden Plant--6 Stars: 009 1347

(This one just looks nice) Garden Plant--Light Blue to Light Purple Blossoms+Green Stems--2 Stars: 009 3653

Hope that helps and brightens up your space!

omg this is gorgeous thank you for sharing this with us!!! Excuse me while I steal this seed

holy cow how long did this take!?

ooo i hope so :0

True plant father moment

These are all lovely, but I'm curious as to what the seed is for the plant on the far right. Thanks!

Here's my one and only true joy in this world,  Lil' Billy. He is an orange Prairie Star with one rare trait. The seed for this little guy is 018 3917. Have fun with this little goober!

tried growing it and i got a more orangish gradient. very nice though!

yeah but its too cold in there for them to survive so that's why were all asking if there are any plants that HAVE to been in the mini fridge in order to survive :/

just to keep them cozy haha

oh im dumb i didn't see literally any of the replies haha

wait what's the seed? this is absolutely gorgeous and i want one of my own :0

what that's a thing!? nice bro!


So I was playing Plant Daddy and I wanted to get me a rare trait plant--but a GOOD one (and one that looks cute and pretty ;)    ) but I have some pretty terrible luck and can't get me a rare trait plant. Are there any plant seeds that are guaranteed to be a rare trait plant? Thanks.