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Has anyone even unlocked 19 or 20?  :D

Discovered a fun bug: you can pass through the boundaries by walking backwards through them.

We found the sub-ocean.


I was trying to figure this one out myself. Thanks!

Same, had to download from Chrome.

I absolutely love the controls, that feeling of unoriented weightlessness.  Would like an option to make the subtitles more readable - they are very thin, lightweight, and tiny.

Very sweet and fun!

This game is so cute and fun!  I was giggling at the sound effects and the letters bouncing around.  The game does crash if I don't delete connecting nodes first before deleting buildings - might be worth mentioning up in the description.

Is there a quest journal anywhere?   I just defeated the Sky Titan and did the Draco side quest, and now I can't remember my next task in the main quest.

It's missing an APK file


Still Life with Fruit

This module is extremely playable for a noob GM - I really feel like I can relate with the story personally while figuring out how to play the game.  It provides enough structure to launch all kinds of possibilities, such as having a Reform clock instead of a Doom clock*, and Mal and Kev's ideological differences are further complicated by them being boyfriends, etc.  <3

*potayto potahto lol

Very cute, but the UI is too small on mobile, the Advancement tab just won't stay open.

Plz add to the main description of your game listing. :)

Hellenica community · Created a new topic Controls
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WASD will pan the camera during combat.
Q/E will rotate the camera.
R/F will provide a bit of zoom.

Really interesting world-building, and I love a good whodunit!  Glad to see games out of STL too.

Thank you for sharing.  <3

This has been amazingly therapeutic. I didn't get to experience a wholesome childhood crush; my teenage years were complicated by fundamentalist religion. It's so healing to get to work through my own feelings about how it would be if I had 2 moms, if I could talk about my gender with friends who accept me. I feel... okay. I get to feel okay. I'm much older now, so I have gotten to surround myself with a loving family, but it's still good to understand it wasn't my fault that everything was broken in my childhood, the world just wasn't made for me. If I had always had this support, not just in my later years, but throughout my life, I would have been okay. Thank you for this.

This is such a good game, I thoroughly love it!  I had a lot of fun solving the puzzles, and then I got to the end before I realized it was the end, with only 2 bunnies and 1 eye.  :D  Of course I had to immediately replay it!

I've been making a point to give back money to creators for games I got in the Racial Justice bundle.  Having it PWYW pricing made that simple for this game (whereas for some games it ranges from "internet stalking till I find a tip jar" to "impossible").  It's clear though from your analysis that a lot of players just... don't.  That's sad, too, because it is a fantastic game, adorable and fun, and creators deserve to be paid.



What's this?  A reason to replay the game?  I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

I spent like 20 minutes trying to find the tiny island again, and gave up.  :D  Oh well, I ended up finding so many other things in the process, and it's a wonderful game all around.

But... I wanted to see what happens to the hot dog!  :D

Absolutely gorgeous game!  The story was told in a way that is extremely satisfying.  I'm glad there's a hintbook for when I don't have a partner around to point out obvious solutions I'm overlooking. 

This was so fun, the 4 hours flew right by!  Can't wait till the release!

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Also I headcannon the Mother as this super queer den mother.  :D

Great story.  Hiding my comments here rather than on the main page because SPOILERS.  It was really interesting getting to learn about the different ways that all the friends connected with each other.  It was super uncomfortable how the black woman (Jasmine) was constantly serving everyone else... based on this post, I'm sure you've noticed.  Alayna is like the most relatable trans experience - sitting in classes and attempting a career path a decade later in life than most other people, wondering what it would have been like to have it all figured out on a "normal" timeline.  I appreciate that Ordell didn't have a total sexual identity crisis over his attraction to her.  Honestly the part that required the most processing was Evan.  He seemed so self-sabotaging, almost projecting his own sexual confusion onto Ordell in a way that reminds me of the deep suspicion so many people have had for me as a bisexual nonbinary person.  Every relationship, friendship, romance, in my life has been that mix of "how much of this is me fucking it up, how much of it is them, and how much can we still be there for each other because none of us are perfect?" and I think this story gets that feeling across rather well.

This is such a sweet story! <3

This is the most precious game.  It's like stepping inside an adorable snow globe.

I've been color-coding the plants based on how much light they need:

  • Yellow = direct sunlight
  • Red = prefers sunlight
  • Green = any light
  • Black = shade
  • Blue = mushrooms 

User Interface suggestion:  I am constantly clicking on the little leaves and blossoms counter at the bottom instead of the basket at the top.  Any chance they could be next to each other, or combine them into 1 single button?  It feels extremely intuitive to click on the leaves and blossoms to "spend" them.

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I think I'm having the same or similar issue?  I've been playing for a week, and at first I thought "oh maybe these plants grow in real time" but I feel I'm probably just stuck on this screen:  [edit] Well the image uploader isn't working either, but I am on the starter plant, and it tells me to click on it but I can't.  [edit again] Uninstalling and reinstalling worked.  Thank you for going on this emotional journey with me.

Very sweet game.  I love the art style!  If you happen to ever come back to it, I did encounter some odd loops, like I had to pick the gender 8 times in a row.

It's so satisfying to have that 1 tree that keeps growing and growing, all the way to the top!

Such an excellent game. Gorgeous environment: each puzzle sets its own unique mood, while the entire descent down the mountain is a smooth coherent environment.  The mechanics are intuitive, and it was a great challenge without being overwhelming. I felt like a flower hero. :D