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How do i turn

Why is the drill and the TNT icon The settings button?

I might be a bit addicted as well

This Might already be brought up but the red and white turret on the turret page should be added. Just saying.

My Progress.

You Have a 6% chance of winning every year. You have a  .6% chance every week.

Good Game, Kinda wonder If there is a way to win it.


6% chance.

This is just an opinion, You should lower the cost of the storage.


What is the arrow above the red train in mission 4 mean?


Check this out

10/10. Would definitely recommend it to everyone Possible. 

Ok, Thank you. Best of luck.

Is it possible to make it playable on google chrome?

I Broke your game in the first 10 seconds of playing.

Ok, Great game, by the way.

It won´t let me level up past level 3 with over 300xp

My Work So far 

Just sayin I love that name




 It would be amazing if you added an Ice Trap. When the enemy gets on it it will slow them down. You can upgrade it to get to a max of 50% starting from like 5% or something like that.

You can farm for drift points if you go onto the last playground and go onto the outside track and drift on that the whole time.

I know I am playing this game late but the exit button does not work.

You are welcome, sorry. 

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Turn the shower on in the bathroom.

I know it does not work but it would be a nice feature.

Well, I was kinda waiting for the dev but.

While it is raining if you open the windows it should water the plants that are on the window sill but only if the window is fully open.

You need the bathroom, As far as I can tell, or the mini-fridge.

I have an Idea, Once you reply I will tell you what it is.

It does not save. I had to go home, and I exited out of it and when I got back on, it restarted me.

Thank You

I need to know, If anyone knows tell me, please.

Mr or Mrs.Kek91 All of these ideas

- An organized crime with multiplayer functionality (i.e. when clicking on the OC icon you will see a lobby with online players and you assemble a team of 4(?) players to do a bank heist)

- More complex management functions for properties/businesses

- Drug dealing/smuggling

- Cities (drug prices will vary from city to city, and flying to another city can reduce heat, etc)

- Domination, every city has its own map with 10 plots you can take over

- Kill function for bots

- Missions (i.e. "Kill this bot from the hitlist, rewards money")

Are really good ideas you should follow through with them.

Amazing. I kinda wish it a little more difficult but other than that is is an amazing game.

I compleated the game on day 69.